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Un-X News Articles
Amazing Telekinesis Experiments Reviewed In US Air Force-Commissioned Report - Epoch Times
5 HRS AGO - Another USAF-commissioned report has been stealing headlines, but Tara MacIsaac's found something Expand
Mysterious Creatures, UFOs, And Other Strange Incidents Reported Across Pennsylvania During 2014 - Stan Gordon's UFO Ano...
5 HRS AGO - Pennsylvania might be strange in its own right, but Stan Gordon provides proof that the Expand
WEIRD NJ: Legends Of The Blue Hole In South Jersey - Courier Post Online
23 HRS AGO - It goes without saying that Jersey is full of weird stuff, but the Pine Barrens pretty much reigns Expand
AlienContact.Org-Aliens are WE? Consciousness Shift on Planet Earth
1 DAY AGO - Theresa J Morris shares one of her clubs as Alien Contact Org with Thomas Sinisi aka Tommy Expand
The Mystery And Allure Of The Naga Light Festival - The OZ Files
2 DAYS AGO - An account of Bill Chalker’s excellent 2006 adventure on the Mekong River when he witnessed the Expand
Breaking: Very Compelling Footage of Skunkape/Bigfoot From Lettuce Lake Park Florida - Bigfoot Evidence
2 DAYS AGO - We are going to start out by saying we are impressed with this footage. We've viewed this video Expand
Holocaust Remembrance Day – The Rise of Antisemitism…
3 DAYS AGO - Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural! The current political landscape is in direct Expand
Was It The Work Of A Field Marshal? MI5 Spent Years Trying to Decipher Crop Circles Amid Fears They Were Being Used To G...
3 DAYS AGO - Once again, Daily Mail wins the award for longest article title ever, but there's still plenty Expand
Spooky Slender Men Spotted In Cannock - Birmingham Mail
4 DAYS AGO - Not surprisingly to us at all is the fact that "paranormal investigator" Lee Brickley is behind Expand
Giant Axes And Hammers Baffle Experts - Ghost Hunting Theories
5 HRS AGO - Ages ago giants roamed our planet, but their bones have been lost to the ages, or lost somewhere Expand
I’m a Real Life Female Ghost Buster & I Say “BRING IT ON!� - Hayley Is A Ghost
23 HRS AGO - Hayley Stevens proudly proclaims the above statement but laments the serious dearth of women ghost Expand
Why Does the Obama Administration Want to OUST Netanyahu?
1 DAY AGO - Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural! The current political landscape is in direct Expand
The New Scapegoats? - Herald-Tribune
2 DAYS AGO - Are UFO reports being made to cover up the mistakes made by drone operators? It is no surprise Expand
Acceleration Radio!
Hate the Time Traveler, Not the Time - Esoterx
2 DAYS AGO - The conceit of time travelers tailoring the past, for a better tomorrow, is romantic at heart. Expand
ACO Ascension Center Org w/TJ Morris ET Spirit Guide&Friends-Laws
3 DAYS AGO - Theresa J Morris & Friends share ACO. Get ready for the explosion in arts and sciences. We now Expand
Is There A Man On Mars? UFO Conspiracy Theorists Say Yes - Tech Times
3 DAYS AGO - No. No, there isn't. This story about the shadow of a "worker" repairing the Rover is recycled Expand
Ghosts Get Around In Creepy Pub Where Patrons Don't Leave - Sunday World
4 DAYS AGO - According to everyone from the chef to waitresses and other patrons, a few ghostly patrons have Expand
Sympathy For The Monster: The Redemption Of Reprobus - EsoterX
5 HRS AGO - Not all saints started out saintly, writes EsoterX by way of a George Orwell quote. Such is the Expand
Swamp Ape/ Bigfoot... Some Compelling Video - Above Top Secret
23 HRS AGO - 2015 is already shaping up to be a stellar year for Bigfoot sightings, if simply based on the Expand
We Take A Stand Against Government Social Engineering of the UFO and Crop Circle Subjects
1 DAY AGO - Salas, Andrews, and Robbins Together on One Show: Exposing Deliberate Disinformation 21st Century Expand
The Green Children of Woolpit 1: All Hail John Clark! - Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
2 DAYS AGO - Here is Dr. Beach’s 5-part take on the strange case of the Green Children of Woolpit. The Green Expand
ERA COP -Law of Lightworkers is Change
2 DAYS AGO - The one constant in the universe is change.Join Thomas Becker, Thomas Sinisi, Diana McClintic, Expand
Granddad's "Paranormal" Bungalow Was Unbearable - Mid Sussex Times
2 DAYS AGO - Writer Maz Maric shares his unusual ghostly experiences he had while living in his recently Expand
Texas Woman: ‘Bigfoot Family Lives Around Us And They Just Had A Baby’ - Cryptozoology News
3 DAYS AGO - Like almost all intriguing Bigfoot reports, this one is extremely vague and of course provides no Expand
The US Petro-dollar – Collapsing Soon?
4 DAYS AGO - Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural! The current political landscape is in direct Expand

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