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Un-X News Articles
Rationalists Are Harshing My Empiricist Mellow - EsoterX
10 HRS AGO - Toughest part about being a fortean is collecting evidence. Often evidence is dismissed out of Expand
Prominent Scientist Says Consciousness Is Key To A 'Theory Of Everything' - Epoch Times
10 HRS AGO - Quantum mechanics upset the stately mechanism of Newtonian physics, and Dr. Robert Lanza may be Expand
A Mysterious Hum Has Been Plaguing Residents Of A Calgary Community Since 2008 - National Post
1 DAY AGO - Some Calgarians endure life with this noise, as others are mysteriously immune to the hum. Expand
Can You Live Normal Life With Half A Brain? - BBC
1 DAY AGO - You can supply your own political jokes here because it's just so easy. The short answer is yes. Expand
30 Points to consider….
2 DAYS AGO - Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli NETS COVERED CECIL THE LION MORE IN 1 DAY THAN Expand
Paranthropology - Investigating Discarnate Intelligence
3 DAYS AGO - The latest issue, Vol. 6 No. 2 , of Jack Hunter’s excellent journal is now available and it’s Expand
‘Ghosts’ Most Likely to Be Males Who’ve Died Violently: Study - Epoch Times
4 DAYS AGO - There is something notable about males and violence in real life…and in death apparently. Tara Expand
The Tower Monster #6: Shoe Polish Devil At The Tower - Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
5 DAYS AGO - Last week, we summarized the first set of Dr. Beachcombing's series on the Tower Monster. A ghost Expand
The Electronic Fog: A Strange Trip Through Time, Space, and Tailwinds - Mysterious Universe
5 DAYS AGO - Micah Hanks puts together a possible theory that might just explain one instance of a "time jump" Expand
Thylacine Hunters Hope Hidden Camera Could Be Key To Catching Devon Meadows Tasmanian Tiger - Herald Sun
10 HRS AGO - This is a no-brainer, so why has it taken so long for tiger hunters to employ this tech? With more Expand
Animal Psychic Claims Cecil The Lion Has Shared A Very Profound Message - Time
1 DAY AGO - Folks feel bad for Cecil the Lion, and this 'tribute' will make you facepalm. Being made of Expand
Ghost Woman and Her Baby': Photo Shows Mysterious Figure in Window - ABC News
1 DAY AGO - How this 5-year-old ghost photo which depicts what might be a ghostly human figure or literally Expand
David and Ben Paulides Podcast - Mysterious Universe
1 DAY AGO - Don't miss this MU podcast with David and Ben Paulides as they discuss their research and the Expand
Freedom For Wrongfully Imprisoned Christina Boyer - AVAAZ
3 DAYS AGO - If you’ve read Bill Roll’s incredible book Unleashed: Of Poltergeists and Murder: The Curious Expand
Acceleration Radio! Live – Chief Joseph Riverwind – Nephilim Mounds 3!
UFO Update – Lights in Japan – Lanterns, Weather Balloons, Birds, UFOs?
4 DAYS AGO - Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli This video has been making the rounds and it’s Expand
This is How Far Down The Rabbit Hole We Are….
5 DAYS AGO - A bronze Baphomet, which depicts Satan as a goat-headed figure surrounded by two children Photo: Expand
Mountain Lions Go to Town; the Milwaukee Lion(S) Part One - Linda Godfrey
5 DAYS AGO - Linda Godfrey reports on recent sightings of big cats getting a little too close for comfort in Expand
Yakima: Opening The First Curtain - The Biggest Study
10 HRS AGO - New Mexico may be popularly known as the birthplace of modern UFOs, weird Washington is home of Expand
Reagan's 1987 UN Speech On 'Alien Threat' Resonates Now - Joint Recon Study Group
1 DAY AGO - The Gipper's love of science fiction was never more evident than in his 1987 address, echoing Rod Expand
Exorcism At Public Park Caught On Camera - Fox Carolina
1 DAY AGO - Ah, nothing like an early morning stroll in the local park where the birds are singing, the tree Expand
pyroflasher3: Ghost appears during a game of Heads Up? I can’t...
2 DAYS AGO - pyroflasher3: Ghost appears during a game of Heads Up? I can’t tell if this is legit or not.
Is the Truth Out There? Ten UFOs Are Spotted ‘Dancing’ In The Skies Above Japan Sparking Mystery - Daily Mail
3 DAYS AGO - The video shows ten slow moving white globes moving from one side of the Osaka skyline to the Expand
Documentary on Top Secret Antigravity Vehicle Released - OpenMinds
4 DAYS AGO - The film, entitled Zero-Point: the story of Mark McCandlish and the FluxLiner, was the work of a Expand
What Lies Under the Skin?—Psi and the Physics of Indeterminacy - The Nightshirt
5 DAYS AGO - Take a plunge off the high board with Eric Wargo latest installment on reality and the roots of Expand
Ghost Hunt: Mansfield Reformatory - Toledo Blade
5 DAYS AGO - A Toledo Blade reporter gets spooked while on the hunt with Lake Erie Paranormal deep in the dark, Expand

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