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India spurns US offer and purchases guided missiles from Israel for $525m
1 HR AGO - Was just taking a peek to see what our friend Israels been up to and saw this interesting tidbit. Expand
My Cousin is Gone- Ebola/Government
2 HRS AGO - My cousin attends Greenville College in Greenville, IL and recently came back from a mission trip Expand
50 Percent Of American Workers Make Less Than 28,031 Dollars A Year
3 HRS AGO - Something is not right here: The Social Security Administration has just released wage Expand
Starseeds: Do You Believe?
3 HRS AGO - Starseeds are a New Age phenomenon, though perhaps its older and has origins elsewhere. The belief Expand
Raw video: Electrical fire causes evacuation of downtown Phoenix hotel
3 HRS AGO - Phoenix Fire tells 12 News that an electrical fire in a vault room of the Sheraton hotel downtown Expand
Hi Im Jainine
4 HRS AGO - Hi Im Jainine. Im supposed to introduce myself so here I am. I am here to chat with Expand
Entire video of 2014 New Mexico UFO Conference held on October 4, 2014
4 HRS AGO - Please share with everyone: The entire video of the New Mexico UFO Conference which was held in Expand
Sharing is the Social Expression of Loving
5 HRS AGO - One of the themes that Kathleen in particular has been developing as we move around the country Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Tactical Porta-Potty
6 HRS AGO - I wouldnt have believed it if I hadnt seen it. How many soldiers would you guess could fit in a Expand
Please be kind
1 HR AGO - For me to introduce myself I must first know who I am. A question who am I can be answered in a Expand
My Problem With Roswell
3 HRS AGO - I find it really hard to believe aliens crashed at Roswell. If they did, then others would have Expand
flowofmysoul - introduction
3 HRS AGO - Hello ATS, I would like to introduce my self. On web, I am known as flowofmysoul. I had Expand
Smoke prompts evacuation at Sheraton Downtown Phoenix Hotel
3 HRS AGO - Smoke filled fills air on Second and Third Expand
Carbon fiber rifle barrel
4 HRS AGO - We all knew this day was coming and as far as I know these light weight barrels are only made for Expand
My UFO encounters!
4 HRS AGO - Ive been on worldtravel. During this time i had several different encounters by myself and Expand
FEMA Erroneous emergency warnings irk ATandT U-verse subscribers
5 HRS AGO - This article struck me as some way to possibly get into ATandT and their customer. My thought is Expand
Description of how Kevin Vickers stopped Ottowa gunman.
6 HRS AGO - Dramatic description on the Canadian news: He really seems like a Canadian bad-a$$. Expand
Japanese Hobbyists Build A Working Transformer Robot
7 HRS AGO - You heard right, ATS. Some Japanese hobbyists have built a real life Transformer. This version Expand
Solomans Temples
1 HR AGO - I say that his temples are scattered now all throughout the world in soo many towns now. We all Expand
Vatican Library Digitizes 4,400 Ancient Manuscripts and Gives Them Away for Free
2 HRS AGO - The Vatican Apostolic Libraryis now digitizing its valuable ancient religious manuscripts and Expand
Connecting worlds, dream objects in our waking reality.
3 HRS AGO - Hi, you can read my brief intro I want to talk about possibilities and theories of bringing Expand
Hovering blinking lights over my residential then abrupt and incredibly fast take off
3 HRS AGO - Event Date: 2014-10-20 Event Location: Near Otis Air Force Base, MA, US Event Description: Expand
Strange Experience
3 HRS AGO - I mentioned this is my introduction, and I will try to be as non-graphic as possible while Expand
I saw my whole astral body in a reflection during OOBE and it looked frightening
4 HRS AGO - It took some contemplating to realize what I saw was me. I was in an involuntary OOBE and had Expand
Hey! Apple Hit a Homerun with a 5K iMac 27" Display!
4 HRS AGO - Apple sold over 5 million computers last quarter. (Laptops + Desktops) Expand
Deadly Marburg hemorrhagic fever breaks out in Uganda
5 HRS AGO - Uganda is grappling to contain the deadly Marburg hemorrhagic fever after confirmatory laboratory Expand
New York deaf substantiates ebola rhetoric...
6 HRS AGO - is this a bad sign or are some enthusiastically using the ebola crisis to further their own agenda Expand
What are some reasons aliens would need the help of humans for?
7 HRS AGO - Hi I very interested in ways that aliens would benefit from help from humans. One solid reason Expand

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