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Canada Pulls its 6 jets out of the ISIS Fight.
1 HR AGO - Expand
Indian Point nuclear facility operator reports 'alarming levels' of radioactivity ...
1 HR AGO - Weve been reading about the aging infrastructure of power plants in this country, as well as the Expand
TRUMP - 30 Supporters Explain Why They Support Him
1 HR AGO - This is a fascinating snapshot of the poltical mindset of Americans in 2016 I will just Expand
Autism community angered by fatal police shooting
2 HRS AGO - A Valley group says the Mesa police shooting of transgender man with Asperger's highlights a need Expand
Mobile produce market targets urban shoppers, food deserts in Phoenix
2 HRS AGO - Food deserts -- neighborhoods without ready access to fresh, affordable and healthy food -- are a Expand
Lightning Felino-Meteorite God of the Andes.
2 HRS AGO - There is found at Qhunqhu Wankani a little known ritual centre of Formative Tiwanaku culture a Expand
Surprise spent $60,000 on idea for road art project that won't happen
3 HRS AGO - The city asked a Philadelphia artist to create an art project for the Bell Road -Grand Avenue Expand
Theory that may help explain the Problem Of Evil
3 HRS AGO - For those unaware, the Problem of Evil can be broadly defined as follows: since bad things such as Expand
Tempe Town Lake closing Feb. 10 for dam replacement
4 HRS AGO - Popular Tempe Town Lake will be emptied and closed to activities until late April during a dam Expand
Oxygen, antioxidants: Does the oxygen that keeps us alive slowly kill us too?
1 HR AGO - . I have always been curious about the term antioxidants. Free radicals are what they fight Expand
Odd Atbash ciphered codes in the Gospel?
1 HR AGO - Went and made myself an atbash-key. I cut out two wheels with about an inch difference in diameter Expand
Video salute to the F22 pilot grads of 2014
1 HR AGO - Neat video that was made in 2014 showing the Tyndall F-22 Raptor B-course graduates and some Expand
5 things you need to know about college
2 HRS AGO - 5 things you need to know about college         
Everybody plays a little part
2 HRS AGO - I sat alone dwelling upon why people cant see, i made this journey not knowing if i would break Expand
Shots fired in road-rage incident on Loop 101
2 HRS AGO - Two bullet holes were discovered in a Jeep Wrangler after gunshots were fired from another Expand
2 bullet holes found in vehicle after freeway shooting
3 HRS AGO - Two bullet holes were discovered in a vehicle after gunshots were fired from another vehicle on Expand
7 Arrested in Alleged ISIS-Related Terror Plot
3 HRS AGO - Well, seems as though isil is up to no good once more. I am sure they have a pretty good amount of Expand
18 famous animals from Arizona
4 HRS AGO - Arizona can claim a number of famous animals, from Grumpy Cat to Macho B and the 'llama drama' Expand
Iran Playing Chess With US by Moving Away From the Petrodollar
1 HR AGO - Iran has decided to conduct its oil trade in euros, not US dollars, unconfirmed reports have Expand
Research Suggests Pedophilia IS a sexuality
1 HR AGO - Hold off your Slippery-Slope arguments for now; no the Homosexual marriage leads to People Expand
Surprise spent $60K on abandoned art project
1 HR AGO - The city asked a Philadelphia artist to create an art project for the Bell Road -Grand Avenue Expand
Bill Clinton calls Bernie Sanders A LIAR !
2 HRS AGO - Well all I can say is that it is expected for the Clinton trash to do that. I just cant help but Expand
The Cure for Porn Addiction (Transsexuals Everywhere)
3 HRS AGO - I dont have a porn addiction but like most men I do enjoy porn from time to time. However, I will Expand
Man part of asian gang charged with rape of girls flees from UK to Pakistan!
3 HRS AGO - A child rapist was given permission to leave his trial and attend the funeral of a relative - but Expand

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