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DrKarl: 5 live Science 22 Nov 14
1 DAY AGO - New evidence shows that fasting might be the best way to lose weight. With the help of geckos Expand
Futuristic Airbus design mimics antigravity UFO
4 DAYS AGO - Airbus has filed a new patent for a UFO-like airplane that looks like something right out of a Sci Expand
NASA caught deleting data from Mars Curiosity Rover images
5 DAYS AGO - Images from the Mars Curiosity Rover have been digitally altered by NASA’s JPL affiliate to Expand
Massive UFO deflecting solar activity since September claims new video
6 DAYS AGO - A UFO up to five times the diameter of the sun has been deflecting solar energy since September Expand
Heaven Gate UFO Cult, Why Did They Comitt Mass Suicide
6 DAYS AGO - Heavens Gate Mass Suicide - Why On March 22 and March 23, 1997, all thirty-nine active members Expand
Exopolitics Magazine - Edition 2 - Autumn 2014 (collectors print edition)
1 DAY AGO - £14.99The second edition of Exopolitics Magazine, a publication that complements the Annual Expand
Giant UFO anomaly forms near Saturn claims mystery astronomer
3 DAYS AGO - An alleged astronomer from the Hawaii based Keck Observatory claims to have taken clandestine Expand
Stunning UFO Photograph Taken Over Manchester, UK
4 DAYS AGO - John Hindley managed to photograph the unidentified object while staying with a friend. The Expand
Disc Shaped Object Captured on Google Earth - Victoria Australia
5 DAYS AGO - Posters Comments Hello everyone, I spend much time on google earth checking out the world and when Expand
The Secret Link Between UFOs and Nuclear Facilities
5 DAYS AGO - Robert Hastings Although most people are completely unaware of its existence, the UFO-Nukes Expand
Nov 16, Read Expert Forensic Psychology Articles For Free
7 DAYS AGO - The forensic psychology articles section of the website provides free access to published peer Expand
Two Extremely Bright UFOs Filmed Over Manitoulin Island, Canada
3 DAYS AGO - Posters Comments: UFO lights filmed over Manitoulin Island, CA - November 2014
Russian Sky Catches Fire - UFO, Portal, Wormhole or Natural Phenomena?
4 DAYS AGO - Nighttime photo Sverdlovsk Sky - Russia Posters Comments Residents of the Sverdlovsk region of Expand
Formation of UFOs Hover Over A Paris France Hillside
4 DAYS AGO - Posters Comments I caught a nice UFO fleet during a beautiful sunset the other day. The UFOs were Expand
Taipei Artists Create Alien & Animal Life Forms In UFO Organism
5 DAYS AGO - Lu Mu-jen and Chiao Sheng-wei collaborate to create artwork inspired by aliens and creatures from Expand
Senator Richard Russell Suspected Foul Play In JFK Assassination
5 DAYS AGO - Senator Richard Russell and the Mysterious JFK Assassination I would like to preface this Expand
25 Interesting And Bizarre Facts About Our Universe
6 DAYS AGO - Our universe is a fascinating place and it is always fun to fill up on new and interesting facts Expand
Mum Says Her UFO Sighting Was Unbelievable, Video, Photo - UK
7 DAYS AGO - This is the intriguing moment a multi-coloured 'UFO' was caught on camera soaring through the Expand

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