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suspected ebola patient at UC DAVIS n. ca.
26 MINS AGO - An ambulance brought the patient from Mercy General Hospital in East Sacramento to a non-public Expand
Give me cookies, flags, and stars.
1 HR AGO - Okay, Ive undergone torture for the past five days and have been dying to post in this community. Expand
Federal agents patroling light-rail stations
2 HRS AGO - Federal agents trained in behavior analysis are among the security forces deployed for Super Bowl Expand
Hello Identification #5589423718-48827543-777H3T
2 HRS AGO - Been lurking for months(maybe a year?) and really enjoy a lot of the content here and the time and Expand
Phoenix police: Man with Alzheimer's reported missing
2 HRS AGO - Police requested help in finding a 74-year-old Alzheimer's patient after he wandered away from his Expand
What is the media saying about Phoenix?
4 HRS AGO - Media, celebrities and athletes are here for the Super Bowl, and they're talking about Expand
Interesting web series claiming to reveal occult knowledge
4 HRS AGO - This is strange, I couldnt find any mention of this via searching so I thought Id share... Expand
it was so close to the front of my house I could throw a biscuit across the street an
6 HRS AGO - Event Date: 2008-09-00 Event Location: west Alexander, PA, US Event Description: ---Quote--- Expand
Former ATS/Book Author Brandon Levon is NO MORE
6 HRS AGO - Brandon Levon wrote two books, New World Bible: The Story of the Truth and Old World Secrets: The Expand
Hello ATS, you people are awesome!!!
1 HR AGO - Just wanted to finally introduce myself, long time lurker but finally stopped being so GD lazy Expand
The Wes Penre Papers
1 HR AGO - Has anyone heard of the researcher Wes Penre? I stumbled upon his website This has to be the Expand
LIVE: 12 News Special Coverage of Super Bowl 49
2 HRS AGO - 12 News brings you live continuous coverage of Super Bowl Expand
how the heck did these form?
2 HRS AGO - How did these form? I put it in the freezer door. It always happens to 1or2.:?:
Royal Family Scandal and Cover up , True or False? Where is Vivian Cunningham?
3 HRS AGO - Nearly a year on and whats happening? Nothing. At least, nothing we know of. Heres a short video I Expand
Gilbert historic photos: St. Anne's Parish
4 HRS AGO - With over 6,000 members, St. Anne's is one of the largest parishes in the United Expand
Agenda 21 and Bohemian Grove; A General Synopsis
4 HRS AGO - I dont have any secret information or buried internet article, this is somewhat of a rant. I Expand
Strange Impact Event Vision and Subsequent Info
6 HRS AGO - Id like to share an odd set of occurrences. Approximately 4 years ago, my friend and I Expand
Forcing perfectly healthy people to take medical treatments at the point of a gun.
6 HRS AGO - There is a major conspiracy happening right now and it leads to a profoundly scary place. Expand
Bill Gates is worried about artificial intelligence too
1 HR AGO - Heres an article that talks about how Gates joins Musk and Hawking with concern over A.I. Expand
Awoke to sound of crunching snow, saw figure
1 HR AGO - So Ive been homeless for about 3 weeks and sleeping in my car (psycho ex-gf and now ex best friend Expand
Glendale mayor offered 2 Super Bowl tickets
2 HRS AGO - The offer from Mitchell Modell, CEO of Modell's Sporting Goods, came after he learnd the mayor, Expand
7 school bills AZ parents need to know about
2 HRS AGO - Arizona bills include when the school year would startt and how students would be Expand
Real Paranormal Activity From Angry Ghost Lady Murdered By Lover's Wife
4 HRS AGO - Real Paranormal Activity From Angry Ghost Lady Murdered By Lover's Wife Expand
AK-47 Safety lever
4 HRS AGO - Hello, I recently purchased a WASR-10 (Romanian AK, CAI) and it works great. The only problem is Expand
Phoenix father of Shannon's Law dead at 69
4 HRS AGO - Otis Smith, whose daughter's death from a stray bullet spurred a commitment to end random gun Expand
Exactly WHO is screwing with the Loonie?
6 HRS AGO - It appears weak oil prices are dropping the loonie like a hot potato....... A slide to 75 cents Expand

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