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Federal Judge Halts Recount, Sealing Trumps Michigan Win
27 MINS AGO - A federal judge who ordered Michigan to begin its recount effectively ended it on Wednesday, tying Expand
US envoy nominee Branstad member of Masons, banned in China
27 MINS AGO - This is interesting. I didnt know that freemasonry was outlawed in China. I also didnt Expand
While Eyes were on Standing Rock, the Dakota Pipeline was being Drilled under Another Water Source
1 HR AGO - By Adele Peters, December 6, 2016, While the pipeline Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
GOP Lawmaker Betting on Trump to Push New Concealed Carry Law
1 HR AGO - For anyone who holds a CHL this is some possibly good news. A lack of states recognizing other Expand
Dutch secret service AIVD infiltrates local governments of the big cities?
3 HRS AGO - There is reason to believe that. I speak of personal experience. I do not give names to Expand
Remember Pearl Harbor: A morning of silence and cheers, an afternoon of memories
7 HRS AGO - The number of Pearl Harbor survivors has dwindled in recent years and most of those who remain are Expand
Silver Alert canceled; 90-year-old returns to Peoria home
7 HRS AGO - An Alzheimer's patient had been missing more than eight Expand
Weather forecast: Another cool day set for Phoenix area
7 HRS AGO - Thursday will see highs in the mid-60s and lows in the mid-40s. We'll warm up a little for the Expand
Phoenix police release images of potential witnesses to light-rail shootings
8 HRS AGO - Phoenix police released images of two people who may have information on fatal shootings at a Expand
The Mystery Behind Flight Deepens
27 MINS AGO - Its no secret that science is having some issues explaining the exact mechanism for flight. Sure, Expand
You are Hugh Pagent
27 MINS AGO - Based on a true story. Look at you sir Hugh Pagent, you have a son of the golden years. While Expand
Out-of-Body Experiences: Is It Possible to Leave the Body? (Part 2/2)
2 HRS AGO - (Continued from Part 1) Reported Experiences Now that we’ve learned a little about OBEs, let’s Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
HEFTY #PizzaGate Censorship Occurring NOW - YouTube Deleting Channels/Videos
5 HRS AGO - Hi all, I am an old member returning to urge you all to be aware of this Orwellian level of Expand
Thought Id join well I still can! Also a bit concerned!
7 HRS AGO - Hello ATS, I have finally said enough is enough and decided to join (longtime lurker). First Expand
Crews rescue two 16-year-old boys from rock face at Papago Park
7 HRS AGO - Fire crews said the boys went off-trail but couldn't hike down in the Expand
US Steel wants to accelerate investments, bring back jobs, CEO says
8 HRS AGO - Just this little tidbit of information. U.S. Steel CEO: All weve been Expand
90-year-old man with Alzheimer's disease missing from Peoria
8 HRS AGO - The Peoria Police Department is seeking the public's help to find a missing 90-year-old man with Expand
Fukushima radiation has reached U.S. shores
27 MINS AGO - For the first time, seaborne radiation from Japan's Fukushima nuclear disaster has been detected Expand
God Alone is the Doer
56 MINS AGO - I mentioned earlier that in the face of the challenges that the Reval will bring, I’ve felt Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
The Presidents Who Do The LEAST Have The Highest Approval Numbers. True-or-False.
1 HR AGO - December 8, 2016 President-elect Donald Trump, is drawing all kinds of fire and criticism for Expand
How Can A Witch Burn Site Be Cleansed?
3 HRS AGO - I went for a walk in the dark this morning. As I walked over a knoll I experienced a screaming. It Expand
Something strange is ongoing at Antarctica.
5 HRS AGO - The new story from Life Science reports a gigantic, 70-mile long crevice has recently opened up in Expand
Bigger picture to the Comet shooter?
7 HRS AGO - I think this guy represents a larger cultural shift weve had where a lot more people are awake Expand
Food bank provides meat, produce to needy
7 HRS AGO - Every Friday, the United Food Bank in Mesa has the Help Yourself program, which provides 18 pounds Expand
Obama Family Vacations Surpasses $85,000,000-Christmas In Hawaii Coming up, 5,000,000 $
8 HRS AGO - The Obamas may have sugar plums dancing in their heads about the upcoming 5,000,000$ annual Expand

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