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3-D-printed ‘bionic skin’ could give robots the sense of touch
1 HR AGO - Engineering researchers at the University of Minnesota have developed a revolutionary process for Expand
Unbreakable quantum entanglement
13 HRS AGO - Einstein's "spooky action at a distance" persists even at high accelerations, researchers of the Expand
NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover Artist’s Concept
1 DAY AGO - This illustration depicts NASA's Mars 2020 rover on the surface of Mars. The mission, targeted for Expand
Distance at which supernova would spark mass extinctions on Earth
4 DAYS AGO - In 2016, researchers published "slam dunk" evidence, based on iron-60 isotopes in ancient seabed, Expand
Comet 67P Found to Be Producing Its Own Oxygen in Deep Space
4 DAYS AGO - The finding shows that oxygen can be generated in space without the need for life, and could Expand
An Asteroid May Kill Us All. Congress Is Pinching Pennies.
4 DAYS AGO - Spending $50 million a year is a pittance in terms of managing this existential risk.
Nazi spaceship film sparks UFO debate
5 DAYS AGO - A new sci-fi film about Nazis has reignited a debate in Germany about Hitler's development of UFOs.
Scientists Say Plants Use Sound To Find Water And Ultimately Survive
5 DAYS AGO - "We found that roots were able to locate a water source by sensing the vibrations generated by Expand
Lee Speigel - Latest Posts
Shared by The Huffington Post
The Search for Life on Mars Is about to Get Weird
6 DAYS AGO - Astrobiologists ponder sending gene sequencers, weather stations, drilling rigs and more to the Expand
Plasma jet engine breakthrough heralds beginning of new era in space travel – study
19 HRS AGO - A major new breakthrough in jet propulsion technology could revolutionize the aerospace industry, Expand
Beverly Gilmour, 100s of NDE and a New Insight About Consciousness |350|
1 DAY AGO - Beverly Gilmour has a rare medical condition that has caused her to experience 100s of NDEs. photo Expand
Scientists just heard something really weird in space, and can’t figure out where it came from
4 DAYS AGO - Researchers from around the world are scratching their heads over a newly discovered radio burst Expand
NASA: Space Weather And Radiation Bubble Are Linked To Human Activity
4 DAYS AGO - Cold War high-altitude nuclear explosions resulted in extra radiation close to Earth.
Lee Speigel - Latest Posts
Shared by The Huffington Post
UFO Headline News May 18, 2017
5 DAYS AGO - UFO Headline News May 18, 2017
Bigger than Roswell? Top secret CIA files unearth hidden UFO sightings
5 DAYS AGO - TOP secret CIA files have emerged from the 1950s exposing the explosive truth about alien UFOs Expand
How we would fare in an alien invasion – according to a UFO expert
5 DAYS AGO - Alien director Ridley Scott says he believes extraterrestrial beings exist – and that when they Expand
May 18, 1969 - Apollo 10 View of the Earth
6 DAYS AGO - A view of Earth from 36,000 nautical miles away as photographed from the Apollo 10 spacecraft Expand
Naked singularity might evade cosmic censor
7 HRS AGO - Spacetime singularities might exist unhidden in strangely curved universes
UFO Headline News May 22, 2017
19 HRS AGO - UFO Headline News May 22, 2017
Slim Crescent of Ice
2 DAYS AGO - The low angle of sunlight along the slim crescent of Saturn's moon Enceladus.
New method can selectively remove micropollutants from water
4 DAYS AGO - Electrochemical method can remove even tiny amounts of contamination.
Falcon Lake incident is Canada’s best-documented UFO encounter, even 50 years later
4 DAYS AGO - Son of man involved in famous Manitoba UFO case has written a book about ongoing mystery
CubeSats Deployed Outside Station's Kibo Lab Module
5 DAYS AGO - A pair of CubeSats, with the Earth's limb in the background, moments after being ejected from a Expand
The truth is out there: 25 UFO sightings reported in central Ont. last year
5 DAYS AGO - People across central Ontario reported some bizarre sightings in the sky last year.
UFO Headline News May 17, 2017
5 DAYS AGO - UFO Headline News May 17, 2017

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