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PPS News Magazine! Check it Out!
7 HRS AGO - PPS News Magazine! Here’s the December Issue! Free! Expand
Monster Round-Up - Magonia
16 HRS AGO - Dear ol' Nessie features prominently in most of the five books reviewed by Magonia and at the same Expand
Unidentified Flying Spheres: The UFS Issue - Mysterious Universe
16 HRS AGO - Nick Redfern relates several interesting stories of small spheres that fell to earth from the late Expand
The Bizarre Tale of the Mystical Hermit of the Loltun Cave - Mysterious Universe
1 DAY AGO - Brent Swancer recounts the tale of an expedition in the Mexican Yucatan around 1931, wherein an Expand
My New UFO Headache - High Strangeness
1 DAY AGO - Mark O'Connell publicly airs his problems with his Mutual UFO Network Wisconsin State Director Expand
Meat Loaf Sees Dead People - Mysterious Universe
2 DAYS AGO - Anyone with an interest in the life and music of Meat Loaf is no doubt unsurprised by the rock Expand
How Physics Falls Apart If The EMDrive Works - Forbes
3 DAYS AGO - Summarizing Ethan Siegel's thesis, if the EMDrive works then it will model relativity but not as Expand
The Mysterious Green Children... - Paranoia Magazine
3 DAYS AGO - The story doesn't end at Woolpit, according to Olav Phillips. In fact there were two more green Expand
Tasmanian Tiger Sightings: 'I Represent 3,000 People Who Have Been Told They’re Nuts' - The Guardian
4 DAYS AGO - We feel you, Neil Waters, and we're happy Elle Hunt's lent a sympathetic ear for your cause. The Expand
Alientology& Ufology w/John Titor, JK Lessin, TJ Morris
10 HRS AGO - Abductees, Contactees, and Experiencers are now all groups of people sharing the Alientology & Expand
Jung was Right....For a While - UFO Conjecture(s)
16 HRS AGO - Rich Reynolds uses Carl Jung's Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky to continue Expand
Daily Update – December 6.
1 DAY AGO - Daily Update – The FAILED Recount. What a scam. What is Fake News? Merkel wants to Ban the Expand
John Greenewald Interview - A Different Perspective
1 DAY AGO - Noted FOIA master and Black Vault creator Greenewald discusses the initial idea behind his website Expand
December 5th. UPDATE
1 DAY AGO - Our newest Special for my appearance on Coast to Coast tonight. You can check out this special Expand
Tehran -- September 18, 1976 - A Different Perspective
2 DAYS AGO - Kevin Randle here delivers one of the most complete retellings of the famous and highly Expand
A Forgotten Adventure With A Telepathic Tribe - National Geographic
3 DAYS AGO - Loren McIntyre is the Richard Burton of South America. Not the actor, but the explorer who Expand
Sunday Go-To-Meeting Bun!
3 DAYS AGO - Sunday Bun By L. A. Marzulli Prayer… What is prayer? It is taking our requests to the God of Expand
The Only Case Where the Testimony of a Ghost Was Used to Convict a Murderer - Atlas Obscura
4 DAYS AGO - Dead men tell no tales, but women are far more loquacious evinced by Jamison Odone's fun little Expand
Mysterious Deaths in the Holistic Community? - Mysterious Universe
16 HRS AGO - The recent deaths of high profile pioneers in the holistic community have left some wondering if Expand
Special Cases - The Long Island File (16): John Visits WBAB - John Keel
16 HRS AGO - More of the John Keel-Jaye Paro-Contactee saga, with Keel annoying "Princess Moon Owl," mysterious Expand
After a Century of Searching, Scientists Have Confirmed the Existence of This Bizarre Sea Blob - ScienceAlert
1 DAY AGO - It was first described in 1899, but scientists have ever since doubted the existence of this Expand
Debunking The Discovery Of A Dead Dragon - ShukerNature
1 DAY AGO - Karl Shuker exposes the dead dragon "mockumentary" that made the rounds this past summer. Starting Expand
Erica Lukes, Ted Roe and the Attack on Isaac Koi - Blue Blurry Lines
2 DAYS AGO - When personalities trump the organized and principled search for answers in any field, we all Expand
Ascension Age - Ascension Center Church Universal Life
3 DAYS AGO - Join Theresa J Morris & Bill M Tracer on the Ascension AGE Internet Church. Tommy Hawksblood joins Expand
Visual Tracers: Optical Anomalies And Ghostly Phenomena Through The Ages - Mysterious Universe
3 DAYS AGO - People may feel the future through intense emotion, but Micah Hanks learned of those who might be Expand
Christmas Approaches ~ Latest Posting Dates for 2016
3 DAYS AGO - Fog Bow © Melvin NicholsonChristmas Approaches ~ Latest Posting Dates for 2016 As the festive Expand

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