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Ret. Major Jesse Marcel Recounting Incident at Roswell
Whitley Strieber & Craig Ferguson
Rare Interview w/ George Van Tassel
Dr. David Clarke
Intrepid Magazine
Supernatural UFO
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UFO caught on New York sky watch camera
9 HRS AGO - A Newburgh, NY, witness reported videotaping a round UFO on a security DVR system, according to Expand
The NSA ‘lost’ its UFO files – Spacing Out! Episode 89
15 HRS AGO - The NSA claims that it cannot locate the non-redacted versions of its UFO files. Plus, Jason Expand
UFO photographed over English town
1 DAY AGO - A witness photographed a UFO in the sky above the English town of St Helens on the night of Expand
Big Honors For UFO Congress
1 DAY AGO - Every year, as UFO sightings and reports continue to fascinate the public, UFO conventions, Expand
Lee Speigel - Latest Posts
Shared by The Huffington Post
Daily UFO Headlines 9/17/14
2 DAYS AGO - Hotspots everywhere: Table Rock Lake the latest USO sighting - Christian County Headliner Expand
Another meteorite supports the likelihood of Martian life
3 DAYS AGO - New research on a Martian meteorite supports the idea that Mars has the right conditions to Expand
Shirley MacLaine says she went UFO spotting with former Australian Ambassador to the U.S.
4 DAYS AGO - In a recent interview with ABC Sydney, Shirley MacLaine says she took former Australian Ambassador Expand
Crescent Mimas
4 DAYS AGO - A thin sliver of Mimas is illuminated, the long shadows showing off its many craters, indicators Expand
World's Largest Spacecraft Welding Tool for Space Launch System
7 DAYS AGO - The largest spacecraft welding tool in the world, the Vertical Assembly Center, officially is open Expand
UFO hovering over NC home quickly darts away
9 HRS AGO - A Cameron, NC, witness reported watching a “bright, round” UFO hovering over a neighbor’s house Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 9/19/14
16 HRS AGO - Mystery white lights spotted over Brentwood - Brentwood Gazette On this day in history - September Expand
NASA Airborne Campaigns Focus on Climate Impacts in the Arctic
1 DAY AGO - This red plane is a DHC-3 Otter, the plane flown in NASA's Operation IceBridge-Alaska surveys of Expand
German space agency chimes in on discovery of sea plankton on ISS
2 DAYS AGO - Last month, Russian scientists said they discovered sea plankton on the International Space Expand
Alien abduction thriller seeks to bring topic to the forefront
3 DAYS AGO - Filming for Abductee , a found-footage thriller about alien abduction, will soon be underway, but Expand
Florida to Louisiana Viewed From the International Space Station
3 DAYS AGO - NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman captured this image of Florida to Louisiana just before dawn, taken Expand
UFO over northern California leaves witnesses, experts perplexed
4 DAYS AGO - A UFO appeared in the skies above northern California in the early morning of Friday, September Expand
NSA says it has lost its non-redacted UFO files
7 DAYS AGO - UFO and government secrecy researcher John Greenewald has been petitioning to get the National Expand
Starry Sky from the Space Station
15 HRS AGO - ISS041-E-009477 (13 Sept. 2014) --- One of the Expedition 41 crew members aboard the Expand
Airplane passenger films UFOs over Cardiff
1 DAY AGO - An airplane passenger returning home from a vacation in Greece caught some strange lights on video Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 9/18/14
1 DAY AGO - Big Honors For UFO Congress - Huffington Post Wisconsin's crop circle cases presented - Wisconsin Expand
Fast-moving UFO photographed in Florida
2 DAYS AGO - A Florida witness at Fort Lauderdale driving southbound along I-95 reported photographing a Expand
Florida witnesses alerted to hovering UFO by loud humming sound
3 DAYS AGO - Several Florida witnesses at Ponce Inlet who were drawn into the street after hearing a loud Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 9/16/14
3 DAYS AGO - The Most Famous Unexplained Alien Abduction Cases - International Business Times Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 9/15/14
4 DAYS AGO - Reports of UFO in Dorking after mysterious lights seen in the sky - Dorking and Leatherhead Expand
New trailer for alien abduction movie ‘Extraterrestrial’
7 DAYS AGO - A new sci-fi film attempts to depict the horror of alien abductions. The latest offering from Expand

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