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I Left The CIA To Become A Psychic Medium - New York Post
21 HRS AGO - After years of whispers concerning the CIA's psychic black-ops programs, Jessica Brodkin makes it Expand
The Famed Antikythera Shipwreck Just Got More Mysterious - Mysterious Universe
21 HRS AGO - Mysterious? More like spooky because divers found a skeleton amidst the wreckage which gave up the Expand
Bigfooter Dr. Thomas Scott Ruh Has Died - CryptoZooNews
1 DAY AGO - With heavy hearts we regret to inform our readers that Dr. Thomas Scott Ruh has passed away. Dr. Expand
In The Dead of the Night - Loch Ness Mystery
1 DAY AGO - The thoughts (and video) of Glasgow Boy as he travels B852, the road between Inverfarigaig and Expand
A 1716 Illustration of a UFO? - UFO Conjecture(s)
2 DAYS AGO - We have more than a passing interest in the subject of "Ancient Astronauts." Perhaps in this Expand
Alabama Police Make First Arrest In String Of Clown-Related Threats - Fox News
3 DAYS AGO - More news on the malignant clown threat...a group of would-be domestic terrorists masquerading as Expand
Phantom Ships and Déjà Vu - Fortean Ireland
3 DAYS AGO - Fishing ships in Ireland pursued by phantom vessels? If history is to be believed, and if history Expand
BEK In The Philippines - Phantoms & Monsters
4 DAYS AGO - Appearances of the Black Eyed Kids as well as Black Eyed Women are increasing, as indicated by Expand
Near-Death Experience Brings Peace to Vietnam Soldier - Epoch Times
5 DAYS AGO - Bill Vandenbush joined the army in 1968 and headed to Vietnam. Suffering terrible injuries during Expand
The Time Eye: Nuts And Bolts Of A Biological Future Detector - The Nightshirt
21 HRS AGO - Retrocausality is now a thing. Eric Wargo's not talking pie-in-the-sky woo with 5D Lemurian Expand
L. A. Marzulli’s Speaking Schedule!
1 DAY AGO - __________________________________________________ L. A. Marzulli’s Expand
Mystery "Blazing Red" Lights Spotted Hovering over Birmingham Baffle Brummies' - Daily Star
1 DAY AGO - Something that looks like a contrail distorted by upper atmospheric winds is the source of a Expand
The Thin Veneer of Civility
2 DAYS AGO - Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli “The overwhelming majority of people who have been Expand
Do Dolphins Dream of Space Travel? - Scientific American
2 DAYS AGO - Dr. Lucianne Walkowicz shares his expertise as guest blogger in this piece that will fan the Expand
UFO Claims Backed Up by Second Sighting - The Courier
3 DAYS AGO - Reports of confusing aerial phenomena dominate today's posts. Dundee, Scotland, has produced a Expand
Anatomy of a Hoax! Our Blow by Blow Video Of the Creature/Fairy Hoax!
4 DAYS AGO - <p><a href=”″>WATCHERS 10.2 – Fairy Expand
Attacked by Unseen Forces
4 DAYS AGO - Hello Readers today we're sharing a story brought to us by our reader Jan Pavlov. All insights and Expand
The Strange Life of A Soviet Psychokinetic, Nina Kulagina - Jim Harold
5 DAYS AGO - Nina Kulagina's military career differed greatly from most. Recruited to the Red Army at the age Expand
Riding The Blurry Borders — The Evidence For Phantom Hitchhikers - Medium
21 HRS AGO - Some believe they're ghosts, others maintain they're aspects of the American dream waiting to be Expand
Dr. Jeffrey Long’s, God and the Afterlife – Science & Spirituality Have Collided - Skeptiko
1 DAY AGO - Alex Tsakiris conducts an insightful interview with Dr. Jeffrey Long, author of God and the Expand
What is a Fairy Blast? - Haunted Ohio
1 DAY AGO - Humans have long had the tendency to assign paranormal causes to situations and events that are Expand
Psychics Call On Police To Dig Up Forest To Solve Renee Macrae Murder Mystery - Express
2 DAYS AGO - In an unexpected plot twist, psychics in Scotland have contacted police in order to solve a cold Expand
Wrong Time Bread, Wrong Place Fairies - Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
2 DAYS AGO - If you're in the habit of taking sandwiches to work, you may find they bring an added bonus beyond Expand
NASA Weighs In On The Zodiac Sign Controversy - Refinery 29
3 DAYS AGO - The present world circumstances being what they are, we wouldn't have thought potential Expand
Is Ball Lightning a Portal to Another Universe? - Daily Grail
4 DAYS AGO - We are fascinated by ball lightning. While its reality seems unquestionable, its properties remain Expand
Americas Stone Henge! #21 PPS-Report
5 DAYS AGO - Transcript: I wrote about America’s Stone Henge in On the Trail of the Nephilim, Volume 1. I first Expand

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