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October surprise predicted - You better watch this!
48 MINS AGO - Are you familiar with Far sight´s institute Time Cross Project? They have been accurately Expand
Cyclist killed, another injured in Chandler crash
1 HR AGO - One cyclist was killed and another injured Saturday morning in Chandler, police Expand
Wary of Election Hacks, U.S. Urges States to Get Security Help
2 HRS AGO - The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is emphasizing some alarming things about State election Expand
The Formadine Rift - A real conspiracy
3 HRS AGO - Ok, here is where I am hoping ATS bares its fangs and all you great minds can take this Expand
The College Loan Bubble
4 HRS AGO - I know this has been brought up several times before, but the latest figures point to the actual Expand
Clinton/Trump: Can it get any lower?
6 HRS AGO - I almost posted the two stories linked directly below, but I thought they were crossing some Expand
The 'Flying Dorito' is Back , this time in my area
7 HRS AGO - The Flying Dorito is a triangular UFO that has been reported in several areas of the Midlands , UK Expand
So Ive done some calculations regarding the hacked WADA database
7 HRS AGO - Do you remember that WADA hacking scandal with 5 separate batches of leaked information? I the Expand
Slow Growth with Milestone Events Along the Way
10 HRS AGO - I think a lot of us are expecting to find that once we’re in the Fifth Dimension, Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
UFO Unintentionally Sighting in San Francisco
48 MINS AGO - Hi guys, this is my second thread, and its about Ufos and aliens, something I may have reasons to Expand
ASU, UA release new reports on campus crime
1 HR AGO - Reports of rape on ASU campuses rose, but they declined at Expand
Nature. Lions come upon injured Fox and the unexpected happens...
2 HRS AGO - Or some say the lions injured the fox I dont know but what happened was interesting Maybe Expand
Is the Illuminati good or evil
3 HRS AGO - Firstly, there is no hard proof of the Illuminatis existence in the present day Though many Expand
Clinton Touts National Service Agenda
4 HRS AGO - Now this strikes me as odd. Some kind of civilian localized force backed by the US government Expand
Huge Election Fraud Has Started-Found In Ohio
6 HRS AGO - "Tens of thousands" of fraudulent Clinton votes found in Ohio warehouse Could Expand
Iran captures an advanced US drone, AGAIN !
7 HRS AGO - In a very shocking turn of events, Iran showcases a US MQ-1B MALE (medium-altitude, Expand
Clinton on Sanders supporters: living in their parents' basement
10 HRS AGO - Hacked audio of a conversation between Hillary Clinton and donors during a February fundraising Expand
Archangel Michael on “Terminating” the Cabal, Dunford, Hillary, etc.
10 HRS AGO - In these excerpts from a personal reading with him through Linda Dillon, Sept. 23, 2016, Archangel Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Alleged Hack, Scary if True
48 MINS AGO - Correct the Record is a Hillary-campaign super-pac that is dedicated to fighting the lies on the Expand
November Fowl
2 HRS AGO - Soon it will be November. A time of Thanksgiving, and electing the self worthy. Both Expand
Report: Man shot by Flagstaff police was on drugs
2 HRS AGO - Authorities say a suspect was under the influence of several substances when he was fatally shot Expand
Police seek July Jack in the Box robber
4 HRS AGO - Phoenix police are looking for a man who committed an armed robbery involving a small child at a Expand
Glendale tot with rare condition awaits intestine, liver transplant
5 HRS AGO - In many ways, Jaxson Dahl isn't unlike an average 3-year-old Expand
The sad casualty of guns and stupid people in America
7 HRS AGO - I do not like to make this thread, but find it necessary to do. (children age 0 to 11 Expand
As if entranced
7 HRS AGO - Ummm...I wrote this a short while ago as thoughts of my childhood contrasted present muse... Expand
Wikileaks Julian Assange has been granted asylum in Ecuador
10 HRS AGO - The following video is with Julian Assange stating he has been given asylum by Ecuador.. If Expand

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