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Ascension Valentine's Day Spiritual Gathering Aldebaran ET Life
3 HRS AGO - Bill M TRacer shares the Ascension Center Church of Universal Life Ministers sharing ancient Expand
Saskatchewan Named After Sasquatch? Fox Sports Announcer Thinks So - CTV Regina News
12 HRS AGO - Fox News will say anything for attention, current Presidential race aside. Same goes for their Expand
Reincarnation And Psychic Research - Epoch Times
1 DAY AGO - Iceland is a magical place. Going bankrupt after 2008 instead of bailing out big banks. Expand
A Strange Death in Vallecas, Madrid - Ghost Theory
1 DAY AGO - We know that smoking is bad for the health, but it proved fatal for one Madrid teenager in the Expand
Tisulsky Find--Girl In A Casket - Above Top Secret
2 DAYS AGO - Above Top Secret is buzzing about this odd archaeological find that sounds less like an actual, Expand
The Invisible World of Iceland: Elves, Ghosts and Monsters Live On in a Liminal Landscape - Daily Grail
3 DAYS AGO - Greg of Daily Grail thinks his readers will enjoy this glimpse into the multiple realms of Fortean Expand
Ascension Center ET Spirit GUide Readings by TJ Morris - FREE READINGS!
3 DAYS AGO - Theresa J Morris, Founder of the Ascenion Center has founded the Ascension Psychics which is the Expand
Super Bowl 2016 – Half Time Analysis
5 DAYS AGO - Here it is!     Go to Stay Informed! Expand
Alien Contact with TJ & Janet Introduce Stephanie Parrish on Disclosure
11 HRS AGO - Alien Contact Org is shared weekly on Saturdays and we have many people in social media. Stephanie Expand
Obama To 6-Year-Old: No 'Direct Contact With Aliens Yet' - UPI
12 HRS AGO - Paging Ben Hansen! A little girl put Barry on the spot asking about aliens. Funny thing, his Expand
Ouija Board
1 DAY AGO - creepy-creepy-pasta: My dad and his friends had gathered in the basement of Jason’s house and Expand
Fairytales Much Older Than Previously Thought, Say Researchers - Guardian
1 DAY AGO - A new study that applies advanced language and geography-based analytic techniques to legendary Expand
The Singer's Hybrid Daughter, Part I - The UFO Trail
1 DAY AGO - In the first part of her new unpublished memoir, Carol Rainey reflects on her years married to UFO Expand
Experiencer TJ Morris ET Spirit Guide Free Readings
2 DAYS AGO - TJ MORRIS MEDIA SERVICES - Theresa J Morris does Free Readings using her own connection to what Expand
"Meteorite" Kills Man In South India, Authorities Say - Yahoo News
3 DAYS AGO - While the authorities aren't entirely sure it was technically an unidentified object from space, Expand
The Truth Is Out There: See 5 UFO Sightings Reported In Arizona - ABC 15
4 DAYS AGO - The Phoenix Lights of 1997 may be the most well-known of all Arizona UFO cases, by far, but the Expand
‘Portal To Hell’ House Where Family Was ‘Possessed By Demons’ Is Knocked Down - Yahoo News
5 DAYS AGO - Yes, this is the same Gary, Indiana house in which a family claimed they were tormented by evil Expand
Nike Phenomenon' Resurfaces In B.C. With Discovery Of Foot In Shoe - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
12 HRS AGO - They're ba-aa-ack! The foot-count has been ratched up by one as unlucky number thirteen washes Expand
Maplewood Woman Says She Was Attacked By 'Ghosts' - CityPages
12 HRS AGO - Is this anonymous woman crazy and someone's bleeding out in a Minnesota alleyway, or could this be Expand
Einstein's Theory Confirmed: A Guide To Gravitational Waves - New Scientist
1 DAY AGO - Maybe Bob Lazar was onto something when he claimed back in 1989 that alien craft manipulated Expand
Powerful Women Buried at Stonehenge - Discovery
1 DAY AGO - A new discovery of the remains of 14 women buried approximately 4,000 years ago in the heart of Expand
A New Vision For Dreams Of The Dying - New York Times
2 DAYS AGO - Are deathbed visions actual experiences or simply the dying brain's attempt at comforting the Expand
The Signs of the Times or The Time of the Signs?
2 DAYS AGO - Peggy and I are in OK City and yesterday we shot two programs with Gary Stearman at Prophecy Expand
Experiencer TJ Morris ET Spirit Guide Free Readings
3 DAYS AGO - TJ MORRIS MEDIA SERVICES - Theresa J Morris does Free Readings using her own connection to what Expand
Exploring American Monsters: New Hampshire - Mysterious Universe
4 DAYS AGO - What New Hampshire lacks in size it makes up for in monsterous beasts that lurk within its Expand

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