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Daily UFO Headlines 9/28/2016
1 HR AGO - Locals on alert after suspected UFO sighting in Turkey’s south - Hurriyet Daily News UFO Expand
New York witness photographs hovering cigar UFO
19 HRS AGO - A New York witness at Colonie reported watching and photographing three cigar-shaped UFOs that Expand
Water Swirls, Gulf of St. Lawrence
1 DAY AGO - Orbiting above eastern North America, a crew member on the International Space Station Expand
Missouri witness photographs silent hovering sphere
1 DAY AGO - A Missouri witness at O’Fallon reported watching and photographing a sphere-shaped object that was Expand
UFO Headlines 9/26/16
2 DAYS AGO - UFO and extraterrestrial-related stories making headlines on September 26, 2016. The post UFO Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 9/23/2016
5 DAYS AGO - Are aliens avoiding Earth? - Fox News Science ‘Aliens are among us’, claims UFO expert on 20th Expand
Colorado witness describes black helicopters chasing UFO
5 DAYS AGO - A Colorado witness at Fountain reported watching a sphere-shaped orb UFO silently moving at the Expand
Earthquakes might foster alien life on Mars
6 DAYS AGO - Scientists believe Marsquakes contribute to creating a habitable environment for alien life on Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 9/21/2016
6 DAYS AGO - Will We Ever Find Alien Life? NASA and SETI Just Weighed in - Futurism NASA will soon reveal a Expand
Elon Musk is going to colonize Mars [VIDEO]
3 HRS AGO - SpaceX founder Elon Musk unveiled his plan to develop a permanent, self-sustaining human presence Expand
Pennsylvania student videotapes sphere UFO size of basketball
20 HRS AGO - A Pennsylvania witness at Slippery Rock reported watching and videotaping a sphere-shaped UFO the Expand
UFO Headlines 9/27/16
1 DAY AGO - UFO and extraterrestrial-related stories making headlines on September 27, 2016. The post UFO Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 9/26/2016
2 DAYS AGO - Skinwalker Ranch activity shifts from paranormal to prosecutable - UB Media NASA’s Hubble Spots Expand
Bill Hader Joins Cast of Power Rangers Movie!
2 DAYS AGO - According to Lion’sgate Films, Bill Hader has recently signed on to join the cast of the new Expand
Hubble Views a Colorful Demise of a Sun-like Star
5 DAYS AGO - This star is ending its life by casting off its outer layers of gas, which formed a cocoon around Expand
Alabama witness recalls alien abduction during UFO event
5 DAYS AGO - An Alabama witness at Orange Beach reported stepping into a blue beam of light after seeing UFOs Expand
Practicing Orion Spacecraft Recovery After Splashdown
6 DAYS AGO - A group of U.S. Navy divers, Air Force pararescuemen and Coast Guard rescue swimmers practice Expand
One Billion Base Pairs Sequenced on the Space Station
7 DAYS AGO - NASA astronaut Kate Rubins checks a sample for air bubbles prior to loading it in the biomolecule Expand
UFO Headlines 9/28/16
4 HRS AGO - UFO and extraterrestrial-related stories making headlines on September 28, 2016. The post UFO Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 9/27/2016
23 HRS AGO - Watch police helicopter footage which captures UFO flying over Bristol Channel - Bristol Post A Expand
Ben Moss and Tony Angiola: The Famous Socorro, New Mexico UFO Sighting – September 26, 2016
1 DAY AGO - Open Minds UFO Radio: Ben and Tony have been meeting with veteran UFO investigator and author Ray Expand
Tectonically Active Planet Mercury
2 DAYS AGO - New NASA-funded research suggests that Mercury is contracting even today, joining Earth as a Expand
UFO Photographs – Cocoyoc, Mexico – UFO Photo Archive
5 DAYS AGO - Late afternoon on November 3, 1973, four people witnessed a UFO while travelling north to Mexico Expand
UFO Headlines 9/23/16
5 DAYS AGO - UFO and extraterrestrial-related stories making headlines on September 23, 2016. The post UFO Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 9/22/2016
5 DAYS AGO - VIDEO: When UFOs Invaded Washington D.C. - The Huffington Post UFOs have been visiting Earth for Expand
UFO Headlines 9/22/16
6 DAYS AGO - UFO and extraterrestrial-related stories making headlines on September 22, 2016. The post UFO Expand

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