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Come la CIA abbia tentato di sopprimere il panico UFO durante la guerra fredda
4 HRS AGO - Nel lontano mese di gennaio del 1953, la nascente Agenzia di Intelligence Centrale si vide Expand
You Can Own Tesla’s Original Patents for Robots, Wireless Electrical Energy and More
10 HRS AGO - Do you fancy yourself to be an amateur Nikola Tesla? Do you believe he could have finished some of Expand
120,000-Year-Old Necklace Contradicts Previous Theory Involving String And Neanderthals
11 HRS AGO - Archaeologists made an interesting discovery at the Qafzeh Cave which is located close to the city Expand
New Theory of Collective Gravity May Explain Planet 9 and the Outermost Solar System
16 HRS AGO - “Axisymmetric disks of high-eccentricity, low-mass bodies on near-Keplerian orbits are unstable to Expand
When Wild Humans Once Roamed the U.K.
16 HRS AGO - In my concluding article on the matter of the British Bigfoot, I made a brief reference to Expand
Quando un autentico UFO fu visto aggirarsi tra le montagne di Bolzano, Italia
1 DAY AGO - Esiste un notevole grado di coerenza per quanto riguarda la classificazione dei cosiddetti dischi Expand
Concluding Thoughts on the Bigfoot of the U.K.
1 DAY AGO - Throughout this week I have shared with you the fascinating research and investigations of Neil Expand
Worried About Dracula? Get Your Very Own Vampire-Slaying Kit
1 DAY AGO - Are you worried about meeting a vampire? Do you already have one that’s been bothering you? Rather Expand
EL BUNKER FORTEANO - CASO JOMEL, entre otos temas...
5 HRS AGO - PROGRAMA ON-LINE DIRIGIDO POR NICOLAS MAISTEROW Invitados . José María Gómez Montiel desde Expand
A Catalog of Mysterious and Amazing Lights
10 HRS AGO - Texas’ huge Big Thicket certainly lives up to its name: an 83,000-acre area, it is a sprawling Expand
Visitors From the Multiverse
11 HRS AGO - Readers familiar with the classic literary masterpiece Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe may Expand
Luminoso oggetto volante visto fluttuare sulla baia di Champotón, nello stato di Campeche,Messico
16 HRS AGO - copyright ©Luciano CarrilloEra il 5 marzo  2004 quando l’aeronautica messicana pubblicò un Expand
The Times When a Single Person Averted a Nuclear War
16 HRS AGO - Ever since we have amassed nuclear weapons all over the world there have been some hairy Expand
24.02 – MU Podcast – Rocket Face
1 DAY AGO - For anyone new to the world of ufology, the “nuts and bolts” explanation comfortably Expand
The Bizarre Journey of Oliver Cromwell’s Head
1 DAY AGO - Surely among some the most controversial and divisive figures in British history is merciless Expand
COLOMBIA, un UFO sembra atterrare nei pressi di un villaggio vicino Medellin. Il Video!
1 DAY AGO - Le immagini che vi mostriamo sono a dir poco spettacolari e mostrano un UFO a forma di disco che è Expand
A Strange Saga of a “Phantom Ape”
1 DAY AGO - I thought I would finish off with a trilogy of data provided to me by good mate Neil Arnold on the Expand
CROP CIRCLE, il nuovo pittogramma di Easton Royal, Wiltshire, indica l’inizio e la fine del ciclo dell’umanità
10 HRS AGO - Un nuovo bellissimo crop circle ha fatto la sua comparsa in un campo di frumento a Easton Clump Expand
Mysterious Metallic Spheres Keep Falling from the Sky All Over the Place
11 HRS AGO - Sometimes it seems that weird stuff just sort of falls down from the sky. There are numerous cases Expand
Triangle-UFO landed in Anchorage, Alaska?
13 HRS AGO - Here’s one new video of a triangular-shaped craft that lander in Alaska. This happened on Expand
Skinwalker Ranch, un terrificante hotspot paranormale
16 HRS AGO - Skinwalker Ranch, noto anche con lo pseudonimo di  Sherman Ranch, è una decadente proprietà Expand
Mysterious 10-Foot-Long “Lake Monster” Captured On Video
17 HRS AGO - Residents of Luoyang in Henan province filmed something pretty strange swimming in a pond that has Expand
Science Proves Farm Animals Really Can Sense Earthquakes Before They Happen
1 DAY AGO - “If you can’t beat them, join them.” That saying is an expression whose origin comes surprisingly Expand
Cerne Abbas Giant May Not Be As Old As Previously Thought
1 DAY AGO - Based on the analysis of snail shells, the famous naked chalk giant may not be as old as Expand
VIDEO: UFO activity over Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela 9-Jul-2020
1 DAY AGO - Strange lights were filmed in the night sky above Puerto Ordaz in Venezuela. This happened on 9th Expand

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