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3 HRS AGO - For the past two days, sky watchers in parts of Europe have reported strange colors in the daytime Expand
Joseph Atwill, Why is the Deep State Interested in Psychedelics? |364|
13 HRS AGO - Joe Atwill cautions against the resurging interest in psychedelics and entheogens. photo by: Expand
Tiangong 1: Out of control Chinese space station about to fall to Earth, expert says
21 HRS AGO - An out-of-control space laboratory is falling towards the Earth and will crash land soon, experts Expand
UFO Headline News Oct. 14, 2017
1 DAY AGO - UFO Headline News Oct. 14, 2017
When (Neutron) Stars Collide
1 DAY AGO - This illustration shows the hot, dense, expanding cloud of debris stripped from neutron stars just Expand
During El Niño, the tropics emit more carbon dioxide
3 DAYS AGO - The phenomenon creates warmer, drier conditions in some tropical regions that mimic future climate Expand
Lesley Mitchell-Clarke at Experiencer’s Gathering
4 DAYS AGO - Lesley will take 30 minutes to share her own experiences, and has kindly offered to demystify the Expand
These Headphones Will Allow You To Understand Any Language
4 DAYS AGO - You could have a translator right in your pocket.
Examining Mars’ Moon Phobos in a Different Light
5 DAYS AGO - NASA's longest-lived mission to Mars has gained its first look at the Martian moon Phobos, Expand
Puerto Rico From the Space Station
15 HRS AGO - NASA astronaut Joe Acaba photographed Puerto Rico from the cupola of the International Space Expand
NASA Press Release Says Our Solar System Has a 9th Planet
1 DAY AGO - NASA has stated that it's quite likely that our solar system is home to a massive, distant ninth Expand
UFO Headline News Oct. 13, 2017
1 DAY AGO - UFO Headline News Oct. 13, 2017
Disclosure: Spain declassifies 80 UFO Reports
1 DAY AGO - The Spanish Ministry of Defense has declassified 80 UFO Reports (1900 pages) of alleged UFO Expand
Mystery surrounding ancient Easter Island people deepens
4 DAYS AGO - The massive brooding stone figures peering from Easter Island’s hillsides are emblematic of the Expand
There I Was: The X-Files Edition
4 DAYS AGO - There are many stories about pilots seeing UFOs, but very few ever get told in great detail.
The Big Egyptian Sphinx Cover Up: Hidden Chambers, An Unexcavated Mound and Endless Denial
4 DAYS AGO - In 1935, Egypt was still the main draw for archaeologists digging for answers. It was hardly more Expand
Lunar volcanoes and lava lakes gave the early moon an atmosphere
5 DAYS AGO - Atmosphere is long gone, but there are signs of it being there.
Former Intelligence & Defense Officials Are Preparing Citizens For Disclosure of Extraterrestrial Intelligences Engaging Our Planet
9 HRS AGO - The Disclosure Activists have witnessed a major step in the formal Disclosure effort after years Expand
Surprise: NASA Has Confirmed That Earth Has A New Moon
18 HRS AGO - Earth’s been hiding a little secret from its partner, the moon.
1 DAY AGO - Physicists agree that 13-15 billion years ago our universe was shaped by a Big Bang. But where did Expand
UFO Headline News Oct. 12, 2017
1 DAY AGO - UFO Headline News Oct. 12, 2017
DNA confirms amazing Australian isle insect not extinct after all
3 DAYS AGO - When black rats invaded Lord Howe Island after the 1918 wreck of the steamship Makambo, they wiped Expand
Oddball dwarf planet Haumea has a ring
4 DAYS AGO - It’s the first object past Neptune in the solar system known to have debris circling it
Glorious Sunrise at the Start of a Spacewalk
4 DAYS AGO - NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei exits the International Space Station on Oct. 10, 2017, for a Expand
NASA: Recent Solar Storm Sparked Global Aurora on Mars
5 DAYS AGO - A solar event on September 11, 2017 sparked a global aurora on the Red Planet more than 25 times Expand

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