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The Commercialization of Bigfoot: Culture, Consumerism, and Cryptozoology - Mysterious Universe
11 HRS AGO - Micah Hanks waxes nostalgic over the good old days when people were afraid of 10-foot-tall hairy Expand
John Spencer's Interesting, Useful 1991 UFO Book - UFO Conjectures
11 HRS AGO - Can you help a guy out? Rich Reynolds is looking for an account featuring a "Moose-duction" by a Expand
British Ministry of Defence Finally Releases its Last Secret UFO-Files - Grenzwissenschaft-aktuell
1 DAY AGO - Well, not completely. The last 18 British Ministry of Defence UFO-related files haven't been put Expand
Haunted, Cursed, And Mysterious Video Games - Mysterious Universe
2 DAYS AGO - From the days of coin-operated machines to modern consoles, video games continue to make a lasting Expand
Remarkable Hand Drill Found At Ancient Dig Site Dates Back Thousands Of Years - Mysterious Universe
2 DAYS AGO - We've heard of This Old House, but this is ridiculous! While this bit isn't an out-of-place Expand
Close Encounters Of The Puritan Kind - EsoterX
3 DAYS AGO - Best part of early UFO sightings, nobody can blame them on low-flying Russkies nor those Expand
L. A. Marzulli’s Speaking Schedule!
3 DAYS AGO - L. A. Marzulli’s Speaking Schedule – 2017 Go to     Expand
I Spoke to Aliens' Woman Tells of Bizarre Encounter after UFO 'Tailed her Car' - The Express
4 DAYS AGO - Jon Austin's article about a Missouri sighting has some interesting points, although much Expand
Three-Fingered Mummified Humanoid Reportedly Found in Peru - Mysterious Universe
5 DAYS AGO - Virtually on the eve of the 70th-year anniversary of Kenneth Arnold's UFO sighting, there are new Expand
Argentina: Unknown Flashing Object Astonishes Onlookers - Inexplicata
11 HRS AGO - People are looking up in Argentina, and Scott Corrales translates a story from the local paper in Expand
Acceleration Radio! LIVE TONIGHT on KGRA!
16 HRS AGO - Acceleration Radio tonight! ACCELERATION RADIO TONIGHT! I’m just back from a 12 day trip to Expand
Beyond the Five Senses - The Atlantic
1 DAY AGO - Matthew Hutson poses the question of how would our world change if we had new and different Expand
How a Soviet Circus Clown Tried to Prove That Dogs Can Be Psychic - Atlas Obscura
2 DAYS AGO - How much of Vladimir Durov's research was showmanship, and how much was true psychic talent? It's Expand
The Sunday Bun!
2 DAYS AGO - The Bun by L. A. Marzulli For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor Expand
Solar System Survey Casts Doubt On Mysterious 'Planet Nine' - Nature
3 DAYS AGO - Mike Brown may have railroaded Pluto's demotion, but his hopes of replacing our icy friend with Expand
Brazil's Night of UFOs is the Most Legitimate Incident in Years, but No One is Talking about It - Inquisitr
4 DAYS AGO - Simon Alvarez describes a dramatic series of Brazilian Air Force-UFO confrontations on the night Expand
The Kabukichou Love Hotel Murders - Bizarre and Grotesque
4 DAYS AGO - The approaches to love and affection vary greatly from culture to culture, and some come with Expand
Is That The Loch Ness? Viewers Terrified By Hellish Footage Of Underwater Monster - Daily Star
5 DAYS AGO - The answer to the (apparently incomplete) question is, no, it's Florida. And what do they have in Expand
A Menacing Old Man In Black - Mysterious Universe
11 HRS AGO - We can all agree that the topic of Men in Black is just plain eerie, and Nick Redfern has happily Expand
UFOs: Reframing the Debate': The Complete Introduction - Mysterious Universe
1 DAY AGO - The editor of the new collaborative book UFOs: Reframing the Debate pours his whole Introduction Expand
A Meeting Of Minds... And Computers: What Are The Costs Of Using Technology To Merge Humans With Machines? - Religious D...
2 DAYS AGO - Godlike artificial intelligence seems to be centuries away, but Facebook and Elon Musks are Expand
Hot Spots: The San Luis Valley, CO/NM - Our Strange Planet
3 DAYS AGO - There are many paranormal hot spots around the world, but none measure up to southwestern Expand
Mysterious Dogman Sighting In South Africa May Explain Others - Mysterious Universe
3 DAYS AGO - If you want to gain a dog's trust, act like a dog but is Philip Oliphant taking things a little Expand
Haunting Phenomena: The Smell Of Ghosts - Stranger Dimensions
4 DAYS AGO - PSI phenomena come in an array of flavors, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that our sense of smell Expand

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