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Daily Grail
Hidden Experience
Mysterious Universe
Presidents UFO Website, The
The Barron Blog
UFO Iconoclasts, The
UFO Prophet
Unknown Country
The Mystery Mummies of Colombia
3 HRS AGO - When one thinks of mummies, one most likely envisions ancient Egypt and the complicated processes Expand
Girl Tastes McDonald’s Fries When She Hears the Word “Left”
1 DAY AGO - (NOTE: This article will refer to deep-fried string-cut potatoes as “French fries” even though the Expand
Is This The Terminator? New Robot Has Self-Healing Powers
2 DAYS AGO - “In this research, we propose to construct soft robotics entirely out of self-healing elastomers. Expand
“Demons, The Devil, And Fallen Angels” – Reviewed
2 DAYS AGO - Demons, The Devil, And Fallen Angels is the new book from Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman. Expand
Subscriber Notice: Firefox Login Page Bug
2 DAYS AGO - A bug in the most recent update of Firefox (55.0.2) has caused some Unknowncountry subscribers to Expand
An Unknown Civilization Built a Great Wall of Siberia
2 DAYS AGO - Do countries or civilizations build walls to keep people out … or in? Would you change your answer Expand
Magic Mushrooms Have Been Synthesized in a Lab
3 DAYS AGO - Do you have a desire for magic mushrooms but live in a city where there are no forests or pastures Expand
News Briefs 17-08-2017
3 DAYS AGO - "Well, a Kraut by any other name, uh, Stainsey?" Did you know Hopkinsville, KY --yes, THAT Expand
Toyota Patents a Cloaking Device
4 HRS AGO - If you were to choose the perfect getaway car (and if you actually think about this, shame on Expand
A Chupacabra Conspiracy That Wasn’t
1 DAY AGO - In August 2014, I trekked around Puerto Rico (on what was the ninth occasion) with a crew from Expand
New Aluminum Nanomaterial Rapidly Converts Water into Hydrogen
1 DAY AGO - Researchers with the US Army Aberdeen Proving Ground Research Laboratory have stumbled upon an Expand
[Personal] Machines that are “alive”?
2 DAYS AGO - I recently had a communication from Vince Ditrich who asked me about AI and the possibility that Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
News Briefs 19-08-2017
2 DAYS AGO - ” A republic cannot succeed, till it contains a certain body of men imbued with the principles Expand
UFO Seen at US Capitol 65 Years After Famous DC UFO Incident
2 DAYS AGO - Are extraterrestrials watching what’s going on in Washington these days? It would be nice to know Expand
A Strange History of Real Zombie Encounters
3 DAYS AGO - What do you think of when you envision the word “zombie?” Is it a snapping, ravenous Expand
I’m not incapacitated although….
3 DAYS AGO - I think a few wish I were.While in hospital and out, I got several get-well wishes and I’d like to Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
The Daily Grail - What's in a Name?
3 DAYS AGO - What do you think of the name 'Daily Grail'? I've cringed in recent years at the name association Expand
A Ghostly Airman At Loch Ness?
5 HRS AGO - In 1976, the long-sunken remains of a World War II-vintage aircraft were found in Loch Ness, Expand
Nazis, Antarctica, and Bigfoot
1 DAY AGO - Nazis. Has there ever been a greater villain or evil force out there? Throughout history they have Expand
18.07 – MU Podcast
2 DAYS AGO - Parasitic ESP twins are featured this week as we share dark tales of synchronicity and extreme Expand
The Bizarre Disappearance of Agatha Christie
2 DAYS AGO - Among the greatest mystery novelists of all time, surely English crime novelist Agatha Christie Expand
How to Avoid Unsafe Fake Eclipse Glasses
2 DAYS AGO - The excitement is sky-high for the upcoming total solar eclipse that is due to occur on August 21, Expand
Food of the Future? Insect Burgers Hit European Supermarkets
2 DAYS AGO - For decades, a recurring element of science fiction tales has been speculation about what types of Expand
Jean Walker tells her story in Family Secrets
3 DAYS AGO - Author and experiencer Jean WalkerFamily Secrets is the true account of the strange paranormal Expand
More on Mothman, Nukes & Dreams
3 DAYS AGO - Well, my previous article, “Mothman and Nuclear Nightmares” provoked an interesting Expand

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