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Un-X News Articles
10 Most Convincing UFO Stories From May 2015 - What Culture
13 HRS AGO - With the presence of the faked you-know-what slide on the first page, this article didn't look too Expand
Is This Video Footage Of A Real Dogman? - Bigfoot Evidence
1 DAY AGO - No. Unless dogman is a statue. It doesn’t move. The woman who took the video claims that bigfoot Expand
Unique Private Visit to Stonehenge
2 DAYS AGO - On the evening of the 30th of July, I will be taking a group on a private entry visit Expand
Poltergeist,' Opening Friday, May Not Be All Make-Believe, North Jersey Researcher Says -
2 DAYS AGO - Some things are scarier than what a director can imagine on the silver screen. Take the Expand
The Night Doctors: The Terror Behind The Abduction Phenomenon - Mysterious Universe
3 DAYS AGO - Addressing the intersection of superstition and the abduction phenomenon is one of, if not the Expand
Donations for Watchers 9!
3 DAYS AGO - As I Stated on Acceleration Radio last night.  We are asking for help with Watchers 9. Expand
Witness Accounts In Mid-Town Hammer Attack Show The Power Of False Memory - New York Times
4 DAYS AGO - This cautionary tale illustrates a much-studied area of psychological research, in which witnesses Expand
Danger Will Robinson!
4 DAYS AGO - It seems we are having some problems with the new website!  OUCH!  We’re trying to get Expand
Ghost Story: San Antonio Haunted House Discloses - Kens 5 News
5 DAYS AGO - Ghostly girl Trece may just be the best haunted house employee in history because she's allegedly Expand
Apache Tribe Members Reveal Secret Of Bigfoot On The News - Bigfoot Evidence
13 HRS AGO - Several eyewitnesses including law officers come forward and talk to a local Arizona news channel Expand
My Barista was a Rosicrucian Necromancer - EsoterX
1 DAY AGO - Sometimes you just can't please anybody, and by that we mean both the living and the dead. Esoterx Expand
Green Jellyfish UFO Seen Over the Netherlands - Mysterious Universe
2 DAYS AGO - There are several explanations for this bizarre, unidentified aerial phenomenon over Holland. Expand
Camp Hero: America’s Weirdest State Park Is Haunted by Strange Creatures And Psychic Spy Experiments - Week In Weird
2 DAYS AGO - Don't sign up your little anomalists for the summer at Camp Hero, know this's a military base. Expand
Kazakhstan's Mass Antelope Deaths Mystify Conservationists - The Guardian
3 DAYS AGO - Colony collapse disorder has nothing on the sudden extinction event looming over Central Asia's Expand
Judge Napolitano – This is Why I lost on Last Nights Acceleration Radio – Bully for Rand Paul!
3 DAYS AGO - 5-Minute Speech that Got Judge Napolitano Fired at Fox News   Commentary & Analysis by L. Expand
Beware of the Bunny Man! - Mysterious Universe
4 DAYS AGO - If you thought that a large white rabbit was a cute guide to Wonderland, think again. Brent Expand
Acceleration Radio!
The Bizarre Town Which Woke-Up Covered in Giant Spiderwebs - Express UK
5 DAYS AGO - In a very creepy, shudder-inducing follow up to yesterday's story about angel hair/spiderwebs in Expand
Acceleration TV – Episode #5 – America’s Stone Henge!
21 HRS AGO - Memorial Day – Thanks to all of those who gave their lives to keep us free. Thanks to all Expand
Sunday Go to Meeting Bun!
1 DAY AGO - Sunday Go to Meeting Bun by L. A. Marzulli Do not love the world nor the things in the world. If Expand
City, Park Officials Investigate Report Of 'Large Cat Type Creature' Near Reedy Creek - Richmond Times-Dispatch
2 DAYS AGO - Karri Peifer notes there's a long tradition of Virginians mistaking house cats for cougars, but in Expand
Half Of All The Literature Is False - Collective Evolution
3 DAYS AGO - The editor in chief of the world's best known medical journal, The Lancet, and his colleagues are Expand
Shadow Stalker: Creepy New Ghost Photo Shows A Strange Face Floating In The Darkness - Week In Weird
3 DAYS AGO - Internet veterans know the drill, "When you see it..." Dana Matthews presents one of the eeriest Expand
The Alien Mummy: The Oldest UFO Hoax in History - Mysterious Universe
4 DAYS AGO - If Adam Dew et al thought they had come up with something new in Mexico, they were mistaken. Theo Expand
Northern-Hemisphere Fossil Discovered Living In New Zealand - NIWA
4 DAYS AGO - It's always intriguing to hear that creatures long thought extinct have survived. Protulophila is Expand
Former Obama Pilot Who Saw UFO Talks To Fox News - Open Minds
5 DAYS AGO - Pilot Andy Danzinger says he saw a UFO back in 1989, and once again recounts the details of his Expand

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