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Guest Columnist Liz Crokin on Donald Trump!
10 HRS AGO -     Liz Crokin shares her perspective on Trump Liz Crokin is an award-winning author, a Expand
Phoney Photos Of The Thunderbird And Bigfoot Kind - Shooting Down Another Two Examples - ShukerNature
11 HRS AGO - Karl Shuker gives us a crash course in doing proper research to identify photographic deceptions, Expand
Experts Believe Mysterious Aluminium Object Dating Back 250,000 Years 'Could Be Part Of Ancient UFO' - The Mirror
1 DAY AGO - Key word in Kara O'Neill's headline, "could". Annunaki could've forged it. Regardless of the Expand
"Goblins, Brownies, And Three-Inch Manikins" - Mysterious Universe
1 DAY AGO - Just so's ya know, those Celts ain't cornered da market on the little people. Y'know, fairies and Expand
Alien Intelligence: Stranger Than We Can Imagine? - Daily Grail
2 DAYS AGO - The litmus test for porn and obscenity has always been, "I know it when I see it". Could the same Expand
L. A. Marzulli – Rigged Elections and WWIII
2 DAYS AGO - L.A. Marzulli – L.A. Marzulli is author, lecturer, film maker and hosts his own TV show. He Expand
How The Ouija Board Got Its Sinister Reputation - Greenwich Time
3 DAYS AGO - There was a time when Ouija boards were the tools of choice for mediums and a source of Expand
This Drone Could Find the Lost Colony of Roanoke - Daily Beast
3 DAYS AGO - We are happy to announce that drones now have other uses than package delivery (military or home) Expand
This Psychic May Have Predicted John Lennon’s Death - Bangor Daily News
4 DAYS AGO - It's not very often we find a practicing psychic who lives up to the name, but Alex Tanous was the Expand
Bermuda Triangle Mystery SOLVED: Scientists Discover Killer 170mph AIR BOMBS in Atlantic - Express
11 HRS AGO - Scientists have recently uncovered some intriguing weather patterns that most likely play a role Expand
UFOs: False Consciousness vs The Null Hypothesis - UFO Conjecture(s)
11 HRS AGO - Rich Reynolds supplies another theory that may help understand UFO reports and sightings. False Expand
Oregon Hospital Quarantined After Unexplained Mass Hallucinations - Mysterious Universe
1 DAY AGO - Was it drugs, or might something stranger be afoot after a case of folie à deux gripped Coos Bay? Expand
2 DAYS AGO - Peggy and I have friends who have a daughter who has been living with a very abusive man. She is Expand
Hairy Humanoid Body... An Official Cover-Up In Florida - Phantoms and Monsters
2 DAYS AGO - Lon Strickler's latest and greatest resonates with the tales surrounding the 1980 eruption of Expand
Canadian Dogman Encounter - Two Crows Paranormal
3 DAYS AGO - In spring of 2015, some Nova Scotians were witness to what has been described as a Dogman Expand
Unusual Cluster of Gigantism in Ireland Traced to Ancient Gene - Live Science
3 DAYS AGO - Northern Ireland is known for its folktales of giants. Turns out those stories were not entirely Expand
Police Investigate Reports Of Large Cats In Camden Co. - ABC Action News
4 DAYS AGO - New Jersey police have recently been busy tracking down what appears to be a mountain lion in Expand
Rictus Mortis – Killer Clowns - Haunted Ohio
4 DAYS AGO - With the avalanche of malignant clown sightings this autumn, we might be inclined to wonder why we Expand
UFO Landing or Much Ado about Nothing? - Mysterious Universe
11 HRS AGO - Today's fare includes three articles surrounding reports of specific UFO Sightings. Nick Redfern Expand
L. A. Marzulli – Rigged Elections!
21 HRS AGO - I did this interview a few days ago. Check it out.  Expand
Denali Pterosaur And The Antioch Gates Of Hell - Jazma Online
1 DAY AGO - You meet all kinds in the anomalistics business, and Paul Dale Roberts shares his latest call from Expand
AstroGnostic: You'll Be Godlike. Or Not. - The Secret Sun
2 DAYS AGO - Space used to be for the smartest, but nowadays it's for the richest. Science fiction promised us Expand
The Journalist And The Poltergeist - Fortean Ireland
2 DAYS AGO - When modern journalists stay overnight in haunted hotels for Hallowe'en content, their accounts Expand
The Last Interview with Max Spiers - Paranoia Magazine
3 DAYS AGO - A 76-minute interview conducted four days before the death of ufologist-conspiracy theorist Max Expand
UFO Observed and Caught on Radar at Royal Air Force Base - Open Minds
3 DAYS AGO - Philip Mantle reports on another British UFO event in Royal Air Force Wing Commander Recounts UFO Expand
This is Why Britain's "Last" Secret UFO-files Are Still Held Back - Open Minds
4 DAYS AGO - Last month we reported on the article titled Release of Britain's Secret UFO-Files Again Expand

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