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Controversial UFO on 9-11
Temple Mount UFO Visitor Shocks World
Dalai Lama on Greeting Others
Stranger in the Pentagon... Valiant Thor Story
Dr. David Clarke
Intrepid Magazine
Supernatural UFO
The Examiner
The Huffington Post
The UFO Chronicles
UFO Reporter, The
Ufology PRSS
We Are Not Alone
Weekly World News
California couple report ‘green entities’ inside home
4 HRS AGO - A Perris, CA, couple reported capturing “green entities” and orbs inside their home since 2012, Expand
UFO Appears Above Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Protesters
10 HRS AGO - Ongoing pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong have drawn tens of thousands of citizens, taking to Expand
Lee Speigel - Latest Posts
Shared by The Huffington Post
Canadian writer recalls UFO sighting
1 DAY AGO - A contributor for a small paper in Alberta, Canada says last summer he and his son saw a large Expand
Witnesses report low flying UFOs
1 DAY AGO - Reports of low-flying UFOs near ground level continue to be reported to the Mutual UFO Network Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 9/30/14
1 DAY AGO - UFO sightings increasing - Innisfail Province Is Maine a hotbed of UFO activity? - Working Expand
Mysterious UFO Still Vexes Westchester Police Officer
1 DAY AGO - By Sam Barron/Daily Voice For Lt. Kevin Soravilla of the Yorktown Police Department, the truth is Expand
New York family at campfire shocked when UFO appears nearby
2 DAYS AGO - New York family members at Williamson said they were “dumbfounded” when a bright light UFO Expand
Low Flying UFO Cloaked Itself, says West Virginia Witness
2 DAYS AGO - By Roger MarshOp9-26-14      West Virginia witnesses at Elkins reported watching and following a Expand
New OZ UFO X-Files Revealed by Australian Researcher, Paul Dean | VIDEO
2 DAYS AGO -      Australian UFO researcher and regular contributor here at TUFOC reveals never seen before, Expand
Tuesday Forum, 9-30-14, 1-2 PM: IMPACT!--Trinity House
2 DAYS AGO - Like listening to live music? Fancy yourself someone others should listen to? Both are possible Expand
Video of alleged alien recovered by the military goes viral
6 HRS AGO - A video posted a few weeks ago of what appears to be an alien being recovered by the military has Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 10/1/14
12 HRS AGO - Latest UFO Sighting Arizona: Couple See A Strange House That Appears Out Of No Where and Expand
‘Journey to Inner Space’ explores ET contact in unstable universe
1 DAY AGO - A short-length video posted to YouTube explains the folly of ignoring inner-dimensional Expand
UFO appears during TV coverage of Hong Kong protests
1 DAY AGO - A man in South Lanarkshire’s civil parish of Blantyre in Scotland was watching BBC coverage Expand
255. Ian MacCormack’s Exclusively Christian Near-Death Expeience
1 DAY AGO - Interview with scripture-quoting Near-Death Experiencer […]
Norio Hayakawa – UFOs in New Mexico – September 29, 2014
2 DAYS AGO - Open Minds UFO Radio: Norio has been investigating UFOs for decades. He specializes in his home Expand
Could disappearing Arizona house have been a UFO?
2 DAYS AGO - Arizona witnesses at Sierra Vista recalled events from 2012 when a rectangular object sitting in Expand
GHOST ROCKETS: 'Smoking Gun Evidence' of US Led Deception Against The Soviets?
2 DAYS AGO - The Smoking Gun of the Rosetta Deception By James Expand
Rocket Boosters Prepared For Orion Spacecraft's First Flight
2 DAYS AGO - Engineers took another step forward in preparations for the first test flight of NASA’s new Orion Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 9/29/14
2 DAYS AGO - Mystery balloon over Manhattan sparks UFO reports, NYPD investigation - Daily Mail Scarborough Expand
Milky Way Viewed From the International Space Station
10 HRS AGO - NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman captured this image from the International Space Station and posted Expand
Inner-directed UFO journey meditates upon a ‘Desert Star’
1 DAY AGO - A short-length video posted to YouTube offers autobiographical insight into one Expand
‘UFO: Journey to Inner Space’ at ‘Countdown to Contact 2014’
1 DAY AGO - An 80-minute video posted to YouTube proposes how the “outcomes of spacefaring exploration Expand
Fall Colors Arriving
1 DAY AGO - A few days after autumn showed up on the calendar in the Northern Hemisphere, it showed up on the Expand
Is Maine a hotbed of UFO activity?
1 DAY AGO - By Dana Wilde/Working Waterfront On a mid-December evening, I’m driving on Route 7 in Expand
Ufology’s Anthropocentrism
2 DAYS AGO - Alien Intent—Human Explication By Frank WarrenThe UFO Chronicles© 2005-2014       There are Expand
UFOs caught on camera move into cloud cover
2 DAYS AGO - A Colorado witness at Idaho Springs reported watching three bright light UFOs that moved “straight Expand
Third Joplin, MO, case details UFO at near ground level
2 DAYS AGO - A new witness came forward today adding a third 2014 date to close encounters with a UFO near Expand
Evening UFO lectures from Citizen Hearing on Disclosure now available
2 DAYS AGO - The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure took place from April 29 to May 3, 2013 at the National Press Expand
MJ-12: Kevin Randle Rails Against Stanton Friedman's Rebuttal
2 DAYS AGO - Tweet!function(d,s,id){var Expand

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