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Bright Pink UFO Filmed Over Arizona and New Mexico
10 HRS AGO - Residents in Arizona and New Mexico woke to an unusual pink UFO on the morning of Wednesday, Expand
DrKarl: 26 Feb 15
20 HRS AGO - Dr Karl answers listeners' questions about the world of science -- including the evolution of Expand
Does The US Government Have Fleets Of UFOs - The Solar Warden Project
1 DAY AGO - The Solar Warden Covert Space Project:  The universe is full of mysteries that challenge our Expand
Reed Family Alien Abduction Case Lands In History Hall Of Fame
2 DAYS AGO - A UFO story lands in a hall of history SHEFFIELD — This is how the story goes: It’s 1966, and Expand
DrKarl: 5 live Science 18 Feb 2015
3 DAYS AGO - Dr Karl answers listeners' questions about the weird and wonderful world of science – with the Expand
Searching For Aliens At the 2015 UFO Congress
3 DAYS AGO -   February 2015 (News Strory) Thousands of alien enthusiasts are expected at the 24th Annual Expand
Witnesses Report Two Silent UFOs Hovering At Ground Level - Oklahoma
4 DAYS AGO - A witness in Ada, Oklahoma reported watching two objects hovering under 300 feet just south of his Expand
Very Bizarre UFO or Cloud Event Over Russian Skies
12 HRS AGO - Strange UFO Or Clouds Over Russia I have no idea what this is, I don't believe it to be a UFO Expand
Battle Over Los Angeles, Mass UFO Sighting 1942 - 73rd Anniversary
1 DAY AGO - Battle Of L.A: UFO Diary Re-Creates Los Angeles Alien Invasion 1942 Today marks the 73rd Expand
UFO or Space Junk - Fireball Filmed Over Idaho
1 DAY AGO - BOISE -- The sight of a large fireball streaking across the sky Monday night left many people Expand
Are UFO Activist Having An Impact On Alien Disclosure?
2 DAYS AGO - UFO Activist to Capitol Hill: ‘Beam Me Up!’ Stephen Bassett, executive director of Paradigm Expand
Catholic Priest Died For Almost An Hour,Says God Is A Woman
2 DAYS AGO - A Catholic priest from Massachussetts was officially dead for more than 48 minutes before medics Expand
Is It Nuts Or Normal To Believe In Aliens - PBS Video
3 DAYS AGO - Is It irrational To Believe In Aliens? PBS’ Space Time has posed some interesting questions and Expand
An Inside Look At the 2015 International UFO Congress
4 DAYS AGO - Maureen Elsberry and Jason McClellan provide a brief look at some of the vendors at the 2015 Expand
Why Is Israel Preparing For An Alien Invasion?
1 DAY AGO - Israel preparing for an alien invasion Do the Israel Defense Forces really believe an alien Expand
UFO congressional initiative gets media attention but no cigar
3 DAYS AGO - Stephen Bassett is a modern day Sisyphus when it comes to getting the U.S. Congress to launch a Expand
Is Interstellar Messaging An Invitation To Hostile Aliens?
3 DAYS AGO - Random Messaging Into The Stars Is Controversial Should we beam messages into deep space, Expand
UFO and Extraterrestrials Fact or Fiction - Authors Terry Mejdrich Viewpoint
4 DAYS AGO - Extraterrestrial Revisited A different take on UFOs and Extraterrestrials by Terry Expand

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