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Muslim Man Slaughters 148 Young Christians, Americans Find Him And Kill Him
50 MINS AGO - This has just come to my attention and cannot find it posted. In 2015 the attack known as the Expand
Barack Obama ‘Will Reveal Alien and UFO Details Held by the US Before He Leaves Office’
1 HR AGO - I think Stephen Bassett is accurate in predicting that the President will, all other things being Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Vote for, or against...I cant decide.
4 HRS AGO - Really torn here. A vote for a 3rd party candidate which would more align with my personal Expand
Ive met a lot of Hillary supporters, myself included.
5 HRS AGO - If youre a Hillary supporter, or not, please read through this and reply! The title is a 100% Expand
Democrat who opposed welfare fraud measure indicted †for food stamp fraud
7 HRS AGO - Here we have an Arizona State representative that has been indicted for food stamp fraud. Expand
Still naming Europe a continent is Politically inCorrect backwardsness.
8 HRS AGO - Read the basic definition of continent and look at a map of Earth. A small child able to count Expand
The Empire Stricks Back!
12 HRS AGO - I was ordered to relay this message Expand
Arizona authorities say 3 missing women met same man online
14 HRS AGO - With her Arizona home sold and most of her belongings packed up, Nancy Rae Hartz was ready to Expand
Building Nova Culture
1 HR AGO - We talk about building Nova Earth. A large part of that will be building Nova Culture, a common Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Suzanne Lie: Preparing For First Contact, Chapter 11. The Pleiadians – Are You Joining Us NOW?
2 HRS AGO - “Are you joining us NOW?” we hear many of our Volunteers to Earth ask. “Pretty much,” is our Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
The Cat had Caught a Bat...poem
4 HRS AGO - Darling love brought Mom and Dad a gift. ooh what did you bring us? I grabbed for my dish Expand
Sleep paralysis...personal experience
5 HRS AGO - Dear good people of ATS this topic has already been discussed in many thread but since they r Expand
Forecast: No rain expected in Valley Sunday
8 HRS AGO - We're not necessarily talking about haboob territory, but dust could kick up this Expand
Man dies after shootout in Buckeye with police
9 HRS AGO - A man is dead following an exchange of gunfire with police in Buckeye. It is unclear whether Expand
West Phoenix shootings
11 HRS AGO - West Phoenix shootings         
Glendale apartment fire displaces family
12 HRS AGO - Phoenix, Glendale and Peoria firefighters responded to an apartment fire Saturday that displaced Expand
Donald Trump Was The Victim Of Some Vicious British Insults, Which Are Incredible
15 HRS AGO - Warning: Language Trigger warning for Trump cultists Scotland may be my new comedic Expand
What is NESARA? (Repost)
1 HR AGO - NESARA is being mentioned more and more these days and so we repost a detailed look at the history Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
A ghost pressed on my neck after I became afraid of him, does this mean this ghost is dangerous?
2 HRS AGO - I posted a thread about this ghost, but I went to refresh the page and was re directed to the main Expand
Does this qualify as conspiracy?
4 HRS AGO - Starting at 27:30 and running about ten minutes, the lecturer notes how media can and is used to Expand
Phoenix police: Two teens shot near 48th Street and Baseline Road
6 HRS AGO - Phoenix police are investigating a double shooting near 48th Street and Baseline Expand
AR-15s are NOT designed to kill
8 HRS AGO - I get tired of hearing the news media talking heads saying that AR-15s are designed to kill. Expand
Shootings keep Maryvale residents inside
10 HRS AGO - Children used to play outside along these streets, but not since police linked four random Expand
Maryvale resident talks about violence
11 HRS AGO - Teresa Anderson explains what it's like to live in the Maryvale area where fatal shootings have Expand
STS-80 Astronaut Jones: No Aliens Encountered on that Flight
13 HRS AGO - Astronaut Tom Jones was aboard STS-80, when the famous UFO circle formation video was made. He and Expand

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