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Controversial UFO on 9-11
Ret. Major Jesse Marcel Recounting Incident at Roswell
Whitley Strieber & Craig Ferguson
Rare Interview w/ George Van Tassel
Dr. David Clarke
Intrepid Magazine
Supernatural UFO
The Examiner
The Huffington Post
The UFO Chronicles
UFO Reporter, The
Ufology PRSS
We Are Not Alone
Weekly World News
‘Huge’ UFO reported hovering over small Texas town
3 HRS AGO - A Texas witness at Fairfield reported watching a “very bright, white light” UFO at close range, Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 8/27/14
10 HRS AGO - Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge just proved that aliens really exist - FasterLouder Pilot sees 'strange Expand
Police witness UFO in Pennsylvania (Video)
1 DAY AGO - After responding to a call regarding unusual lights in the sky, police in Lower Paxton Township, Expand
He Felt Dirty After Being With The Aliens
1 DAY AGO - By Mike Perry/67 Not Out Bill Herrmann claims that he was carried on a tubular beam of blue-green Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 8/26/14
1 DAY AGO - Exeter prepares for invasion as UFO Festival returns - Thigh Bone on Mars? It's Expand
Illinois witness says giant UFO looked like ‘Star Wars’ ship
2 DAYS AGO - An Illinois witness at Waltonville reported watching a “giant ship” with a slight glow to it that Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 8/25/14
2 DAYS AGO - Raelian group goes topless in Montreal - Toronto Sun Proof of life on Mars? Conspiracy theories Expand
Back Shell Tile Panels Installed on NASA's Orion Spacecraft
5 DAYS AGO - Inside the Operations and Checkout Building high bay at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Expand
6 DAYS AGO - WEIRD WIRED WORLD OF UFOLOGY by Timothy – “Mr UFO” – Beckley Let me tell you “radio” Expand
UFOs seen by multiple witnesses over North Carolina beaches (Photos)
6 DAYS AGO - Multiple witnesses reported glowing orbs of lights in the night skies over North Carolina beaches Expand
Mysterious lights seen during Napa earthquake not UFOs says scientist (Video)
3 HRS AGO - Several people reported seeing flashes of light after the earthquake that shook Napa Valley on Expand
Testing Composite Cryotank Technology For Future Deep Space Missions
11 HRS AGO - NASA has completed a complex series of tests on one of the largest composite cryogenic fuel tanks Expand
Song about UFO encounter on new album by Basement Jaxx
1 DAY AGO - An album released this week by Basement Jaxx includes a song about aliens inspired by a UFO Expand
Tom DeLonge sees UFOs in San Diego (VIDEO)
1 DAY AGO - Musician Tom DeLonge witnessed multiple UFOs over San Diego on the night of Monday, August 25. The Expand
Orbital manoeuvres in the dark: Apollo 11’s UFO
1 DAY AGO - By  Dwayne A. Day/The Space Review As Apollo 11 headed to the Moon, the astronauts looked out Expand
Military claims responsibility for UFO in Nova Scotia
2 DAYS AGO - A couple spotted a UFO in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia on Thursday, August 21. But the Expand
The Hubbardsville NY Encounter
4 DAYS AGO - FavaFilms  description: This is a testimonial account of an event that took place on July 24th Expand
1966 Westall UFO was a research balloon? – Spacing Out! Episode 85
5 DAYS AGO - New research has some believing that the 1966 Westall UFO was actually a rogue research balloon. Expand
Slow moving UFO caught on video over Ohio town
6 DAYS AGO - An Ohio witness at Lakewood reported watching and videotaping a silent, slow moving object on Expand
Antarctic microbes help in the search for extraterrestrial life
6 DAYS AGO - A team of scientists has discovered living microbes in a subglacial lake below Antarctica. Expand
UFOs caught on video over Skyros Island in Greece
5 HRS AGO - At least 20 witnesses watched several UFOs from the beach on Skyros Island in Greece. One witness Expand
252. Bernadette Doran on Energy Healing
1 DAY AGO - Interview with energy healing researcher and practition […]
Solar Dynamics Observatory Captures Images of a Late Summer Flare
1 DAY AGO - On Aug. 24, 2014, the sun emitted a mid-level solar flare, peaking at 8:16 a.m. EDT. NASA's Solar Expand
A recovered UFO in Cornwall? (VIDEO)
1 DAY AGO - A witness believes he captured video of a downed UFO being transported in the South West England Expand
Yvonne Smith – Alien Abductions at the Hotel del Coronado – August 25, 2014
2 DAYS AGO - Open Minds UFO Radio: Yvonne Smith is a hypnotherapist and has been one of the leading researchers Expand
25 Years Ago, Voyager 2 Captures Images of Neptune
2 DAYS AGO - NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft gave humanity its first glimpse of Neptune and its moon Triton in the Expand
Britain’s X-traordinary Files
4 DAYS AGO - My latest book opens The National Archives’ own ‘X-files’ to shine a spotlight Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 8/22/14
5 DAYS AGO - UFO Festival set for Labor Day weekend - Exeter News-Letter An Astrophysicist in Search of E.T. - Expand
Canadian witnesses spot ‘tube-like’ UFO hovering over small town
6 DAYS AGO - A Canadian couple at Mainstone in southwest Saskatchewan reported watching a silent, tube-like Expand
Supernova Seen In Two Lights
6 DAYS AGO - The destructive results of a mighty supernova explosion reveal themselves in a delicate blend of Expand

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