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Weekly World News
We Could Soon Watch a Black Hole in Action, Gobbling Up Matter in Real Time
4 HRS AGO - Last week, the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) released the first-ever image of a black hole's Expand
Independent report concludes 2033 human Mars mission is not feasible
19 HRS AGO - An independent report concluded that NASA has no chance of sending humans to Mars by 2033, with Expand
Have UFOs visited Peterborough? Reports of sightings go back decades
1 DAY AGO - Matthew Hayes says Peterborough had two reported sightings between 1950 and 1995, but the Expand
Face of Neolithic Dog Reconstructed
1 DAY AGO - According to a report in The Guardian, scientists have reconstructed the face of a dog that lived Expand
UFO sighting: ‘UFO falls from sky’ during double rainbow after being ‘struck by lightning’
2 DAYS AGO - AN alien spacecraft has been filmed falling from the skies after being struck by lightning, a Expand
Meteoroid strikes eject precious water from moon
3 DAYS AGO - Researchers from NASA and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Expand
Scientists print first 3D heart using patient’s biological materials
3 DAYS AGO - Engineered heart completely matches the immunological, cellular, biochemical and anatomical Expand
DNA remnants of three separate Denisovan populations found in human genomes
6 DAYS AGO - The archaic hominins weren’t homogenous, and archaic humans weren’t shy, research suggests. Dyani Expand
Yellowstone, NASA, and the New World Order
10 HRS AGO - Scientists recently rejected the claim that the Yellowstone caldera is overdue for its regular Expand
Back on Earth, China’s Mars simulation base greets first visitors
22 HRS AGO - About 100 excited Chinese teenagers completed a five-hour tour of a space colony against a Expand
Another asteroid disintegrates over Russia
1 DAY AGO - A bright meteor was caught in many dashcam videos – in broad daylight – on April 6, 2019, over the Expand
The first type of molecule to form in the universe has been seen in space
2 DAYS AGO - Not long after the Big Bang, chemistry as we know it took its first baby steps
First Meteor of Interstellar Origin Discovered by Scientists
2 DAYS AGO - The first meteor of interstellar origin has been discovered by scientists in the U.S., after a Expand
Stonehenge: DNA reveals origin of builders
3 DAYS AGO - The ancestors of the people who built Stonehenge travelled west across the Mediterranean before Expand
Four Asteroids, The Largest Being 460 Feet Wide, Swooped Past Earth On Friday
3 DAYS AGO - While two of these space rocks are not coming back any time soon, the other two hit their closest Expand
A Glance at the Billy Meier “Evidence”
4 DAYS AGO - [EPISODE SUMMARY] On this episode of the UFO podcast UNKNOWN, Jason McClellan continues his Expand
Scientists predict a new solar cycle is about to begin and that it might be stronger than the last one
6 DAYS AGO - The latest 11-year cycle of the sun is almost over and scientists have just released predictions Expand
More than a million tiny earthquakes revealed in Southern California
13 HRS AGO - Abundant data on little quakes can help scientists learn more about what triggers the big ones
Mercury Has Solid Inner Core, Planetary Scientists Say
1 DAY AGO - Planetary researchers have long known that Earth and Mercury have metallic cores. Mercury’s core Expand
NASA’s Cassini reveals surprises with Titan’s lakes
1 DAY AGO - On its final flyby of Saturn's largest moon in 2017, NASA's Cassini spacecraft gathered radar data Expand
Comet Ingredients Swallowed by an Asteroid, Found Sealed Inside a Meteorite
2 DAYS AGO - The raw materials from a comet have been found sealed inside a pristine, primitive meteorite.
Archeologists Think They Know What Destroyed The Mayan Empire
2 DAYS AGO - The fall of the Mayan Empire may be one of the biggest mysteries to emerge from the Yucatan Expand
Devastating blaze ravages Paris’ iconic Notre Dame Cathedral, collapsing spire
3 DAYS AGO - The fire engulfed one of the greatest architectural treasures of the Western world as tourists and Expand
Former U.S. Intelligence Officials to Investigate UFOs In New History Channel Series
4 DAYS AGO - Former high-level officials will investigate UFOs in new limited History channel non-fiction Expand
First birth after robot-assisted uterus transplant
6 DAYS AGO - A boy 48 centimeters long, weighing 2900 grams, is the first baby born after the technological Expand

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