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Europa May Harbor Simple Lifeforms
55 MINS AGO - May, Might, Possibly, Could-be, Hopefully..... All modern science ever says these days Expand
Sierra Leone Ebola burial workers dump bodies in pay protest
55 MINS AGO - (Reuters) - Burial workers in Sierra Leone have dumped bodies in the street outside a hospital in Expand
Brazil Water Crisis
1 HR AGO - This story has been in circulation for at least a week now, so Im a little surprised that no one Expand
Documentary: Ebola All The Truth
3 HRS AGO - I'm Josep and I'm one of the directors of The Ebola All The Truth Documentary. 3 days ago we Expand
What on earth is this?
4 HRS AGO - Can anyone identify this or speculate on its use? Double-gated entrance, double (barbed-wire?) Expand
Unexplained Mysteries: Scariest Places on Earth (Full Ghost/Paranormal HD Documentar
5 HRS AGO - Unexplained Mysteries: Scariest Places on Earth (Full Ghost/Paranormal HD Documentary)...
Holiday recipe swap: We share ours, now add yours
5 HRS AGO - This holiday season, we mustered up the courage to step away from our computer screens and sit Expand
Treachery at Tefco a day in the life of Catherine a fictional checkout girl
5 HRS AGO - Silhouettes in the dark dancing a flame of light and a woman of shadow together forming the Expand
Phoenix-area shelters offer holiday pet adoption deals
5 HRS AGO - As the holiday season approaches, Valley families looking to warm their hearts, souls and laps Expand
West Valley cities eyeing reclaimed water amid drought, population growth
6 HRS AGO - Drought and population growth prompt West Valley to put higher value on reusing Expand
Who or What are the Angels? part 2 follow up but with a twist.
55 MINS AGO - Genesis 3 1Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made. Expand
Summoning UFOs - do they appear/disappear?
55 MINS AGO - Ive been watching videos by posters on Youtube of them supposedly summoning UFOs. Theres also Expand
Ebola Nurse Amber Vinson has her Attorney Ask Bridal Shop for Refunds
3 HRS AGO - [mod]Dallas Nurse Amber Vinson, who famously got on an airplane and went on a wedding shopping Expand
Pope Francis Sticks it to the European Parliament
4 HRS AGO - I have no religion but I never cease to be impressed by the current pope , in his address to the Expand
Authorities: Arizona Rep. Albert Hale accused of DUI
4 HRS AGO - The Navajo County Sheriff's Office says state Rep. Albert Hale was arrested Sunday by the state Expand
Crop circle mysteries - Best of 2014
5 HRS AGO - Crop circle mysteries - Best of 2014 Expand
Globetrotters teach bullying prevention at Gilbert school
5 HRS AGO - "Slick" Willie Shaw of the Harlem Globetrotters spoke about bullying prevention at Centennial Expand
Reverse : electronic --andgt; warmth
5 HRS AGO - Hi people, i have an idea: We have now mastered how to make warmth energy from electronic Expand
How much do school employees make in Phoenix?
5 HRS AGO - From the cafeteria cooks who plan and organize meals for thousands of hungry kids to the Expand
Hollywoods War On God
55 MINS AGO - This is a short part of a series which looks at how Hollywood has an Anti-God agenda. More Expand
Regin Virus: Did The US / NSA Build A Better Doomsday Weapon?
55 MINS AGO - Hello ATS. This one should be short, as I am pressed for time this afternoon. I was just Expand
Anomalies and Perception.
3 HRS AGO - It is a well known fact that almost everybody is unable to perceive the fine details of complex Expand
It takes 28 civilian lives to kill a single terrorist leader †UK human rights group
4 HRS AGO - Eliminating a specific terrorist leader is a ‘targeted killing’ according to the US. However, Expand
Prosecution hammers Jodi Arias' expert in penalty trial
4 HRS AGO - The sentencing retrial for Jodi Arias reconvened Monday morning, and prosecuting attorney Juan Expand
UFO Sighting over Hooper, Colorado - FindingUFO
5 HRS AGO - UFO Sighting over Hooper, Colorado - FindingUFO Expand
Chandler's Quantum Helicopters offers vets flight school
5 HRS AGO - Veterans can earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in Airway Science Technology, Flight Expand
Police: Glendale man confessed to murder in texts to victim's family
5 HRS AGO - The man accused of killing his estranged wife in Glendale on Monday sent text messages to the Expand
Tempe protesters clash after Ferguson decision
6 HRS AGO - About 60 people showed up to demonstrate in Tempe after Ferguson Expand
Are recent natural disasters caused by climate change? NO
6 HRS AGO - At least according to the majority of white evangelical Protestants that believe are actually Expand

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