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Above Top Secret
Golden Age of Gaia
Astronaut Returns to Earth With Different DNA
51 MINS AGO - by Sequoyah Kennedy              March 10, 2018                ( • After Expand
Exopolitics Institute News Ser
Shared by ExoNews
Noticing Peace
1 HR AGO - What exists when worry is absent? Peace. Which do we prefer? I’m in the middle of an Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: Emotions Are Your Energetic Nerves
2 HRS AGO - Today we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of your emotions; both positive and Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Former Marine Charged In Shooting, Hit-And-Run Of Controversial Seth Rich Investigator
6 HRS AGO - A former Marine, who claims to have worked as a special agent with the Department of Energy, has Expand
New Harry Reid interview with NYT
10 HRS AGO - Sme interesting stuff here as far as how he got involved, met Bob Bigelow etc. Expand
What if were wrong? What if its not as bad as we think it is?
12 HRS AGO - Hi ATS, My thoughts recently have been dark and troubled. I have erred on the side of Expand
Self preservation in the social media world? Top security execs fleeing...
13 HRS AGO - Twitter's chief information security officer is leaving the company, sources familiar with the Expand
Devil's Drug': Flakka Is Driving Florida Insane
14 HRS AGO - This is not a preaching post. I am concerned with what I am seeing in my community. I know that my Expand
Rand Paul: Ill Filibuster Trumps Warmónger Torturer Cabinet Picks
15 HRS AGO - Well Rand is not having any of it: Expand
UBER Driver in deadly crash texting?? but the woman killed was on a bicycle in the dark.
1 HR AGO - Watches the video a few times and to me the car should have caught the woman and tried to break Expand
In Honor of World Water Day…
2 HRS AGO - There’s always a bit of a offness to me with our singular days of celebration for things Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Jesus becomes Luke
4 HRS AGO - the Paulian synoptic gospel.... And the passion actor takes the roll of Luke
Very odd sleep experience - repeating wakings and falling asleep - disturbing feelings
6 HRS AGO - So there are a couple of things that I get once in a while that are very unsettling and were Expand
hi hi hii
11 HRS AGO - whats up im here to spread some discoveries i made i intend to inform this site about the Expand
NASA we have a problem?
12 HRS AGO - In 1986 the Challenger exploded after take off, seven crew members were killed. But we have an Expand
Will Teleportation ever be a reality or is it beyond the laws of physics?
13 HRS AGO - NOTICE: management is now enforcing new standards for the opening posts of Expand
The One Your Mamma Warned You Bout
14 HRS AGO - Hey there, newbie here. Allow me to introduce mself in the best way possible, so you all know Expand
Lobbyist says he was nearly killed by man he hired to investigate Seth Rich's death
16 HRS AGO - As conspiracy theories swirled around the murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Expand
Heavenly Blessings ~ St. Francis on Nova Gaia and What’s Next
1 HR AGO - March 22, 2018 ~ Suzanne Maresca and Linda Dillon welcome St. Francis to the show, and the Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Tom Bearden: The Priore Machine and the Cure for Cancer
2 HRS AGO - Tom Bearden reveals that cancer-curing machines like the Priore EM healing machine existed as far Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Trump fired McCabe for being biased because he snitched on Hillary?!?!
5 HRS AGO - As trump accuses the fired McCabe of being a democrat plant and shill. It should be remebered that Expand
U2 looking at third sensor addition.
8 HRS AGO - Looks like Lockheed is pushing forward to giving the Dragon Lady a third intelligence gathering Expand
DEMOCRATS Now Oppose Fixing Obamacare. Are Willing to Hurt Americans for Political Gain.
12 HRS AGO - March 21, 2018 In 2017, Democrats were LIVID that President Trump killed the ObamaCare Cost Expand
Israel Details how it Destroyed a Syrian Nuclear Reactor in Operation Orchard in 2007
12 HRS AGO - Though there was never any real doubt, more than a decade later, the Israeli government has Expand
Spectate Video feature You will just see things.
14 HRS AGO - The LATEST feature is the Spectate View enhancer. Like a wildly vibrating progress bar. And it Expand
YouTube Bans DIY and Commercially Focused Gun Videos
15 HRS AGO - YouTube is cracking down on gun videos. The video sharing platform recently updated its policies Expand

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