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Wisconsin strange noise in the sky last night
45 MINS AGO - a strange noise was heard in the skies over southern Wisconsin last night. I heard it from my Expand
New video released from Warren Sapp arrest
1 HR AGO - Warren Sapp denies pushing two alleged prostitutes from his hotel Expand
Drugs stimulate bodys own stem cells to replace brain cells lost in multiple sclerosis
2 HRS AGO - Led by researchers at Case Western Reserve, a multi-institutional team used a new discovery Expand
Supreme Court rejects appeal over Gilbert fish pedicures
3 HRS AGO - The Supreme Court won't hear an appeal from an Arizona salon owner challenging a decision by local Expand
Why I think Hilary will win
3 HRS AGO - I personally dont support anyone currently running, nor will I vote for some one I dont support. Expand
7 murder suspects among 300 nabbed in roundup
3 HRS AGO - Federal and local agencies arrested more than 300 felons in Arizona as part of an annual fugitive Expand
Neighbors caring for murder victim's ailing wife
4 HRS AGO - A group of neighbors are taking care of a Phoenix murder victim's ailing wife after his death this Expand
Piri Reis map evidence of ancient technology?
5 HRS AGO - Piri Reis Map - Evidence of Ancient Technology? | Ancient Origins...
Glendale backs West Valley casino
6 HRS AGO - Glendale urges gaming director to end opposition to West Valley Expand
The Pentagons new cyber attack plan: Blunt force trauma
45 MINS AGO - I read this on my phone a couple of days ago, and I was shocked to see no one here had picked up Expand
Chandler man accused of setting fire to home
2 HRS AGO - Police say relatives of arson suspect Ismael Mota were inside the house when the fire Expand
Cowboy Code
2 HRS AGO - For those of you who are old enough to remember the western series that ran between 1959-1973 it Expand
energy drinks vs marijuana
3 HRS AGO - According to some reports, up to half of children and young adults in the United States consume Expand
Did Germany help fund Israels clandestine nuclear weapons program?
3 HRS AGO - Germany secretly funded Israels clandestine nuclear arms program, according to reports in the Expand
Retirees lacking monthly income find solution
4 HRS AGO - Retirees lacking monthly income find solution         
Man claims profiling after Tempe police stop
5 HRS AGO - A man who was not allowed to record his Feb. encounter with Tempe police now alleges he was the Expand
Liberal Arts charter school set to open in fall in Mesa
5 HRS AGO - Sierra Preparatory Academy is a tuition-free, public charter school due to open for its first Expand
US Navy stationing aircraft carrier and escort ship in Yemeni waters to intercept Iranian weapons sh
6 HRS AGO - DEVELOPING: U.S. Navy officials say the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt is steaming toward Expand
Police: Phoenix teacher had sexual relationship with student
1 HR AGO - Suspect Kenne Worthen, 27, is a sixth-grade teacher at Longview Elementary Expand
EPA tells kids to avoid baths and check toilets for leaks
2 HRS AGO - As part of its effort to help save the planet from the dangers of taking too many baths, the EPA's Expand
Police: Man threatens McDonald's worker, officer
3 HRS AGO - Police: Clayton Manygoats man threatened an officer after pulling a knife on a McDonald's Expand
MQ-4 AESA radar tests begin
3 HRS AGO - The MQ-4C Triton has begun testing of the Northrop Grumman multifunction active sensor (MFAS). Its Expand
LIVE: High-speed chase near Barstow
4 HRS AGO - California Highway Patrol in pursuit of reported stolen vehicle in Riverside County, Expand
North American Union
5 HRS AGO - what do you guys know about it? Is it already here? Is it being made? Will the public every Expand
Tempe Officer swats camera away during detainment
6 HRS AGO - Tempe Officer swats camera away during Expand

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