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Hitler was a Zionist Jew
24 MINS AGO - The evidence is on his front page its the third story down...For those Expand
H.R. 193- Bill To end membership of the United States in the United Nations
1 HR AGO - A recent bill introduced in the House is known as the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of Expand
Media summer camp seeks high-school innovators
3 HRS AGO - The application process for the first ever High School Media Innovation Camp is now Expand
Massive Movement To Overthrow George Soros Explodes In Macedonia
4 HRS AGO - A couple of countries have wised up and are trying to Rid themselves of the Soros empire: I really Expand
Archangel Michael on Confrontational and Aberrant Behavior
5 HRS AGO - Building on the last article on hope, (1) Archangel Michael here relates how hope and trust become Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
“The Team” via Peggy Black: Hosting Your Divine Conscious Self
6 HRS AGO - We are here to support, encourage and empower you as you begin another cycle of transformation. Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Nobody 'stealing' your jobs, you spend too much on wars: Jack MA
8 HRS AGO - Chinese billionaire and Alibaba founder Jack Ma believes that improper distribution of funds and Expand
Great Presidential Quotes in Memes
9 HRS AGO - Just some words from our wonderful leaders. Enjoy Kinda sad isnt Expand
Pro-Life Youth Crash Pro-Abortion Women's March
10 HRS AGO - Only pro-abortion women were allowed to partner with the so-called "Women's March" in Washington, Expand
Phoenix home damaged in fire
1 HR AGO - A Phoenix home was significantly damaged Sunday Jan. 22 after a fire ripped through the Expand
10 cool cars up for auction at Barrett-Jackson on Sunday
2 HRS AGO - More than 100 cars are scheduled to sell on the final day of Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Expand
Arizona's DCS: Why are kids taken away? Too often the answer is unknown
3 HRS AGO - When state workers took away Maribel Ontiveros's three children, she kept asking what seemed a Expand
Redacted OXCART production
4 HRS AGO - < Any idea what this could be? B-12? F-12? Expand
Kathleen Willis: Changing Lead into Gold, Joy, Our Abundance
5 HRS AGO - Kathleen’s writings are part prose, part poetry. She has been “sitting in her Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Sunnis and Shiites why all the killing ? (video answer)
6 HRS AGO - Many of you will already know most of this but for those who do not it might be of interest. The Expand
Radiation Clouds at Aviation Altitudes (and Its Link to Climate Change.)
9 HRS AGO - published in the peer-reviewed journal Space Weather reports the discovery of radiation clouds at Expand
Mag 8 EQ Papua New Guinea
Bieber, Mayweather Jr. among stars at Barrett-Jackson Saturday
11 HRS AGO - Several celebrities visited the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale on Saturday to sell Expand
Is Your Shampoo KILLING you?
1 HR AGO - I get bored, and usually this leads me to reading. When you get bored in the bathroom you read Expand
Days after CIA warning, Trump begs for forgiveness at CIA headquarters.
3 HRS AGO - < [On a side note, I placed this under Secret Societies. Although we dont traditionally Expand
ASU creates endowed professorship to honor Sue Clark-Johnson, former Republic publisher
3 HRS AGO - Clark-Johnson was professor of practice at Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Expand
When Things Get Chaotic….
5 HRS AGO - How are we to understand our world and respond as it prepares to settle the question of Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Mother Earth via Natalie Glasson: Mother Earth’s Promise to You
5 HRS AGO - Audio version.  Video version. Greeting beautiful jewels upon the Earth, I honor the light that Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Why is Sean Spicer Lying and Why is He So Angry?
8 HRS AGO - This is the video of the new Press Secretary. The source is of no consequence. He is angry Expand
9 HRS AGO - I would like to understand something. The division of this country, at least in our little world Expand
Vladimir Putin supporters hold all-night party and joke Washington will be ours
10 HRS AGO - They laugh at all the useful idiots and party at our countrys demise under Comrade Trump. Expand

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