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The James Bond villain Francisco Scaramanga was based on a real person who was a Soviet assassin.
57 MINS AGO - The James Bond villain Francisco Scaramanga was based on a real person who was a Soviet assassin. Expand
Allahu Akbar Shouted Twice Around Midnight On The Outskirts Of Bath City, England
2 HRS AGO - Two camping experiences recounted on Really Above Top Secret in quick succession. The naysayers Expand
Anonymous sources =/= Fake news
3 HRS AGO - Sadly, it has become apparent that many American citizens never received a proper education in Expand
Hiya all new friends!
5 HRS AGO - Hi everyone, I would like to introduce myself, so I give it a shot. I am LoudRexx, 24 years Expand
Experienced into Nothingness
7 HRS AGO - There’s a moment in the processing of a vasana that allows us either to get through the Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Cherokee DNA has Minoan markers, heres why
9 HRS AGO - This is really interesting, In nineteen hundred, the Minoan culture was just recognised along with Expand
What the media really cares about...
10 HRS AGO - All they care about is that you are invested in the narrative they are pushing. We all (for Expand
Former CIA Director Brennan Slams The Door On Dems Russia Narrative
12 HRS AGO - He did this in two parts. First he was questioned by Schiff (D): In respect to a number of Expand
$45,000 raised for 2 homeless men that helped Manchester victims
13 HRS AGO - In the midst of all his tragedy and negativity around the world, a glimmer of hope for humanity Expand
HI everyone RogueWaterC1 here and the rivers up!
57 MINS AGO - Haha I posted an introduction without a introduction. Anyway hello everybody Id like to start my Expand
Isreal to receive specially instrumented F-35I in 2020
2 HRS AGO - The Israelis apparently are getting a special F-35I. This one will come wit lots of sensors that Expand
Hello everyone, Im the new bod:)
3 HRS AGO - Im a musician/producer and have created an electronic music track called CHEMTRAILS which Im Expand
Interesting video from Lake Ontario
6 HRS AGO - I am not into u.f.o.s, its comfort zone. Although I have seen a few strange things in Expand
Project Peace & Love: Coming Soon! May 28th – June 4th, 8 Minutes of Love at 8PM With the Divine Mother
7 HRS AGO - Project Peace & Love During our ongoing 8 minutes at 8 PM meditation — starting Sunday, Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
The Manchester Memorial Begins: The victims (warning, very sad).
9 HRS AGO - The Manchester Memorial Begins: The victims (warning, very sad). Expand
I suspect #bigbrotheriswatchingisyou is also staging terrorist attacks oh we are so indispensable
12 HRS AGO - secret services is a dirty game, the first causality: The Truth Common hardworking decent Expand
Study finds mushrooms are the safest recreational drug
12 HRS AGO - Study finds mushrooms are the safest recreational drug Mushrooms are the safest of all Expand
Trump told Duterte he was doing an Amazing job On his murderous drug war.
13 HRS AGO - So according to the intercept When Trump called Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on April 29th Expand
Questions regarding The Flood
57 MINS AGO - Been trying to read between the lines of the Epics of Gilgameash, Lets say there was a Flood Expand
Trump Made Multiple Requests Real News or Fake News
2 HRS AGO - Is this story real or fake? Trump made separate appeals to the director of national Expand
SETI looking for the wrong messages.
5 HRS AGO - It is very well known that electromagnetic signals strength degrade very fast, at a rate not less Expand
How would you stop terrorism?
6 HRS AGO - From stopping people coming in, to monitoring people already living in it citizens or not. All Expand
High Definition Panoramic Photo of Mars - NASA
9 HRS AGO - This year, on March 24th, NASAs Rover Curiosity made a very high definition panoramic photo and Expand
Increased Security at events, and declining refugees is pointless
10 HRS AGO - I know this may sound cold, and dreary.. But Im just going to be honest. To start, Expand
Lights over lake ontario tonight multiple pics and videos
12 HRS AGO - This is very interesting. Apparently this happened tonight, and was brought to my attention by my Expand
When They Came For Beauregard I Did Nothing As I Was Not A Creole...
12 HRS AGO - Now they are coming after YOU Texas. Antifa rally against The Gross Slave Owner Sam Houston on 10 Expand

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