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The Barron Blog
UFO Iconoclasts, The
UFO Prophet
Best UFO Videos | July 2021
1 HR AGO - Check out my live stream from Youtube where I’ve overviewed the best UFO videos from July Expand
UFO news article:
13 HRS AGO - “By At Least 25 Persons …  Oregon Sightings Of UFOs Reported” — 2 August 1969 (Simpson’s Expand
ANUNNAKI KINGS 2021 | The Devil. War Of The Gods – Dragons & Serpents In The Bible
1 DAY AGO - Do the Bible and many ancient narratives around the world tell a story of humanities contact with Expand
STATI UNITI, una Flotta di UFO avvistati e filmati a Louisville, Kentucky
2 DAYS AGO - Le straordinarie immagini che vi mostriamo oggi, riguardano una flotta di UFO, o più precisamente Expand
UFOs filmed over Louisville, Kentucky 24-Jul-2021
2 DAYS AGO - These unknown lights were maneuvering in the sky above Louisville, Kentucky on 24th July 2021. Expand
Il “caso Roswell” in Grecia: un impressionante incidente UFO
2 DAYS AGO - Il “caso Atalanti” è considerato il più importante incidente UFO in Grecia e uno dei Expand
Hey, Kids! Hoax UFOs!
3 DAYS AGO - Real UFO sightings in 1947 inspired flying saucer hoaxes and the exploitation of the topic for Expand
Scienziato dell’US Geological Survey: “la NASA sta nascondendo l’esistenza del Pianeta Nibiru”
3 DAYS AGO - Un famoso scienziato che ha lavorato all’US Geological Survey, il dr. Ethan Trowbridge, Expand
Galileo Project and Avi Loeb
3 DAYS AGO -  I was invited to the press conference held Monday at Harvard to announce the Galileo Expand
Fast-Moving Object in Stealth Bomber Photographs
6 HRS AGO - A white object is seen in Stealth Bomber photographs snapped in Mojave, California on May 24, Expand
MESSICO, spettacolare avvistamento di una “Flotta di UFO” sopra l’Aeroporto Internazionale di Città del Messico
1 DAY AGO - Le incredibili immagini che vi mostriamo riguardano l’avvistamento di una Flottillas OVNIS Expand
An updated History program about the AATIP episodes and more
1 DAY AGO - Friday night, 7/30, the History channel offered an updated UFO program about the AATIP UFOs adding Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
STATI UNITI, una Flotta di UFO avvistati e filmati a Louisville, Kentucky
2 DAYS AGO - Le straordinarie immagini che vi mostriamo oggi, riguardano una flotta di UFO, o più precisamente Expand
UFO briefing report:
2 DAYS AGO - “The BRIEFING ROOM” — By Francis Ridge, 26 June 2021 (, U.S.A.). Expand
No thoughts on Avi Loeb’s study group or the Travis Walton controversy?
2 DAYS AGO - Copyright 2021, InterAmerica, Inc.Aside from Dominick’s  aggrievance with Avi Loeb’s apparent Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
Una struttura di 9.350 anni trovata nel Mediterraneo “potrebbe riscrivere la storia”
3 DAYS AGO - Nel 2015 è stato scoperto uno strano monolite alto 11,88 metri al largo della Sicilia, a una Expand
South Africa, serious broadcast on UFOs
3 DAYS AGO - The US government has released a highly anticipated UFO report. The Pentagon studied more than 140 Expand
Apollo 11’s ‘third astronaut’ reveals secrets from dark side of the moon | 60 Minutes Australia
3 DAYS AGO - Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, dominate our memories of the moon landing, there’s a third Expand
Nanostrutture di 300.000 anni nei monti Urali: tecnologia aliena?
6 HRS AGO - Un team di archeologi durante un’indagine hanno trovato strani oggetti microscopici; Expand
New York UFO sighting: 11 ORBs make pattern next to the Moon
1 DAY AGO - Here’s one new footage filmed on 25th July 2021 and it was just published on MUFON’s Expand
Travis Walton - The Empire Strikes Back!
1 DAY AGO - As we have seen in the past few postings, the 45-year old "UFO abduction" story of Travis Walton Expand
Tic Tac UFO over UK
2 DAYS AGO - This bright unidentified flying object was seen flying over Crediton, UK on 28th July 2021. Expand
UFO TV report:
2 DAYS AGO - “UFO Report: The Clermont County Recording” (CPC21, U.S.A.) — Source: Anomaly Response Network Expand
One Travis Walton discussion from Facebook (for Martin Black and others)
3 DAYS AGO - Peter Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
Libro di Archimede: chi ha “cancellato” diversi secoli di progresso scientifico?
3 DAYS AGO - Sono diverse le volte in cui la religione ha deciso di cancellare parte della storia, per non Expand
John Greenewald talks with Avi Loeb
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The

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