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Progressives BETRAYED! DNC Platform Is Now Pro Fracking, Pro Monsanto, Pro TPP, Anti GMO Labeling
6 MINS AGO - Interesting, we now have Progressive news sites stating the obvious instead of covering up the Expand
Can anyone ask Hillary a question tonight?
6 MINS AGO - The answer is NO. How can anyone support a Presidential candidate that wont do a press conference? Expand
Lawsuit alleges Arizona is denying Medicaid benefits to eligible immigrants
41 MINS AGO - Thousands of immigrants eligible for full Medicaid benefits are being given emergency-only care, a Expand
the greatest thing about pure heaven
1 HR AGO - One stone sat on a tock and the pretty blue stone sat on a rock. Pink and white heathen we were Expand
A mole in the burrow
3 HRS AGO - The shadowy figure stood next to a man he did not know ; Its strange to see when some think they Expand
Calls From Rx Express: I Find this Creepy.
3 HRS AGO - I kept getting callls from 201-730-9067. I would answer and say I wasnt home and take a message. Expand
RFID Chips Is Our Food
3 HRS AGO - In the not so distant future many people will become RFID chips not implanted but actually become Expand
Under pressure: The Valley's dry, hot July
3 HRS AGO - There’s not much good news to offer, although forecasts call for a high of less than 100 degrees Expand
4 HRS AGO - i see no God only man i see men and women dancing i feel their love therefore i see only Expand
That last line is sure telling
6 MINS AGO - Interesting fluff piece from The Economist It has a bit of everything... Fear Expand
Being famous...
6 MINS AGO - Do you want the stars to know your name, Is your life about being into fame. You cant touch Expand
Missing Buckeye boy's school plans event Saturday to 'Lead Jesse Home
1 HR AGO - Bradley Academy will host a "Light Up the Night" event for Jesse Wilson, 10, who has been missing Expand
Police: Man arrested on drug warrant had child porn on phone
1 HR AGO - Cottonwood police arrested a transient man Wednesday on suspicion of numerous counts of sexual Expand
Life Long Democrat Woman Originally From Pakistan Now Voting Trump !
3 HRS AGO - Like many of you, I read many different forums, when I read this, I was thinking wow if Trump can Expand
The tail of little nanny
3 HRS AGO - Little Nanny, black as her cousin...little midnight wanted none of the human rulings. Tired of Expand
Robbery suspect shot and killed by Tempe police identified
3 HRS AGO - The man suspected of robbing a drugstore pharmacy in Tempe on Wednesday before being fatally shot Expand
2 sought protection from each other before deaths
3 HRS AGO - Eileen Yellin and Cathy Baker were scheduled to go to court to discuss multiple orders of Expand
Robbery suspect shot by Tempe police identified
5 HRS AGO - The man suspected of robbing a drugstore pharmacy in Tempe on Wednesday before being fatally shot Expand
2 Insanely Clear EVPs Captured while Sleeping
6 MINS AGO - Ill tell you guys what I think it is saying after 1 or 2 people post what they think it is saying. Expand
Marijuana study soon seeking Arizona veterans with PTSD
39 MINS AGO - Within a month or two, Arizona researchers will accept applications for 38 veterans who have Expand
USA, China, Russian, Euro Military Project Secrets: Sub-hunting, UAV, Nightvision, Forward-Wings!
1 HR AGO - New Saline Electro-Conductivity Thermo-Haline Bulge Detection to Hunt Chinese, Russian and Expand
Police ID knife-wielding man killed by Scottsdale officer
2 HRS AGO - At the time of his death, Dylan Liberti was facing trial in a similar confrontation with Expand
European/Asian Confidence in US leadership from Obama to Clinton and Trump
3 HRS AGO - It is no secret under Bush and the not so wise Iraq War decision global opinion of the US was not Expand
TOP 10 Reasons Hillary Clinton Should Not be Elected President
3 HRS AGO - This ones for all you Hillary Lovers. Even though Hillary Clinton's entire campaign is based Expand
Some neighbors fume as developers eye Phoenix golf courses to build houses
4 HRS AGO - The struggling golf industry is prompting course owners to consider using the land for other Expand

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