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Scientist Invents a Device to See Multidimensional Beings
28 MINS AGO - Daniel Nemes is a scientist and inventor who was always passionate about things such as science Expand
The Pattern Revealed – Recapping Episode 3 of ‘Unidentified’
19 HRS AGO - [EPISODE SUMMARY] On this episode of the UFO podcast UNKNOWN, Jason McClellan recaps episode 3 of Expand
Lunar Waves Filmed by Three Researchers – But What’s the Cause?
23 HRS AGO - I would like to know what do you think of all of these because I am at a loss to figure what is Expand
Australia Has Its Own Stonehenge – Piece of Lost History
1 DAY AGO - Australia has its own unique history, and a rather old one, it seems. It has been very difficult Expand
Three UFO Sightings Recorded in the Netherlands
1 DAY AGO - We got three videos of three different cases of UFO sighting that took place in the Netherlands. Expand
Aztec Screaming Whistle – Scariest Sounds You’ll Ever Hear (video)
1 DAY AGO - This Aztec whistle is probably one of the scariest sounds you will be able to hear. Let’s take a Expand
A Skipper Discover 100,000-year-old Submerged Pyramid Near Azores
2 DAYS AGO - A 100.000-year-old pyramid has been discovered underwater by mistake, by the most unlikely of Expand
Saturn’s moons may have ‘sculpted’ its famous rings, new study suggests
2 DAYS AGO - They're the solar system's most iconic feature, but how and when Saturn's rings formed have Expand
Artifacts From The Future That Scientists Can’t Explain – Time Travel Evidence
2 DAYS AGO - We already know that archaeologists often find objects that more often confound them, like it was Expand
Archaeologists From Adelaide Unearth a 17 Feet Tall Human Giant Skeleton in Australia
1 HR AGO - The biggest human skeleton that has ever been discovered was recently discovered by a group of Expand
Spanish Police Record UFO Floating Over Their Vehicle
22 HRS AGO - A strange UFO is floating over a police car in Spain recently and the officers took several Expand
Russian KGB Found an Alien Mummy on Giza Plateau – Filmed And Kept Secret Many Years
23 HRS AGO - Conspiracy theorists strongly believe that the builders of the Cheops Pyramid and other buildings Expand
Researchers Discover Anunnaki Gens in Aboriginals
1 DAY AGO - A group of scientists discovered that people from Melanesia may be packing some strange genes in Expand
Scientists Conclude That Your Drunk Self May Actually Be The Real You
1 DAY AGO - The way people behave under the influence of alcohol is a totally different version and also an Expand
The Russian Physicists Re-Build the Tesla Tower To Offer Free Energy On Earth
1 DAY AGO - Two brave Russian physicists are trying to build the legendary Wardenclyffe Tower, created at the Expand
What It’s Like to Visit Area 51 With Airbnb
2 DAYS AGO - One editor’s two-night trek through Nevada’s remote desert to find aliens—and other paranormal Expand
Earth may be vulnerable to solar superflares
2 DAYS AGO - Scientists now believe that our Sun is capable of producing a type of powerful and disruptive Expand
Conspiracy Theorist Uncovers Underwater Alien Base, ‘Crystal Blue UFO’ Near Mexico
2 DAYS AGO - Pondering the nature of an enigmatic object he spotted at the “alien base”, the UFO-hunter mused Expand
UFOlogist Records UFO 5 Times Bigger Than Earth Shooting Out of Sun Few Days Ago
2 HRS AGO - Apparently, a big number of extra-terrestrial drones are circulating around our planet, taking Expand
Reptilian Reporter Caught Shifting Her Shape Live On Tv (video)
22 HRS AGO - A Fox News reporter was caught altering the shape of her eyes during a live newscast. As you can Expand
An Ancient Advanced Civilization Existed Million of Years Ago – And I Can Prove It
1 DAY AGO - Earth has been here for quite a long time, it is 4.543 billion years old. During that time Expand
New Study Conclude that The Pyramids and Sphinx Were Submerged in Ancient and Predates the Egyptian Civilization
1 DAY AGO - Most probably, the Egyptian pyramids as well as the Sphinx, from the Giza plateau, are much older Expand
Vettuvan Koil Temple is MODEL of Kailasa Temple – Carved from Single Stone
1 DAY AGO - Have a look at this astonishing structure called Vettuvan Koil, in India. The peculiarity of this Expand
Scientists Start Rejecting Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Once The DNA Double Helix was Discovered
1 DAY AGO - More than 500 scientists have stated that they completely reject Darwin’s theory of evolution. Expand
The Ancient Egyptians Possessed Advanced Technology and Electricity – Highly Compelling Evidence
2 DAYS AGO - Many people are still amazed by the pyramids, however, how the ancient Egyptians managed to create Expand
NASA’s Mars orbiter spotted the ‘Star Trek’ logo on Mars and fans are freaking out
2 DAYS AGO - NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is an incredibly useful tool that allows scientists to image Expand

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