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A queer finding: gender isn't binary
10 MINS AGO - This quote stood out to me from the recent article: Although the team only looked at brain Expand
AIDS Day Memorial quilt
1 HR AGO - AIDS Day Memorial quilt comes to Phoenix for World AIDS Expand
U.S. Marine jailed in Philippines for killing transgender woman
1 HR AGO - Expand
Westbound I-10 at standstill near Ministack
1 HR AGO - Westbound traffic was creeping along Interstate 10 near the Ministack as rush hour approached Expand
737 landing gear issues?
2 HRS AGO - There have been four incidents this year of Boeing 737s landing and suffering landing gear Expand
A look inside the mind of a Creationist
4 HRS AGO - When we debate each other on religion, it is important to avoid personal attacks and stick to the Expand
Surprise police seek man in credit-card fraud
5 HRS AGO - Surprise police are asking for the public's help in finding a man suspected of spending over $400 Expand
Casa Grande gun-range accident serves as safety reminder
5 HRS AGO - There are five important general rules when it comes to gun safety, an expert Expand
Spain restructuring A400M/A330 deliveries
5 HRS AGO - Battling a budget crisis, the Spanish government has reached an agreement with Airbus Space and Expand
Sealed Chambers At Aztec Site In Mexico City Could Be Rulers Tombs
10 MINS AGO - Nearly seven hundred years ago, on an island in Lake Texcoco, in what is now Mexico City, the Expand
US deploys special forces to boost fight against ISIS
1 HR AGO - Looks like the US has officially joined the fight,but will we actually be fighting ISIS or is Expand
An Uncreated Universe
1 HR AGO - Whether or not one believes in deities, it seems that there is at least a common consensus that Expand
North Korea's Corpses, are they being returned???
1 HR AGO - Apparently this has happened historically throughout the ages in this region, these boats showing Expand
Janet is hiring
2 HRS AGO - Fun story for today. AECOM, the contractor that operates the Janet 737s to Area 51, Plant 42, and Expand
Hello guys :)
4 HRS AGO - My namie is Kamil. I'm from Poland. I have been always interested in UFOs and aliens. I would Expand
Arizonan accused of faking cancer for abortion OKd for trial
5 HRS AGO - An Arizona woman accused of faking cancer to receive a state-funded, late-term abortion has been Expand
Peas and guac? That was far from the first time ADOT made a gag
5 HRS AGO - When a freeway sign went viral, the nation was just discovering something we already knew: ADOT is Expand
Year in Review 2015: Super Bowl, llamas, casino, Coyotes vs. Glendale capture West Valley
6 HRS AGO - Much of the news from the West Valley in 2015 was rooted in Expand
Germany commits to anti-ISIS coalition
10 MINS AGO - This is starting to look more and more like a serious war forming,I guess Germany was feeling left Expand
Santorini's Pizza and Sandwich Shop
1 HR AGO - Story Notes: This story has been published elsewhere on the web. I am the author - it is mine. Expand
North Korea threatens to nuke Turkey
1 HR AGO - I didnt know where to put this,at first I thought it would be better to place this in the jokes, Expand
Border Patrol: Tucson smuggling suspects held, pot seized
3 HRS AGO - Agents seized an estimated $61,000 worth of marijuana, arrested several in smuggling attempts at Expand
Woman, child rescued in the desert south of Goodyear
5 HRS AGO - A woman and her 11-year-old daughter were found safe after they crashed their car and got lost in Expand
#peasandguac and 7 other times ADOT killed it on social media
5 HRS AGO - Thanksgiving's peas-and-guac post was hardly ADOT's first flash of Expand
Police ask for public assistance in identifying fraud suspect
5 HRS AGO - Surprise Police are asking for public's help in identifying fraud suspect who they believe stole a Expand

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