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Green Fireballs
5 HRS AGO - The real inspiration for the "Green Fireballs" episode of History's "Project Blue Book." The post Expand
After 15 years on Mars, it’s the end of the road for Opportunity
1 DAY AGO - The NASA rover’s surprisingly long mission moved Mars science past ‘follow the water’
First-of-their-kind 3D experiments shed new light on shape memory alloys
2 DAYS AGO - X-rays at CHESS, novel techniques combine to visualize internal structures
The Bizarre Planets That Could Be Humanity’s New Homes
3 DAYS AGO - Imagine going to live on a planet where the sun never moves in the sky. No sunrise, no sunset.
Canadians report seeing UFOs in the sky at a rate of 3 times a day
3 DAYS AGO - Acclaimed Canadian ufologist Christopher Rutkowski can be best described as Canada’s Fox Mulder.
4 DAYS AGO - On this episode of the podcast Somewhere in the Skies, Jim Perry returns to speak with host Ryan Expand
Possibility of recent underground volcanism on Mars
4 DAYS AGO - New research suggests liquid water is present beneath the south polar ice cap of Mars. Now, a new Expand
Seen a UFO? In the ‘50s, You Could Report It In This Easy Questionnaire
5 DAYS AGO - “Draw a picture that will show the shape of the object or objects.”
Artificial Intelligence Study of Human Genome Finds Unknown Human Ancestor
6 DAYS AGO - The genetic footprint of a “ghost population” may match that of a Neanderthal and Denisovan hybrid Expand
Jokers please: first human Mars mission may need onboard comedians
1 DAY AGO - Researchers are working with Nasa to see if clowns help team cohesion on long space missions
Complex life older than thought: scientists
2 DAYS AGO - A closer look at some unimaginably ancient fossils suggests complex life may have evolved much Expand
Witness says hovering object shone light onto street
2 DAYS AGO - A New York witness at Mechanicville reported watching a silent, hovering light that shined a light Expand
Massive collision in the planetary system Kepler 107
3 DAYS AGO - Two of the planets which are orbiting the star Kepler 107 could be the result of an impact similar Expand
Hawaii sees snow from winter storm for first time in state park on Maui
3 DAYS AGO - Hawaii may be known for its picturesque beaches, but a weekend storm left parts of the Aloha State Expand
There are UFOs in the skies over Central Jersey
4 DAYS AGO - If you've seen something strange in the sky over Central Jersey — and you haven't been enjoying an Expand
Scientists Are Investigating Building a Space Station Inside a Giant Asteroid
5 DAYS AGO - It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it's a wild possibility scientists are Expand
Deep sea reveals linkage between earthquake and carbon cycle
5 DAYS AGO - An international team led by the Innsbruck geologists Arata Kioka, Tobias Schwestermann, Jasper Expand
Foo Fighters
6 DAYS AGO - This episode of the UFO podcast UNKNOWN explores the real UFO phenomenon that provided the Expand
Ex-FBI official: Trump’s firing of FBI head Comey triggered probe
1 DAY AGO - Andrew McCabe tells CBS DOJ officials considered possibility of cabinet using 25th amendment to Expand
NASA spots Mars InSight lander from space
2 DAYS AGO - NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter snapped the newest machine on Mars. You can even see the solar Expand
With smart sneakers, privacy risks take a great leap
2 DAYS AGO - Privacy experts are waiting for the other shoe to drop on connected kicks.
NASA’s history-making Mars rover Opportunity declared dead
3 DAYS AGO - The robotic trailblazer's mission comes to an end after more than 14 years on Mars. Goodnight, Expand
Ultima Thule is shaped like two lumpy pancakes
4 DAYS AGO - New images reveal the skinny side of the Kuiper Belt object
NASA Is Making One Last Attempt to Call Opportunity Rover on Mars
4 DAYS AGO - Opportunity has been silent for months after a global dust storm on Mars.
Stonehenge, other ancient rock structures may trace their origins to monuments like this
5 DAYS AGO - Stonehenge may be the most famous example, but tens of thousands of other ancient sites featuring Expand
Space agency ups risk of asteroid-Earth collision
5 DAYS AGO - Assessment pushes new rock up the danger list, but possibility remains very remote. Andrew Expand

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