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George Van Tassel Giant Rock Trailer
Ret. Major Jesse Marcel Recounting Incident at Roswell
Dalai Lama on Greeting Others
Stranger in the Pentagon... Valiant Thor Story
Dr. David Clarke
Intrepid Magazine
Supernatural UFO
The Examiner
The Huffington Post
The UFO Chronicles
UFO Reporter, The
Ufology PRSS
We Are Not Alone
Weekly World News
Unidentified floating object being hunted by Swedish military
1 HR AGO - Sweden's armed forces have launched their largest domestic military effort since the cold war in a Expand
King of the “Contactees”: The bizarre UFO saga of George Adamski
11 HRS AGO - In November 1952, a man named George Adamski, a Polish-born, California-bred ranch owner and Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 10/21/14
1 DAY AGO - Alien adventures as Circus Wonderland rolls into Northampton - Northampton Chronicle & Expand
Humanoid UFO baffles pilots, aviation experts
2 DAYS AGO - Pilots of a passenger plane were caught off guard when a “flying man” shot across the Expand
Travis Walton holding sky watch at UFO abduction site
4 DAYS AGO - Via Open Minds Travis Walton’s alleged UFO sighting and subsequent abduction, is one of the Expand
Star Trek actor Garrett Wang spots a UFO – Spacing Out! Episode 93
5 DAYS AGO - Jason and Maureen meet up with actor Garrett Wang, best known for his role as Ensign Harry Kim on Expand
Travis Walton holding sky watch at UFO abduction site
5 DAYS AGO - Travis Walton's alleged UFO sighting and subsequent abduction, is one of the strangest, most Expand
Rainbow Eagle – Native American Star Stories
6 DAYS AGO - Rainbow Eagle (Rolland J. Williston) is an Okla-Choctaw American Indian who has been honored with Expand
Operation IceBridge Turns Five
6 DAYS AGO - In May 2014, two new studies concluded that a section of the land-based West Antarctic ice sheet Expand
‘Haunted Yosemite’ reveals ghosts with attitude and micro-UFOs
6 DAYS AGO - An exclusive interview posted to YouTube on October 13, 2014, takes viewers on a ghost tour of Expand
James Webb Space Telescope's Heart Survives Deep Freeze Test
6 HRS AGO - After 116 days of being subjected to extremely frigid temperatures like that in space, the heart Expand
Travis Walton – UFO Abduction Update – October 20, 2014
22 HRS AGO - Open Minds UFO Radio: Travis Walton had one of the most famous and fascinating alleged UFO Expand
Hubble Sees Turquoise-Tinted Plumes in Large Magellanic Cloud
1 DAY AGO - The brightly glowing plumes seen in this image are reminiscent of an underwater scene, with Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 10/20/14
2 DAYS AGO - 5 recent UFO sightings - The Daily Advertiser UFO Spotted Above Las Vegas, Nevada - International Expand
UFO turns night into day in Brazil
5 DAYS AGO - A flash of light in northern Brazil was so bright that it illuminated the sky, temporarily making Expand
Three ‘football field sized’ UFOs reported low by multiple West Virginia witnesses
5 DAYS AGO - Ten West Virginia witnesses near Marmet working a coal plant evening shift reported watching three Expand
UFO encounter recalled over nuclear weapons depot
5 DAYS AGO - A German witness recalls an incident that occurred at the former Kriegsfeld Army Depot that housed Expand
Paul Hellyer – A World in Turmoil
6 DAYS AGO - Beginning in 1963, Hellyer served as the Minister of National Defence for Canada. After his Expand
Dome-shaped UFO photographed over paranormal conference
6 DAYS AGO - Attendees at a paranormal conference in England got to experience the paranormal first hand when a Expand
Roswell UFO mystery solved, according to German documentary
6 DAYS AGO - A new German documentary claims that testing of a secret Nazi aircraft by the USAF is the real Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 10/22/14
7 HRS AGO - Jeff Mills Working On Instrument Inspired By Historic UFO Sighting - Mixmag UFO Photobombs NASA Expand
West Virginia witness files UFO video of object near recent Marmet sighting
1 DAY AGO - A new West Virginia witness came forward today with video from a 2013 UFO sighting in the same Expand
Extreme Ultraviolet Image of a Significant Solar Flare
2 DAYS AGO - The sun emitted a significant solar flare on Oct. 19, 2014, peaking at 1:01 a.m. EDT. NASA's Solar Expand
Nine UFO sightings in 10 years in North Hampshire
3 DAYS AGO - Via GetHampshire UFOs, unidentified objects and mysterious things in the sky were reported to the Expand
Hurricane Gonzalo Viewed From the International Space Station
5 DAYS AGO - This image of Hurricane Gonzalo was taken from the International Space Station by European Space Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 10/17/14
5 DAYS AGO - New UFO sightings movies - KDramaStars 'UFO clouds' are a delightful (if somewhat ominous-looking) Expand
Nick Pope – Royal Society Meetings on Alien Life
6 DAYS AGO - In 2010, the Royal Society held two discussion meetings on extraterrestrial life. The first Expand
UFO SIGHTING: Strange Objects Zipping Across The Moon
6 DAYS AGO - (In the middle of the 600 percent zoomed-in composite image above, a dark, circular object moves Expand
Lee Speigel - Latest Posts
Shared by The Huffington Post
Daily UFO Headlines 10/16/14
6 DAYS AGO - Dome-shaped UFO spotted above paranormal conference - Metro UFO riddle as mystery 'craft' appears Expand
‘Shape shifting’ UFOs videotaped over Massachusetts skies
7 DAYS AGO - Witnesses in Holyoke, MA, reported watching and videotaping a series of “shape shifting” UFOs that Expand

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