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Hillary Clinton and Two Minutes of Hate
1 HR AGO - For quite some time Ive been searching for the right way to describe the hatred and vitriol people Expand
elder futhark bind runes
2 HRS AGO - i am studying the making of bind runes and would like those that are knowledgeable of it for Expand
Hi from South Africa 2016.05.01
3 HRS AGO - Hi everyone Ive just signed up and feeling slightly frustrated. Took me a good 10 minutes to Expand
Heidi Cruz: 'Ted Is An Immigrant!
8 HRS AGO - Heres a real gem coming from Presidential Candidate Ted Cruzs wife Heidi. Heidi says Ted will Expand
Wheres Obamas leadership on growing tension in the US?
10 HRS AGO - So in my mind if there is anyone who could stand up and ease growing race relations in the US its Expand
Video of Del Taco manager
12 HRS AGO - A viral video of a flippant Del Taco manager confronting customers at a drive-through window has Expand
Democrat V Republican Tax Plans
12 HRS AGO - Are you familiar with each candidates tax plan? Sure, Sanders has been demonized because hes a Expand
Is Donald Trump the one really playing the gender card?
17 HRS AGO - Frankly, all Im doing is stating the obvious, Trump insisted, when pressed about whether his Expand
Patricia Diane Cota Robles: May 2016 is Initiating Another Quantum Shift.
17 HRS AGO - May 2016 is initiating another quantum shift of energy, vibration, and consciousness for Humanity Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
New York Post: How Donald Trump beats Hillary Clinton
1 HR AGO - Does anyone think that, in the debates, Hillary will be able to withstand the blunt-force trauma Expand
Devourer of both Angels and Demons
3 HRS AGO - -;There is a creature out there, neither weak not strong; Eve replied to Adam. -; It lures Expand
CIA director says unverified material in secret 9/11 pages
5 HRS AGO - Now we have the current CIA Director John Brennan saying the mysterious 28 page report that may Expand
11-year old Alabama boy shoots home intruder: He started crying like a little baby
8 HRS AGO - It is amazing to me that no one posted this from two days ago, but I will go ahead and place it Expand
Man rescued after being assaulted on Phoenix hiking trail
10 HRS AGO - A man was transported to a hospital Sunday morning after being assaulted on a Phoenix Mountain Expand
The Disclosure Problem {Whitley Striebers Journal}
12 HRS AGO - Friday April 29 2016 . . Expand
Married to a government spy?
12 HRS AGO - Hello ATS! I come here with very little to provide, and instead am asking for your help. Expand
Advice to Lightworkers and Lightholders – Part 1/2
17 HRS AGO - Reposted from March 2013, which accounts for the comments looking back on Dec. 21, 2012. I’d Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Mary Dragora, ?How doth thy garden grow (prologue idea)
18 HRS AGO - The suns glare was a burden on my eyes. I lay on the wreckage of a raft adrift in the Tiamatian Expand
TTip leak. Greenpeace releases documents on Monday.
1 HR AGO - translation; (use google to translate the source) For the first time lies a large part of the Expand
If Trump wins the nomination, how should he treat Ted Cruz?
3 HRS AGO - Firstly, this thread is not supposed to be an attack on Cruz (after all he may still win). Expand
If it isnt 100% organic, its probably not organic.
8 HRS AGO - With recent developments to my health, I have had to take a step back and re-evaluate my eating Expand
Clinton Campaign Lawyer Linked to Dead People Voting Scam
10 HRS AGO - A series of stories from late last year covers some voter registration problems apparently linked Expand
Trump backers furious over defeat at Arizona GOP convention
11 HRS AGO - Well, isnt this interesting...Arizona, a winner take all Republican Primary...won handily by Expand
Restroom Vigilantes
12 HRS AGO - As we all know the national debate about Transgender equality and basic human rights has taken Expand
Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman: Embracing the Power of Love.
17 HRS AGO - Beloved Masters, all of Creation expands from the Heart Core center of the Supreme Creator Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia

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