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After Missouri auditor kills himself, his spokesman is found dead
45 MINS AGO - Jacksons death came about a month after Schweich shot himself on Feb. 26 at his home in the St. Expand
Moon 2015/03/29
45 MINS AGO - Moon 2015/03/29. Telescope Skywatcher 127-1500mm Black Daimond Maksutov, camera Canon 600D. Expand
Dating site ranks Tempe No. 1 for college towns
1 HR AGO - Tired of being single? Need a date? According to, Tempe is the best college town Expand
The Good Will of Surviving
2 HRS AGO - This thread is a social reminder, if and when SHTF scenario breaks out. There will be alot Expand
Phoenix church continues pastor's legacy after murder
2 HRS AGO - Those involved with the Redeemed Outreach Center plan to continue Pastor Jack Moriarty's work and Expand
Chandler council rejects plan for 132 new homes
3 HRS AGO - Concerns cited over sacrificing land set aside for new businesses and proximity to airport, rail Expand
Young, Skeptical, BUT Had a Group Experience That Has Changed My Outlook
3 HRS AGO - A little background about me is that I am 21 years old, married for over 2 years now, recently had Expand
Shooting At Fort Meade After Driver Tries To Ram Gate Police Say
4 HRS AGO - A driver of a vehicle tried to ram a gate at the National Security Agency building in Fort Meade Expand
12 News forecast
4 HRS AGO - The latest weather information from the 12 News weather Expand
Latitude 40.07
45 MINS AGO - Read this interesting theory - according to my research WTC are located at Latitude 40.7 so that Expand
ASU prof receives hate mail over 'Problem of Whiteness
1 HR AGO - An ASU professor has been inundated with hostile e-mails since a Fox News segment Expand
Police: Man arrested after woman shot in Mesa
1 HR AGO - Police said arrested a man after a woman was shot in Mesa on Monday morning in what appeared to be Expand
Strange spot on picture.
2 HRS AGO - I was testing out my camera at Rockingham Castle in Leicestershire when I spotted a strange spot Expand
Delays continue for long-awaited Mesa fire station
2 HRS AGO - Construction on the new Fire Station 203, which will replace Mesa's oldest station, will likely Expand
Fees could go up at Scottsdale venues
3 HRS AGO - Scottsdale says the changes could bring in an extra $3 million for the Expand
March 30 , 2015 Update: Sun Has Coronal Crack on the Equator!
4 HRS AGO - SolarHam has the story.:thumbs: Picture Below: Attachment 23336 Expand
What do Phoenix firefighters make in base salary?
4 HRS AGO - How much do Phoenix firefighters earn? Here's an overview of the department's base Expand
They're made out of meat
5 HRS AGO - Written by Terry Bisson, and originally published in Omni magazine ( I miss that awesome Expand
Mesa mom spreads message of acceptance for disabled kids
1 HR AGO - Mesa mom hopes her book will bring succor to children with Expand
Russias Massive Military Exercise in the Arctic is Utterly Baffling
2 HRS AGO - This article came out 10 days ago but it caught my attention anyway: Sounds like the Expand
Soundoff: How will the state budget impact cities?
2 HRS AGO - El Mirage Mayor Lana Mook says it "could have been worse" considering the state's Expand
Bolivia detects buried pyramid at Tiahuanaco site
4 HRS AGO - I just stumbled upon this small article which sounds very interesting, and for me it will be Expand
Real interview with Alien 2015 videos on youtube!

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