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"Track Two Galactic Diplomacy: The Role of Citizen Diplomacy with Extraterrestrial Civilizations" by Michael Salla
1 HR AGO - "Is it possible that memories that we are so sure of, that are so real, that actually help to Expand
5Live Science : 18th October 2014
2 DAYS AGO - Chris Smith and the team bring you the latest discoveries from the scientific and technological Expand
NASA ISS Spacewalk Video Goes Viral, Capturing World Media Attention
3 DAYS AGO - A UFO appearing in a NASA video recently released by the space agency has baffled not only UFO Expand
Oct 16, Forensic Psychology Degree Programs
3 DAYS AGO - forensic psychology degree program listings
Oct 16, What is Forensic Psychology
3 DAYS AGO - What is forensic psychology? Get the expert answer here.
Oct 16, Sign The Forensic Psychology Guestbook
3 DAYS AGO - Thanks for stopping by. If you'd like to comment on the site, you can do so via the all about Expand
Why Are Aliens Visiting Earth? The Answer May Surprise You
4 DAYS AGO - UFOs Have Been Visiting Earth For a Long Time, Why?While many acknowledge the presence of Expand
The Daily Grail: Disclosure is Dead
2 DAYS AGO - This is probably the best thing you'll read this week, or perhaps this entire year: A rather Expand
Five Of The Most Intriguing UFO Cases Of All Time - Video
3 DAYS AGO - This picture is undoubtedly one of ufology's most interesting and genuine UFO photo cases. It was Expand
Oct 16, Interested in criminal profiling? Get all the information you need here
3 DAYS AGO - Criminal profiling is a fascinating, controversial and often misunderstood topic. Find out why.
Oct 16, The Psychopath: Information, Definitions & Research
3 DAYS AGO - The Psychopath: Separating fact from fiction. Quality information and resources. Learn all about Expand
Oct 16, All About Forensic Psychology
3 DAYS AGO - A forensic psychology website designed to help anybody looking for detailed information and Expand
New UFO Documentary Says Roswell Was A Nazi Experimental UFO
4 DAYS AGO - Roswell was not aliens - it was the Nazis, according to a German documentaryThis story is a bit Expand
Three Campers Encounter Amazing UFO in Deep Woods Of Black Hills Nat'l Forrest
5 DAYS AGO - Three South Dakota campers in Black Hills National Forest reported encountering a glowing UFO that Expand
Oct 16, FBI Profiler: So You Want To Be One?
3 DAYS AGO - Want to find out if becoming a FBI profiler is a realistic career goal?
Oct 16, Hugo Munsterberg Forensic Psychology Pioneer
3 DAYS AGO - Hugo Munsterberg: On The Witness Stand: Essays on Psychology and Crime
Oct 16, Forensic Psychology Careers
3 DAYS AGO - Get detailed forensic psychology careers advice and information.
UFO Appears Under Intelligent Control Near Jet Over Amsterdam
4 DAYS AGO - Posters CommentsAn aircraft encounters a blinking object, sighted and caught on video while Expand
Triangle UFO Filmed From Air France Passenger Jet
5 DAYS AGO - Posters CommentsThis UFO was recorded on an airliner heading to France in October, 2014. The Ufo Expand

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