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Bloomberg Uncovers Secret Deal with Saudi Arabia on Debt for the Last 41 Years.
1 HR AGO - Here it is, finally a glimpse behind the curtain: Have you wondered why Saudi Arabia was Expand
Tempe man arrested after barricade situation ends
1 HR AGO - Tempe police arrested a 33-year-old man after a standoff at a residence near Mill Avenue and Expand
Thank You and Footprints (poems)
2 HRS AGO - Thank You Thank you for fighting for me, For being the voice I couldnt be. For doing all Expand
AZ Memo: Heat is on for Phoenix, Arpaio
3 HRS AGO - Good morning, Arizona. Here's what you need to know for Expand
The man behind Boyce Thompson Arboretum
5 HRS AGO - Only in Arizona: A self-made mining magnate used his influence and resources to create a research Expand
Transcript ~ Archangel Michael on AHWAA: Energy Surge Not Seen Since Earth’s Beginnings
8 HRS AGO - [Thanks again to Jeri for this transcription.] Archangel Michael: Energy Surge Not Seen Since Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Wife of state senator to run for husband's seat
10 HRS AGO - The wife of Arizona Sen. Carlyle Begay, who is running for Congress, will seek to hold onto the Expand
Vision 2020 - The Control of Planet Earth.
14 HRS AGO - In 1980, Lt. General Daniel O. Graham - Department of Defense Strategic Analyst, stated: Expand
Soft kisses...
14 HRS AGO - What a voice of love you have, Your words of love gave me a kiss. You warm breath of love Expand
Railroad tracks of love...
1 HR AGO - As to love in the air the track curves, Like your body of love your life will take a turn. Expand
Memorial Day at National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona
2 HRS AGO - Sen. John McCain pays his respects at the Memorial Day remembrance at the National Memorial Expand
Tempe OKs development deal for Hayden mill
2 HRS AGO - Plan calls for incorporating mill's silos, building as part of new hotel-retail Expand
Collections of weird artifacts - Klaus Dona
4 HRS AGO - In 2001, there was an exhibition in Vienna, Austria with a collection of the worlds weirdest Expand
I know its a farce, but......
7 HRS AGO - So i know the american goverment is corrupt above all and the next president has alreadly been Expand
Life in outer space on the ISS (in HD)
8 HRS AGO - Pretty amazing that we can watch this stuff on HD now. It really turns life in outer space into a Expand
Spot the Space Station!!
13 HRS AGO - I only discovered this recently, though I wouldnt be surprised if it has been shared on ATS Expand
Donald Trump: Illegals treated better than US veterans
14 HRS AGO - Illegal immigrants in the US often get better care than the nations military veterans, Republican Expand
Prince Philip to miss events marking the Battle of Jutland
16 HRS AGO - Im wondering if there is more to this story than Buckingham Palace would have us know? Why is the Expand
I-10 collision in Chandler kills pedestrian, DPS says
1 HR AGO - A pedestrian walking across Interstate 10 Monday night was stuck and killed by a vehicle, the Expand
Phoenix police: Officer hits pedestrian
2 HRS AGO - A Phoenix police officer was involved in a wreck that left a pedestrian injured early Tuesday Expand
Shooting in Mesa leaves 2 dead, 1 in custody
3 HRS AGO - A man was taken into custody on Tuesday morning after Mesa police said he shot and killed wife and Expand
1 killed, 8 displaced after car hits apartment
4 HRS AGO - One person was killed and eight people were displaced from an apartment building near 39th Avenue Expand
Why Mainstream Science is a Religion
7 HRS AGO - Tuesday 31 May 2016 The Freedom Articles: Get a Dose of the Truth NOTE: the annoying Expand
Lake Balkhash, Kazakhstan. What is That?!
10 HRS AGO - I took some screen shots earlier on of google earth and noticed on the far eastern side of lake Expand
If Britain leaves the EU, an asteroid will strike London and their toilets will be confiscated.
13 HRS AGO - < . British men would no longer be able to go to the toilet in British pubs in the event Expand
Discussion about Jeffrey T. Richelson editing 60 Area 51 documents
14 HRS AGO - Jeffrey T. Richelson is the one who made Area 51 officially public. He submitted a request using Expand

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