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Daniel Sheehan - National Press Club Disclosure Event
Temple Mount UFO Visitor Shocks World
Dalai Lama on Greeting Others
International Space Station Live Feed
Dr. David Clarke
Intrepid Magazine
Supernatural UFO
The Examiner
The Huffington Post
The UFO Chronicles
UFO Reporter, The
Ufology PRSS
We Are Not Alone
Weekly World News
The 1966 Ohio – Pennsylvania UFO Police Chase
3 HRS AGO - By Lon Strickler/Phantoms&Monsters One of the most dramatic encounters by police officers with Expand
Total Lunar Eclipse
22 HRS AGO - The United States was in a prime orbital position and time of day to view the eclipse on April 15, Expand
Climbing Legs for Robonaut 2 Headed to International Space Station
1 DAY AGO - NASA has built and is sending a set of high-tech legs up to the International Space Station for Expand
Unidentified Flying Object' Falls Near Kecksburg | UFO CHRONICLE – 1965
3 DAYS AGO - Tweet!function(d,s,id){var Expand
Enormous Flying Object (UFO) Videotaped Over Medellín, Colombia | VIDEO
4 DAYS AGO - Tweet!function(d,s,id){var Expand
First 'Exomoon' Discovered Around Alien Planet?
4 DAYS AGO - Tweet!function(d,s,id){var Expand
Puerto Rico UFO followed woman's car
4 DAYS AGO - A Puerto Rico witness at Isabela recalled an odd encounter with a disc-shaped UFO that followed Expand
Visiting the Renovated Flight Control Room for NASA's Orion Spacecraft
4 DAYS AGO - Mission Operations Director Paul Hill talks to the media as NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and Expand
Home UFO Videos Made into Documentary | VIDEO
5 DAYS AGO - Tweet!function(d,s,id){var Expand
Residents believe UFOs source of mysterious explosions
5 DAYS AGO - Residents in Highgate, a North London suburb, have been reporting loud noises that sound like Expand
Mysterious black ring UFO in England not so mysterious after all
17 HRS AGO - A mysterious picture of what looks like a black ring of smoke above the town of Lemington Spa in Expand
Thomas Reed – UFO and Alien Encounters – March 14, 2014
1 DAY AGO - Open Minds UFO Radio: Thomas Reed and his brother began experiencing strange events in the 1960s, Expand
Egg-shaped UFO reported over Massachusetts town
2 DAYS AGO - A Massachusetts parent and daughter in Rehoboth reported watching an egg-shaped UFO moving in a Expand
New Hampshire witness catches UFO on video
3 DAYS AGO - A New Hampshire witness at Derry captured an unknown object crossing the sky on video about 1:44 Expand
UFO 1973 – The Schenectady Flying Saucer
4 DAYS AGO - Tweet!function(d,s,id){var Expand
Tracking Kardashians, UFOs and More – Morgan Spurlock is CNN's Inside Man
4 DAYS AGO - Tweet!function(d,s,id){var Expand
Ways to detect alien civilizations
4 DAYS AGO - Space discoveries have absolutely erupted in recent years thanks to incredible scientific Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 4/11/14
4 DAYS AGO - Scientists look at icy moons in search of alien life - 89.3 KPCC Things to do in the Myrtle Beach Expand
Is Whitstable a UFO Hotspot?
5 DAYS AGO - Tweet!function(d,s,id){var Expand
Mexican UFO moved as 'ice floating on smooth ice
5 DAYS AGO - A witness at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, reported watching a hovering boomerang-shaped UFO that Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 4/15/14
19 HRS AGO - Hopewell man could change how UFOs are studied - The York Daily Record Extra-terrestrial Tweet-up Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 4/14/14
1 DAY AGO - Morgan Spurlock is CNN's Inside Man, Tracking Kardashians, UFOs and More - TV Guide Puerto Rico Expand
Veggie' Experiment Launching to Station Aboard SpaceX Cargo Craft
2 DAYS AGO - The International Space Station's Vegetable Production System ("Veggie") experiment is on display Expand
Get on Board RADIOTHON 2014 - Pledge Your Support TODAY!
4 DAYS AGO - As we are winding down our once a year over-the-air pledge drive, Radiothon 2014, we are still Expand
NASA To Test “Flying Saucer” – Oh The Irony!
4 DAYS AGO - Tweet!function(d,s,id){var Expand
MUFON website features UFO picture from Omaha, Nebraska
4 DAYS AGO - MUFON has updated their photo of the week section on their website with a photo taken in Omaha, Expand
Oregon witness reports UFO under 500 feet
4 DAYS AGO - An Oregon witness driving southbound along 7th Street in Springfield reported watching what Expand
More Mystery ‘Explosions’ Baffle Experts
5 DAYS AGO - Tweet!function(d,s,id){var Expand
Dino-Killing Asteroid Impact Dwarfed by Earlier Space Rock Crash
5 DAYS AGO - Tweet!function(d,s,id){var Expand
NASA to test flying saucer in Hawaii
5 DAYS AGO - On April 9, NASA announced that a flying saucer will be seen in Hawaii during the summer of 2014. Expand

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