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If it is in the blood...
14 MINS AGO - I have heard a lot of people say that there are special bloodlines involved in the NWO and that Expand
Light bulb burns for 113 years!
14 MINS AGO - I read about this many years ago until this popped up, The longest burning light bulb, as Expand
Beer and ancient antibiotics
1 HR AGO - I personally love homebrewed beer, its not just tasty but good for your health too! In the Expand
River In China Mysteriously Turns Bloody Red in 1 Hour
2 HRS AGO - A waterway in eastern China has mysteriously turned a blood red color. Residents in Zhejiang Expand
The Flu Pandemic of 1918 : Where Did It Start ? Why did it start ???
2 HRS AGO - I found a suspicious chart regarding the Flu of 1918. Attachment 21083 Expand
Power nearly restored following dust storm
3 HRS AGO - Up to 12,000 were originally without power. Most affected customers were in southeast Valley and Expand
Ukraine rebels go to the museum -- for WWII tanks and cannons
4 HRS AGO - Donetsk (Ukraine) (AFP) - Visiting a museum may be the last thing on the minds of hardened Expand
Some of the latest findings about our ancestral tree !
5 HRS AGO - For those who are interested in this sort of stuff this is a rather long article about some of the Expand
Natural Disaster, Human Error or Act of God?
6 HRS AGO - The lightening strikes I heard this morning got me to thinking about the difference between an act Expand
Gardens of Perfect Brightness: The Vanished World of Yuanmingyuan
8 HRS AGO - The Old Summer Palace, known in Chinese as Yuan Ming Yuan (the Gardens of Perfect Brightness), and Expand
Woman's body retrieved from Avondale canal
1 HR AGO - A woman's body was retrieved from the Roosevelt canal on Saturday Expand
Phoenix Lowe's armed robbery suspects sought
1 HR AGO - Silent Witness is seeking public assistance locating two suspects allegedly involved in a home Expand
Father Who Beat Up 18 Year-old Sexual Predator Posts Sons Picture On GoFundMe
2 HRS AGO - Im sure most of you saw the story that went viral a bit over a week ago about the Daytona Beach Expand
Man dies after being hit by car in Phoenix
3 HRS AGO - A man was struck while crossing the street near Northern and 35th avenue Friday Expand
Obamas war on coal...?
4 HRS AGO - If this is the wrong forum for this post my bad, please move it. Im sitting here talking to a Expand
The ancient history of UFOs and the unclassified document of Oppenheim and Einstein
5 HRS AGO - Just incase you ever wondered where that phrase came from... The six-page document is the first Expand
This will make you feel small
5 HRS AGO - Pretty cool video....
Newly discovered gut virus lives in half the worlds population
6 HRS AGO - Odds are, theres a virus living inside your gut that has gone undetected by scientists for Expand
Loving Unconditionally, Forgiving Universally
9 HRS AGO - One thing after another is becoming clearer to me now. The task facing us is simple but complex. Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Ohio sheriff sends a bill to Mexican president for cost of jailed Illegals!
14 MINS AGO - This is just the beginning, its only going to get worse in every state where they send these Expand
Cheryl Chumley on the growing police state!!!
1 HR AGO - My question is why do you suppose the US government is doing this? Is it all just a response to Expand
Truth or fiction??
2 HRS AGO - Could this be entirely true?? I think even if we manage to find the perfect source of energy Expand
MUST WATCH: Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables
2 HRS AGO - Supermarkets won’t buy ‘Ugly’ fruit and vegetables, for risk of not being able to sell them. Expand
The quest for Progress: Design, Engineering and Scientific Challenges.
3 HRS AGO - Brief: Ever since I can remember I had been interested in what might be termed paranormal events Expand
What Happened to the Sunken City of Cuba?
5 HRS AGO - Ok we have some saying it is a sunken city and others saying it is a natural not man made jumble Expand
5 Randomly glowing spherical lights
5 HRS AGO - Event Date: 2014-06-20 Event Location: Jhansi, IN Event Description: ---Quote--- Hello Expand
What happened? The day Flight 17 was downed
7 HRS AGO - It was lunchtime when a tracked launcher with four SA-11 surface-to-air missiles rolled into town Expand
We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For!
9 HRS AGO - Hi, folks. I”m Karen Wilson, President of the Hope Chest. Just the other day, as I was Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia

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