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NASA shock: Scientist makes stunning confession as he claims life already found on Mars
1 HR AGO - A FORMER NASA scientist says he is “convinced” that life was found on Mars in 1970 when the space Expand
Is Our Solar System’s Mysterious ‘Planet 9’ Really a Grapefruit-Size Black Hole?
4 HRS AGO - It probably isn’t a black hole, if it exists at all. But two physicists think we should Expand
Time travel video: Man from ‘European empire in year 3300’ warns of apocalyptic ROBOT WAR
5 HRS AGO - A TIME traveller claiming to be from the year 3,300 has recounted a terrifying tale and given a Expand
Desaparece de la faz de la Tierra investigando una “cueva sobrenatural” (Video)
6 HRS AGO - Un video de YouTube ha logrado cosechar más de 4 millones de visitas recordando uno de los grandes Expand
Russian Military Experts Claim They Know How to Make Contact With UFOs
8 HRS AGO - One thing is sure: in the Soviet Union, UFOs were taken very seriously. The KGB, together with the Expand
Ancient ‘lost city’ rediscovered in Cambodia
9 HRS AGO - Archaeologists have announced the discovery of the lost city of Mahendraparvata deep in the Expand
Silicon Valley startup for UFO detection
11 HRS AGO - submitted by /u/SuddenHospital [link] [comments] from The UFO reddit Expand
Two UFOs Battle at Each Other in Australian Sky, Locals Claim
13 HRS AGO - While many UFO sightings involve spotting circles and dots in the sky, Australians Rob and Phil Expand
My brothers friend just sent him this. This happened in Othello, WA about an hour ago not sure what it could be
20 HRS AGO - submitted by /u/HamburgerKush [link] [comments] from The UFO reddit Expand
Madre aterrorizada “capta un bebé fantasma” junto a su hijo en la cuna
3 HRS AGO - Una madre tuvo el susto de su vida cuando pensó que vio a través del “vigilabebés” a Expand
Rogue, Starless Planets May Circle Black Holes
5 HRS AGO - Thousands of planets may form and orbit around the kind of supermassive black Expand
Harrowing ‘Black Eyed Kids’ Incidents
6 HRS AGO - I’m a believer in many things paranormal, with BEKs being one of the stories I thought was Expand
Elon Musk Talks About Extraterrestrials and States He Has Something Better Than Area 51 (video)
7 HRS AGO - Elon Musk is the founder and director of Tesla and SpaceX. Recently, he dismissed the old belief Expand
The Missing Cornerstone From The Great Pyramid of Giza
8 HRS AGO - There are many mysteries related to the Great Pyramid of Giza. However, there is one in particular Expand
Paul Hellyer: “Al menos 2 extraterrestres han trabajado con el gobierno de los EEUU”
9 HRS AGO - La declaración de Paul Hellyer, ex jefe de la defensa canadiense, de 89 años, fue realizada Expand
Witness of Another World: A Real Close Encounter!
21 HRS AGO - Witness of Another World is a new documentary about a lonely gaucho who lives a solitary existence Expand
A collision of neutron stars created a fireworks element in space
3 HRS AGO - Two years ago astronomers for the first time observed the collision of two neutron stars, which Expand
Witness of Another World documentary (feat Jacques Vallée) released today
5 HRS AGO - submitted by /u/JeanParker [link] [comments] from The UFO reddit Expand
Black Humanoid Encountered in DC Suburbs
6 HRS AGO - This happened about 4 years ago. To this day I keep wondering what happened to come across my Expand
The Outer Worlds review: ridiculously good role-playing in a capitalist hellscape
7 HRS AGO - Obsidian launches its own IP, and the results are spectacular I knew I’d love The Outer Worlds as Expand
An Extraterrestrial Civilization Existed on Planet Earth Before Us
9 HRS AGO - This civilization could have existed 60 million years ago on our planet. Now, scientists ask for Expand
Supposed Time Traveler Born in 2043 Reveals Info From Our Future and Beginning of WW3
10 HRS AGO - This topic has been all over the media for several years, and even though it might NOT be a true Expand
Los sumerios y la “historia prohibida” de la Humanidad (Video)
12 HRS AGO - ¿Es posible que los antiguos Sumerios hayan predicho el fin de los tiempos? y sobre todo a estas Expand
When my dad saw a UFO.
18 HRS AGO - I think this is an interesting story and I would like to share it with you. This happened in Expand

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