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Mesa, Arizona sighting.
59 MINS AGO - submitted by /u/Ottometrist [link] [comments] from The UFO reddit Expand
Santa Claus asesino: La masacre más demencial de la historia (Video)
8 HRS AGO - Jeffrey Bruce Pardo nació en 1966 en Chicago. Vivía lo que todo el mundo podría describir como la Expand
This make scary me
11 HRS AGO - submitted by /u/Goombah111111 [link] [comments] from The UFO reddit Expand
I never saw the UFO but heard it
11 HRS AGO - I used to live in Greenpoint Brooklyn. About 11 years ago, the cloud ceiling was unusually low Expand
Lake Michigan UFO / ‘Strange Wolves’ Observed in Evanston, Illinois
13 HRS AGO - Hi Lon, I was following the Chicago Mothman stuff a lot back in 2017, but thought it was an Expand
15 HRS AGO - Divers exploring a shipwreck share video of encounter with enormous alien-like egg sac The deep Expand
Erupción sorpresa de volcán en Nueva Zelanda provoca muertos y heridos
17 HRS AGO - La policía teme no encontrar supervivientes entre la veintena de excursionistas que no pudieron Expand
ET News Cycle Bursting at the Seams
23 HRS AGO - ET Disclosure News Hits New HeightsToronto [ZNN] So much, so often and so soon might be the best Expand
Un mensaje de los Anunnaki: “Los hijos del Sol” (Video)
1 DAY AGO - Nos hacemos eco de un artículo publicado en la revista Flaying Saucer, el cual contenía un mensaje Expand
“Something” appears to have crash-landed in Antarctica
2 HRS AGO - According to Florida Maquish a high power laser took down a UFO over Antarctica. He comes to this Expand
There’s Something Weird About the Craters of Asteroid Ryugu
9 HRS AGO - The Japanese mission Hayabusa2 just bid farewell to the asteroid the probe spent a year and a Expand
An Unidentified Target, Secret Missile Launchers, Fighter Jets Scrambled, White House in Lockdown – This Was Not Drill
11 HRS AGO - It was 8.27am when computers picked up a “slow-moving blob” entering the no-fly zone over Expand
Orb in the sky
12 HRS AGO - Hello, I have sighting which occurred 7 years ago and it cant stop bugging me so I had to share Expand
Señales extraterrestres enviadas a la Tierra desde la Constelación de Ara
14 HRS AGO - Una nueva señal extraterrestre proveniente de la constelación de Ara ha sido detectada, revelando Expand
15 HRS AGO - Celtic woman found buried inside a TREE ‘wearing fancy clothes and jewellery’ after 2,200 years Expand
What Makes This Low-Mass White Dwarf So ‘Impossible’ to Behold?
17 HRS AGO - The discovery of a new, ‘impossible’ white dwarf suggests they may be more common than Expand
You know whats really strange?
23 HRS AGO - As I stare out into the night sky I can see the stars. There are billions of stars in our …
UFO sighting over Las Vegas
1 DAY AGO - Not sure how legit this is but thought I’d share one here Incase anyone else has some footage or Expand
Mysterious ring galaxy continues to puzzle astronomers
3 HRS AGO - Of all the galaxies observed by astronomers, barely any are as strange or geometrically unique as Expand
The ‘Lost Boys’ Incident
10 HRS AGO - I came across a BEK account that was included in Brad Steiger’s 2009 book Real Vampires, Expand
Los viajes en el tiempo: desde la antigüedad hasta la ciencia moderna (Video)
11 HRS AGO - Los viajes en el tiempo y las máquinas que los harían posible han sido uno de los grandes temas Expand
Water on Mars PICTURED: ESA shares incredible IMAGES of Martian ice crater
13 HRS AGO - The European Space Agency has shared an incredible composite image showing a 50-mile wide crater Expand
There Might Be Cracks in the Universe — But We Can’t See Them from Earth
14 HRS AGO - The cracks, if they exist, are old, remnants of a time shortly after the Big Bang. There might be Expand
7-Foot Tall Hellhound Skeleton Unearthed Near Ancient Monastery in UK
16 HRS AGO - Is this the skeleton of legendary devil dog Black Shuck who terrorised 16th century East Anglia? Expand
Two lights in the sky above Austin, Texas
21 HRS AGO - These two UFOs were caught on tape in the sky above Austin, Texas in early November 2019. What do Expand
Something huge above Florida is slowly moving through the sky
1 DAY AGO - On December 7, 2018 a photographer in Florida captured something unusual in the sky below the sun. Expand

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