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Can anyone help with the meaning behind a mystery playing card?
7 MINS AGO - Trying this again My son found a playing card on his college campus. The back was a fairly Expand
The Latest: Clinton to unveil anti-bullying plan
7 MINS AGO - A major new plan will be announced soon by the Hillary Campaign. This will certainly solve Expand
ASU research park may be coming to Mesa
2 HRS AGO - With only three undeveloped parcels remaining at ASU's Tempe Research Park, the university is Expand
New NASA Footage Films UFO Flying Past
2 HRS AGO - Here the video shows a very odd craft zooming past. It looks to be very direct on its movement and Expand
Conspiracy Theories deliverd to your door, anonymously.
2 HRS AGO - Ok, Ill all for spreading the word but this is showing real enthusiasm. People around South Expand
Downtown Chandler booming into a Valley hot spot
3 HRS AGO - Businesses plan expansions as new projects gain approval, promising more residents and workers Expand
Shadow Government in South Korea
4 HRS AGO - This is a real conspiracy. Google-search Choi Sun Sil and youll find confirmation from legit news Expand
Tempe history: Halloween pranks and more date back decades
4 HRS AGO - While trick-or-treating is relatively new, the idea of Halloween pranksterism is much Expand
RELEASE: The Podesta Emails Part 20
5 HRS AGO - Another day, another fascinating wikileaks release. Expand
Planet Nine
7 MINS AGO - I want to preface this by saying there is no Planet X IMO as pertains to the views of such a Expand
Best Forgotten
7 MINS AGO - I feel emotions with such depth and intensity they seem so familiar as if lived before, like Expand
Was John Podesta’s Center for American Progress Designing Disclosure? An Exoconscious Alternative to Government Disclosure
2 HRS AGO - Grant Cameron’s Wikileaks Research on October 26, 2016, cited multiple cc’d emails between Podesta Expand
Exopolitics Institute News Ser
Shared by ExoNews
Putin: stupid and unrealistic claims of impending war
2 HRS AGO - We dont want world domination or expansion or confrontation with anyone. In thinly-veiled Expand
Secret messages hidden within the SPAM of the Podesta Emails ?
2 HRS AGO - Good morning ATS! So, after I get to work and do all my morning routine stuff I sat down at Expand
The Moon that Fell from Heaven
4 HRS AGO - There is an intriguing text from Anatolian myth with regards to the Moon falling from Heaven; Expand
Company that Supplied Voting Machines to 22 States Donated to Clinton Foundation
4 HRS AGO - Dominion Voting brags on its home page that "Together with our customers, we strive to change Expand
Mesa history: Specters of Halloween
4 HRS AGO - More than any other area of Mesa, probably because it is the oldest, downtown is the epicenter of Expand
I declare myself a conscientious objector
5 HRS AGO - With tensions as they are and a war on the horizon I have decided to declare myself a Expand
Images reveal crashed Schiaparelli Mars lander
7 MINS AGO - We knew as time passed that Schiaparelli had failed in its mission to become ESAs first working Expand
Here Goes Nothing: Futilitys Song
1 HR AGO - Foreword: I hope this is in the right place. If it is not, then neither am I. Here Expand
What is one more election thread, ehhh?
2 HRS AGO - Okay, it has all come to fruition and the truth will soon be upon us, maybe? Forget about the Expand
Hillary Conquers 2 Steps with Little Help
2 HRS AGO - She has again conquered a flight of stairs, well 2 steps, with little help. As you can see in Expand
Man found shot to death in Tempe; police seek 2
2 HRS AGO - A man was found dead of a gunshot wound early Thursday in west-central Tempe, and police were Expand
The Mandela Effect was made by one overlooked 33 year old man, an ascended master (video and proof)
4 HRS AGO - There is simply no more denying, for millions of people across whatever planet we are actually on Expand
Mary Rodwells New Book The New Human
4 HRS AGO - Go ahead and spout this is Project Camelot its BS. Youll be wrong. Go ahead and call Mary Expand
Netflixs CEO says entertainment pills could be the next big thing
5 HRS AGO - Everyone is familiar with the saying Netflix and Chill, but Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has an even Expand

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