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That Paranormal Blog
The Anomalist
The Campaign to Discredit Betty Hill - Open Minds
11 HRS AGO - In a hard-hitting and detailed article Kathleen Marden attacks positions and statements Dr. Carl Expand
Joshua Cutchin on BoA:Audio - Binnall of America
11 HRS AGO - Super-casual host Tim Binnall and the chatty author of A Trojan Feast and The Brimstone Deceit Expand
Mystery Fires Plague Malaysian Family - Coast to Coast AM
1 DAY AGO - A family in Malaysia has been under siege recently with a spate of unexplainable house fires. The Expand
Vegas Shooting – Witnesses Have Gone Missing?
1 DAY AGO - Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli #vegaswitnessess    #Vegasshooter UPDATE! It was great Expand
Can Truth Prevail? - Skepticism About Science And Medicine
2 DAYS AGO - Can political correctness adversely affect science? Henry Bauer shares his opinion about how Expand
Survival Of Consciousness After Death With Dr. Edward Kelly - The Consciousness Podcast
3 DAYS AGO - If there's one topic that raises mainstream science's hackles, it's consciousness. Since we don't Expand
That Loch Ness Fin - Loch Ness Mystery
4 DAYS AGO - What was that object spotted above the waves of Loch Ness on October 2? No surprises here--it was Expand
Coast to Coast UPDATE: Miracle of the Sun!
5 DAYS AGO - Update while sitting in row 8c on a plane headed to the OK City Conference! #FatimaDeception Expand
Who You Gonna Call?: Edison’s Science Of Talking To Ghosts - Salon
5 DAYS AGO - It seems odd trying to reconcile Edison the scientist with Edison the man who wanted to speak to Expand
Little Fairy on The Prairie - Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
11 HRS AGO - Fairies and fish occupy Dr. Beach this week. He looks back to the writings of Laura Ingalls Wilder Expand
Acceleration Radio – LIVE on KGRA!
18 HRS AGO - #ACELLERATIONRADIO Tonights topics! UFO Stories from the Prophecy Watchers Expand
I Went Ghost Hunting With Professional Ghost Hunters - Cosmopolitan
1 DAY AGO - Professional ghost hunters Dana Matthews and Greg Newkirk recently took civilian Eliza Thompson on Expand
Tips For Selling Your Haunted House - Huffington Post
2 DAYS AGO - Are ghosts a liability or an asset? What kind of prospective homeowner is cool with a spooky Expand
In Easter Island DNA, Evidence Of Genetic Loneliness - New York Times
3 DAYS AGO - Thor Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki expedition proved the feasability of South America's population Expand
New Planets And The Potential For Life: What Do Our Interstellar Neighbors Look Like? - Now
3 DAYS AGO - Oh about yay-tall, hairless, big black eyes, and gray skin. Oh! We're talking about "science". Expand
Unacknowledged Aviation--Early Stealth Concepts Revealed - Open Minds
4 DAYS AGO - In an article originally published in the 6th issue of Open Minds Magazine, Michael Schratt Expand
Tom DeLonge's UFO Research Team Revealed, Includes Government Insiders - Open Minds
5 DAYS AGO - October 10, 2017 is the date of the most important announcement in recent ufology--or utterly not. Expand
Mysterious "Flying Saucer" Found in Park Defies Explanation - Mysterious Universe
5 DAYS AGO - We really hope that Brett Tingley keeps us informed on this one. A silver, 25'X10' "tent-like" Expand
Review of "Expedition Unknown: The Hunt for Extraterrestrials" Episode 2 & After Show - Jason Colavito
11 HRS AGO - A long time ago, a grad school colleague remarked "I hate facts; they get in the way of my Expand
Still Looks Like Rain - Herald Tribune
1 DAY AGO - Mainstream journalist Billy Cox comes back out of "UFO semi-retirement" to offer a solid Expand
Mexico: Remembering the Puebla UFO Crash (1977) - Inexplicata
1 DAY AGO - The go-to source for Hispanic UFO reports has three short and intriguing older cases. Alfonso Expand
Famed Westfield 'Watcher' House Back On Market Once Again -
2 DAYS AGO - Here's an odd bit of sync. On October 2nd, we tweeted out a list of creepy urban legends from Expand
Tasmanian Tiger: Family Claims It Spotted Thylacine In Langwarrin South - Herald Sun
3 DAYS AGO - While Greg doesn't want his last name published, he's keen on spreading the word about a potential Expand
Alien Ranch' for Sale in Arizona - Coast to Coast
4 DAYS AGO - A kind of lesser "Skinwalker Ranch," complete with a couple of dimensional "portals"--at least one Expand
Watch: Bizarre 'Swamp Monster' Emerges from Sewer in Malaysia - Coast to Coast
4 DAYS AGO - Remember the X Files episode where a slug like creature was living in the sewers? This situation Expand
Vampire Scare Triggers Mob Violence, Prompts U.N. to Pull Staff - NBC News
5 DAYS AGO - For those of you who wonder if the entire world has lost its mind, we've found your answer: Yes. Expand

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