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Forensic software capable of recovering ANY data EVER on a hard drive - State police and FED agencies
2 HRS AGO - Some time ago (about 2008) I attended an IEEE seminar about computer forensics and there was a Expand
Thank God white people populated America
3 HRS AGO - Market strategist Marc Faber under fire for racist remarks By Julia Horowitz October 17, Expand
Disrespectful lie': Anger grows over Trump's claims about past presidents and fallen troops
5 HRS AGO - Anger sparked by President Trump's false claims on Monday that Barack Obama and other past Expand
A few things about Vegas.
5 HRS AGO - Greetings ATS, I havent posted in a while so a large portion of you are unlikely to know me Expand
Iraq war victims lawsuit allege pharmaceutical companies bribery led to U.S. troop deaths
8 HRS AGO - Big pharma knowingly funded anti-American militia? According to a law suit filed by dozens of Expand
Trump Losing Money as President
9 HRS AGO - In the last year Trumps net worth has declined $600 million dollars. Hes got to be one of the only Expand
EPA Increases Radiation Limit Tenfold
12 HRS AGO - Expand
Puerto Rico and California: Emergency Assistance
12 HRS AGO - With regard to hurricane recovery in the Caribbean, David from Puerto Rico writes: Puerto Rico: Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Las Vegas guard Jesus Campos vanished after visiting urgent-care
13 HRS AGO - Expand
Trump to slain soldiers widow: He knew what he signed up for
2 HRS AGO - "knew what he signed up for ... but when it happens it hurts anyway" Im sure during the Expand
New Fire Sparked in Boulder Creek CA
5 HRS AGO - California has been battling a multitude of serious fires as many of you know. Help has been Expand
Have you had a recent alien encounter?
5 HRS AGO - Hi all, Im working on a radio station and our drive show (in Australia) are looking for Expand
What do Aliens believe in?
6 HRS AGO - I have often wondered if we met a alien race what would they believe in. How would they see Expand
Hello new family!!!!!!!! (PLEASE READ)
8 HRS AGO - Hello all I am a new member to the site but I have been well aware of ATS for about a year or so Expand
Forensic acoustic proof
11 HRS AGO - This guy makes some really good points here. The 5.56 cartridge puts a projectile down range at Expand
Malia Obama Internship at Weinsteins Company
12 HRS AGO - These people run in the same circles. Seems that Malia started a very short 3 month internship Expand
Its only taken me 15 years but here goes...Hello!
13 HRS AGO - As the title says, Im a long time lurker of this site (15 years, possibly record breaking?) and Expand
F-35 may have been damaged by SA-5
15 HRS AGO - Yesterday, an Israeli F-35 flying over Lebanon was engaged by an SA-5 AKA S-200. A few hours Expand
Vegas Survivor Who Died Suddenly Had Planned Group To Expose Cover-Up
2 HRS AGO - Interesting that this particular person happens to die after she disagreed with the narrative in Expand
Grief and the afterlife
5 HRS AGO - Hey whats up my fellow members and learned lurkers? Hope you are all doing well. Im sure many of Expand
Old Cantankerous Grunt
5 HRS AGO - Hello everyone, LONG LONG LONG time lurker and new member here! I have finally decided to Expand
Future technology eras
8 HRS AGO - If Im going to predict the future, i would divide it up into 3 eras Near-Future Expand
Trump credits himself for Raqqa victory
8 HRS AGO - Today, after a grueling 4 months battle, Raqqa is cleared of Islamic State filth. Trump changed Expand
I have an interesting story to reveal
11 HRS AGO - I would like to reveal some interesting knowledge that I have regarding Howard Stern, the CIA, and Expand
Tarot Reader Gives Grim Forecast On North Korea
12 HRS AGO - Tarot Reader Gives Grim Forecast On North Korea Expand
Ancient Egypt may have been brought down by volcanoes and climate change, researchers say
13 HRS AGO - Hello peeps, just came by this article and couldnt find anything here about it yet. I thought it Expand

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