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Daily UFO Headlines 4/27/15
6 HRS AGO - Locals freak out after spotting ‘flying spaceship’ - New York Post Spaceship or human-made drones? Expand
Russian space agency also on the hunt for extraterrestrial life
3 DAYS AGO - Russia's space agency recently released a draft of their Federal Space Program for 2016 to 2025, Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 4/24/15
3 DAYS AGO - 1975 UFO – June UFO Cluster - Syracuse New Times Are lights on planet Ceres 'ice volcanoes' or Expand
UFO-Alien Abduction Still Haunts Travis Walton
4 DAYS AGO - Close encounters of the FOURTH kind. That's when a person claims to have been kidnapped by a UFO Expand
Lee Speigel - Latest Posts
Shared by The Huffington Post
Weird UFO caught on video over Virginia Beach Town Center
5 DAYS AGO - A YouTuber leaving her job at the Town Center of Virginia Beach spotted a weird object fluttering Expand
NASA Tail Technology Could Someday Reduce Airplane Fuel Use
5 DAYS AGO - In this photo taken from a chase plane, the Boeing ecoDemonstrator 757 flight test airplane --with Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 4/21/15
6 DAYS AGO - ‘UFO’ captured on camera in Hastings - Hastings and St. Leonards Observer Bright lights and Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 4/21/15
6 DAYS AGO - ‘UFO’ captured on camera in Hastings - Hastings and St. Leonards Observer Bright lights and Expand
Reflecting on a Spacecraft Arrival
7 DAYS AGO - NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, currently on a one-year mission on the International Space Station, Expand
Unmasking the Secrets of Mercury
7 HRS AGO - To learn more about the minerals and surface processes on Mercury, instruments aboard NASA's Expand
Video shows UFO near Chile’s erupting volcano
3 DAYS AGO - A woman recently posted a video showing a UFO hovering near Chile’s erupting Calbuco Expand
California witness describes hovering sphere UFO changing size
3 DAYS AGO - A California witness at Indio reported watching a yellow-white sphere that increased and decreased Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 4/23/15
4 DAYS AGO - UFO specialist shares experiences - East Tennessean Remember when George Bush's ranch got buzzed Expand
Witness sees UFO every night over Bakersfield, CA
5 DAYS AGO - A witness says he sees a UFO in the sky above Rosedale, California every night. Joseph Guzman Expand
UFO caught on video over Rome by professional photographer
5 DAYS AGO - A professional photographer was filming an airliner from the patio of his home on the outskirts of Expand
A Sky View of Earth From Suomi NPP
6 DAYS AGO - This composite image of southern Africa and the surrounding oceans was captured by six orbits of Expand
Jennifer Stein – UFO Filmmaker – April 20, 2015
6 DAYS AGO - Open Minds UFO Radio: Jennifer Stein is a filmmaker and entrepreneur. Her UFO documentaries have Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 4/20/15
7 DAYS AGO - UFO sightings: former minister claims government conspiracy - The Week UK Alien spacecraft FOUND Expand
Florida witness says triangle UFO was silent and muffled local sounds
2 DAYS AGO - A Florida witness in Escambia County reported a “massive, totally quiet triangle-shaped object” Expand
April 25, 1990, Deployment of the Hubble Space Telescope
3 DAYS AGO - In this April 25, 1990, photograph taken by the crew of the STS-31 space shuttle mission, the Expand
Dan Aykroyd explains UFO cover-up on The HuffPost Show
4 DAYS AGO - Last Friday, Dan Aykroyd appeared on the third episode of The Huffington Post's new The HuffPost Expand
Celestial Fireworks
4 DAYS AGO - The brilliant tapestry of young stars flaring to life resemble a glittering fireworks display in Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 4/22/15
5 DAYS AGO - Amazing UFO spotted in Chile was NOT a man-made object, government claim - Expand
Colorado witness says domed-shaped UFO landed
5 DAYS AGO - A Colorado witness at Loveland described an “unusual radiant light source” moving above the Expand
272. Phillip Comella Can Science Lead to Spiritual Transformation
6 DAYS AGO - Alex Tsakiris of Skeptiko interviews Phillip Comella, a […] The post 272. Phillip Comella Expand
Florida witness considers ‘transparent’ triangle UFO one of ours
6 DAYS AGO - A Florida witness at Naples reported watching a “mostly transparent” triangle-shaped object pass Expand

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