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Fire crews put out Phoenix apartment fire
1 HR AGO - A fire burned in a Phoenix apartment Sunday Expand
Christian Universalism
3 HRS AGO - Christian Universalism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Expand
two brilliant hovering lights in a angled positioning in close proximity to one anoth
3 HRS AGO - Event Date: 2014-08-10 Event Location: port orchard, WA, US Event Description: ---Quote--- Expand
Drivers in Coconino County can now get tickets for using cellphones
4 HRS AGO - Drivers in Coconino County can now get tickets for using their cellphones without a hands-free Expand
Glendale man with medical problems missing since Nov. 12
6 HRS AGO - Authorities are searching for a Glendale man with medical issues who has been missing since Nov. Expand
Cheap Archery Targets
7 HRS AGO - I recently got interested in archery. I find it more interesting than gun shooting and without Expand
Economists Say We Should Tax The Rich At 90 Percent
8 HRS AGO - I say do it, the rich would not go homeless nor hungry! America has been doing income taxes Expand
UFO seen in my hometown?
9 HRS AGO - Hello people! I am from the Netherlands and just noticed a video that was uploaded on Youtube. Expand
The Buzz Aldrins object. Part III. Apparent magnitude and second set of odds.
9 HRS AGO - I was challenged to present the odds of the object observed during the Apollo 11 mission to be a Expand
My astral-projecting dog just died :( :( I could be next
11 HRS AGO - I made this reply last November 4 When I went overseas far far away, I could feel her Expand
Fort Sam Houston on lockdown
2 HRS AGO - Not much out there on this right now, looked in mew threads and recent postings so if this is a Expand
NWO - Face of the UK and US Sponsored New World Order
3 HRS AGO - Straight from the mouth of the beast! Looking back at how blatantly these turds were lying Expand
Mulch fire in West Valley to burn for days
4 HRS AGO - Fire started on a mulch pile approximately 25-acres in size near Dysart Road and the Butler Drive Expand
Harakmbut- Sacred Site Rediscovered in Peru
5 HRS AGO - Im so happy to share this one, I found a source in english which is unusual. I guess dont need a Expand
Groom Lake panoramas (Sept 2014)
6 HRS AGO - For better or worse, here is a Groom Lake panorama shot in Sept 2014 and served in three sizes. Expand
Police: Man shot, killed at Phoenix car wash
7 HRS AGO - After shooting, police say the gunman walked a short distance away and sat under a tree with his Expand
Old Spice Deodorant can cause chemical burns!
8 HRS AGO - My husband suggested his deodorant to me when I complained that mine wasnt working as well as I Expand
Heard loud sound of a jet, woke up at 2:57 am looked and window to the East and saw t
9 HRS AGO - Event Date: 2014-11-23 Event Location: moscow, ID, US Event Description: ---Quote--- I was Expand
Objects thrown at AZ mosque lead to evictions
10 HRS AGO - Four residents of a high-rise apartment building primarily occupied by University of Arizona Expand
Fire at Phillips66 refinery in Westlake, La.
11 HRS AGO - Just wanted to post this for those of us that track these kind of things. Seems like it was Expand
Katy Perry to play Super Bowl in Glendale
2 HRS AGO - After weeks of speculation, the NFL today confirmed that Katy Perry has been chosen to perform at Expand
Gamers Help Decipher AIDS Causing Virus
3 HRS AGO - Foldit is an online puzzle video game about protein folding. The game is part of an experimental Expand
Endangered gray wolf confirmed to be at Grand Canyon
4 HRS AGO - DNA tests released Friday confirmed that an animal spotted at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is Expand
Harakmbut- Sacred Site Rediscovered in Peru
5 HRS AGO - Im so happy to share this one, I found a source in english which is unusual. I guess dont need a Expand
UFO means 'Alien spaceship'.
6 HRS AGO - Just going off what I see in *mainstream* media, I am beginning to think we have lost the acronym Expand
regin new net bug discovered
8 HRS AGO - A leading computer security company says it has discovered one of the most sophisticated pieces of Expand
Police arrest driver in fatal group-home crash
8 HRS AGO - Police have identified and arrested Edward Orpheus, 48, as the man who struck and killed a man Expand
This FCC Commissioner Did A Reddit Chat. It Did Not Go Well
9 HRS AGO - Amazing another Corporate Government rep tries Reddit and goes down in flames: WASHINGTON -- Expand
Phoenix same-sex couple to say 'I do' publicly
10 HRS AGO - One of the first same-sex couples in Arizona to get a marriage license after a federal judge Expand
Ducey to likely see state bills Brewer rejected
11 HRS AGO - Arizona's incoming governor may be faced with a lot of the same bills his predecessor passed Expand

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