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Media Advisory: CDC Update On Ebola Response and PPE - 7:45PM ET
38 MINS AGO - CDC update on Ebola Response and PPE: 10-20-2014 What CDC will host a telebriefing to Expand
Surprise woman found after intense search
1 HR AGO - Ethel Crescenzo, 79, was found Sunday by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, according to Expand
Possible Terror attack in Canada
1 HR AGO - Two soldiers run over and some dude dead in Quebec. Rumours about possibly being terror related, Expand
What is the best way to budget money?
1 HR AGO - So just a little background about myself. I am a fourth year medical student and will be Expand
long term storage/survival foods
2 HRS AGO - Im into prepping,but I cannot justify the long term storage food prices.A #10 can for 25 bucks? Id Expand
I can share/observe dreams/memories - ask me a question.
3 HRS AGO - Hello ATS, as title says, ask me a question if you want.
Mesa auto-dealer employee accused of embezzlement
4 HRS AGO - Mesa police said an employee at a Chevrolet dealership embezzled more than $13,000 by reversing Expand
passed by me at 5mph just above trees, turned back exact way.
4 HRS AGO - Event Date: 2012-05-09 Event Location: Honesdale, PA, US Event Description: ---Quote--- Expand
Strange Cross-Shaped Pattern on Mars Surface
5 HRS AGO - A strange microscopic cross within a circle was spotted in an image taken by the Curiosity rover. Expand
Apartment residents escape Mesa fire
5 HRS AGO - Residents say neighbors and family members alerted others to save them from the Expand
Washington Post: Tea Party Supporters Primarily Rich, White Racists
38 MINS AGO - Seems the Washington Post ran a story by a blogger who apparently works as a professor for a Expand
West Valley has its share of haunted places
1 HR AGO - With Halloween and Dia de los Muertos approaching, mediums and paranormal investigators share Expand
Ebola calm-mongering?????
1 HR AGO - I noticed that within the past few days our govt and media seems to be bending over backwards to Expand
Credit-card theft victim aides in suspect arrest in Mesa
2 HRS AGO - Police say a man whose credit card was stolen helped police catch the person who allegedly used it Expand
Our Future Inside Our Past?
2 HRS AGO - Brandon Levon who Wrote the book OLD WORLD SECRETS THE OMEGA CODES mentioned that all religions Expand
Hello Again....Again! (Annie Jacobsens Area 51 book)
3 HRS AGO - So I think this is my second reintroduction post...Probably could have just saved all my old mod Expand
Look up for the Orionid meteor shower tonight
4 HRS AGO - Clear skies should make for good viewing of the Orionid meteor shower the next two Expand
Possible Witch Bottle Found in Nottinghamshire
5 HRS AGO - Well this is an interesting find (and timely!). A completely intact, green bottle has been Expand
IPHONE 6 and Super slomo Can capture Superfast UFO unseen w/naked eye
5 HRS AGO - Found this video very interesting. Maybe just a gimmick for the Iphone6 but I have always thought Expand
the cia controls the worlds news and science.
5 HRS AGO - The thesis is that a government dept in USA known as the CIA controls the worlds news media and Expand
Jack the Ripper: Scientist who claims to have identified notorious killer has made serious DNA err
38 MINS AGO - It was supposed to have been the definitive piece of scientific evidence that finally exposed the Expand
Scottsdale police arrest man after 5-hour standoff
1 HR AGO - A man accused of assault displayed a knife and barricaded himself inside a home after the Expand
Is there an organized effort to undermine the Aliens and UFOs forum?
1 HR AGO - Im new here so please correct me if Im way off base. I just seem to notice an active effort by a Expand
Amber Vinson lawyers up
2 HRS AGO - Nurse #2, Amber Vinson, has hired a high-profile D.C. attorney. It was inevitable. Do you blame Expand
Another Month, Another Heat Record Broken
3 HRS AGO - The WORLDS monthly heat record has been broken.....AGAIN! We dont really feel it here in the US Expand
Mesa police make arrest in June murder
4 HRS AGO - Roger Jackson, 25, was arrested by Mesa police on suspicion of second-degree murder and misconduct Expand
President Obama Says U.S. Constitution Guarantees Same-Sex Couples the Right to Marry
5 HRS AGO - In an interview with The New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin, President Obama has for the first time Expand
Ebola Martyrs
5 HRS AGO - Back in August there were claims that terrorist groups would be taking advantage of ebola and had Expand
Phoenix murder-suicide leaves woman and man dead
5 HRS AGO - Police said the man shot his father's girlfriend during a fight about Expand

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