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Hanging Out With DMT Machine Elves –For Science! - Daily Grail
16 HRS AGO - Today we're exploring the concept of Far Out, or perhaps it's more accurate to describe it as Far Expand
The Strange and Mysterious Town of Zzyzx - Mysterious Universe
16 HRS AGO - Brent Swancer takes us on a historical tour of a town founded in snake oil. Founded by Curtis Howe Expand
Watch: 'Ghost Train' Filmed in China - Coast to Coast AM
1 DAY AGO - OK, this clip is actually kind of fun to watch. Not sure we're buying into the notion that what Expand
Is War on the Horizon in the Middle East? WIll Damascus Become a Ruinous Heap?
Bigfoot Footprints on a Bed in Oregon Excite Researchers - Mysterious Universe
2 DAYS AGO - Call us elitist, but the thought of Sasquatch hanging around on garbage dumped on the side of the Expand
UFO Investigator Hayden Hewes Of Oklahoma Has Passed - Oklahoma City Cremation
2 DAYS AGO - Hayden was very active in the UFO field in the 1970s and published an attractive UFOzine. He Expand
From The Pyramids To Stonehenge – Were Prehistoric People Astronomers? - The Conversation
3 DAYS AGO - Astronomy is the last, and most, profound science available to everyone. But how long have clever Expand
Sunday Bun – Feedback from Yesterday’s Conference in Ohio!
3 DAYS AGO - Sunday Bun by L. A. Marzulli Spiritual Warfare No weapon formed against me will prosper. Isaiah Expand
For E.T. Civilizations, Location Could Be Everything - Scientific American
4 DAYS AGO - "Location, location, location" is the mantra of real estate agents. Same goes for exo-economists Expand
Crashed UFOs and Weird Secret Bases on Google Earth - Mysterious Universe
16 HRS AGO - Brent Swancer invites us to play that classic game of seeing startling anomalies in aerial (and Expand
Feedback From Our DNA Results!
1 DAY AGO - Dear L.A! What strikes me with your team’s project on DNA-studies from the elongated skulls Expand
Bigfoot in the Newspapers: The First Story? - Mysterious Universe
1 DAY AGO - Nick Redfern gives us the sort of brief history lesson that would have had our sophomore selves Expand
Acceleration Radio!
2 DAYS AGO - Proudly Sponsored by JINGOS! “This stuff really works!” L.A.  Go to Expand
Luis Burgos: A Fire on the Ground - Inexplicata
2 DAYS AGO - This piece is a great balance of strangeness, analysis, and good storytelling. A recent sighting Expand
My Interview with George Noory on Fatima!
3 DAYS AGO - In trying to get the word out about the ongoing UFO phenomenon we’re going to lower the Expand
Gay Fairies: When And Why - Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
3 DAYS AGO - Fairy's been an epithet for gay dudes for the longest time, but Dr. Beachcombing wants to find out Expand
AI Tackles The Vatican's Secrets - Technology Review
4 DAYS AGO - Astronomers are using AIs and neural networks to plow through mountains of data, so why not the Expand
Astronaut Returns to Earth With Different DNA - Mysterious Universe
4 DAYS AGO - Space is weird, but the effects of being in space are even weirder. Just ask Reed and Sue Expand
Stan Friedman Retires - A Different Perspective
16 HRS AGO - Kevin Randle relays the melancholy news that Stan Friedman is retiring from the ufological fray, Expand
Argentina: Anomalous Objects over Villa Ventana - Inexplicata
1 DAY AGO - Here is another of those cases where a photo showed something that hadn't been noticed prior to Expand
TTSA Needs a New Game Plan - Herald Tribune
1 DAY AGO - It's good to see Billy Cox writing again, stimulated by the recent revelations of a secret Expand
Rick Doty Interview - The Paracast
2 DAYS AGO - In what Chris O'Brien forecasts surely will become one of the more popular episodes in the history Expand
Steve Canyon Vs the Flying Saucer Censors: How the Government Controls What We Think about UFOs - Daily Grail
2 DAYS AGO - Miguel "Red Pill Junkie" Romero examines how the US Air Force mostly-successfully controlled the Expand
The Wakulwe Theory Of Ghosts - EsoterX
3 DAYS AGO - Where do ghosts come from? Well, it's a darned sight trickier than the awkward conversation of Expand
The Monster of Crescent Lake, Oregon - Malcolm's Cryptids
3 DAYS AGO - Whatever happened to "Cressie"? It appears her first, and only sighting, happened in 1910 and Expand
Indian Hospital Under Fire for Enlisting Witch Doctor in the ICU - Coast2Coast AM
4 DAYS AGO - Keeping with the theme, sometimes spirits, not viruses, make people ill. It's an ancient tradition Expand

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