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Star Trek-like Replicator is Teleporting Sushi
2 HRS AGO - Now that you can learn how to speak Klingon using free training from Duolingo, it’s time to Expand
A Look at South America’s Man-Beasts
3 HRS AGO - Bigfoot is the most well-known “mystery ape” of North America. But what about South Expand
2020 U.S. Presidential Candidate Wants to Save Us from a Robot Takeover
21 HRS AGO - We all know the robot revolution is coming. While it likely (or perhaps hopefully) won’t result in Expand
Astronomers Identify Possible Origin of Strange Interstellar Object
1 DAY AGO - One of the most exciting recent space stories has been the discovery and study of ‘Oumuamua, a Expand
$54 million in Lost Gold From the Civil War May Have Been Found
1 DAY AGO - The American Civil War may be about to start up again … and not for any of the reasons you might Expand
1 DAY AGO - UFO. VIDEO. 5 CASI DI VIAGGI NEL TEMPO? Tutti noi internauti, sappiamo benissimo che youtube è Expand
17.11 – MU Plus+ Podcast
1 DAY AGO - We catch up on the latest from the world of psychic pets and discover how one animal communicator Expand
Brain-Boosting Headband Could Be Hacked For Mind Control
2 DAYS AGO - We all want to be a little smarter, a little more effective and skilled.  Some people exercise and Expand
Black Magic, the Occult, and the CIA
2 HRS AGO - There is no doubt that governments get up to some strange dealings, research, and experiments, and Expand
Strange ‘Twilight Zone’ of Unknown Species Found in Caribbean
4 HRS AGO - While Elon Musk and other billionaires continue to shoot billions of dollars into the unreachable, Expand
Platypus Milk May Be the Next Miracle Cure
1 DAY AGO - How do you milk a Platypus? If that sounds like the opening to a third-grade boy’s joke in Expand
Benjamin Franklin’s Cursed Glass Harmonica
1 DAY AGO - Over the millennia our kind has invented and developed many forms of musical expression, which Expand
Self-Driving Robot Cars Claim Their First Human Victim
1 DAY AGO - Decades from now, when the last piteous human survivors of the Great Robot Rebellion are huddled Expand
Ghost Train Video From China Puzzles Many
1 DAY AGO - A recent ghost story in Argentina centered around a paranormal encounter that was once very common Expand
Dorris Van Tassel - A Contactee In The Background
1 DAY AGO - In my latest book and several blog entries I have advanced the theory that some of the physical Expand
New Discoveries May Prove Human Civilization Is Older Than We Think
2 DAYS AGO - It seems like each month, there’s a new discovery proclaimed to have the potential to “rewrite the Expand
Documentary project from Whitley Strieber
2 DAYS AGO - Whitley Strieber describes an upcoming documentaryThis short video is meant to generate some buzz Expand
UFOs, ‘SNL’ and Normalizing the Strange
3 HRS AGO - My wife and I have made watching Saturday Night Live a ritual in our home. Say what you will about Expand
Strange Message and Google Map Find Linked to MH370 Disappearance
19 HRS AGO - Until Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 — missing since March 4, 2014 – is found, conspiracy Expand
“A Large Animal…Like a Baboon”
1 DAY AGO - If you are interested in learning more about the Bigfoot phenomenon, you can, of course, find Expand
Translating foreign-language UFO reports and UFO reports in general
1 DAY AGO - Copyright 2018, InterAmerica, Inc.A  review of  the Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak’s Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
Sasquatch & Dogs: Not Best Buds
1 DAY AGO - “Sasquatches are also known to kill dogs that chase or threaten them. Dogs often flee or Expand
Michelangelo Hid His Own Caricature in a Drawing
2 DAYS AGO - Fans of Broadway shows will remember the name Al Hirschfeld, the esteemed and long-lived (he died Expand
Hawking, Hollywood, and Alien Invasion
2 DAYS AGO - Though it may come as a surprise to many, debates surrounding extraterrestrial invasion are not Expand

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