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Aliens Are Real, Will We Look Like Them Or Will They Look Like Us?
5 HRS AGO - Aliens Are Real & They Will Look Like Humans – Claims Cambridge University Expand
23rd July 2015 - Birmingham UFO Group Talk by Anthony Beckett #ufo
3 DAYS AGO - Proto-UFOs & Alien Manifestation by Anthony Beckett In this lecture Anthony will look at the Expand
New Revelations About UFOs and Kennedy's Assassination - Dark Journalist Interviews Douglas Caddy
4 DAYS AGO - CIA Insider Sheds New Light on JFK Assassination In this historic and powerful Dark Journalist Expand
Did The Founding Fathers Of The United States Believe in Extrarterrestrials
6 HRS AGO - It was hard for people to believe that earthis not at the center of the universe it will evenbe Expand
Witness Recalls Getting Within 20 Feet Of Landed UFO - New Hampshire, 1976
1 DAY AGO - My One UFO (on the ground) Sighting This story recently appeared in the Union Leader and was Expand
Leap Seconds and Atomic Clocks 04 Jul 15
2 DAYS AGO - Join Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists as they look at the science behind leap seconds and the Expand
UFO Hunters Chase Triangular Craft - Texas
4 DAYS AGO - Posters Comments On 6/26/15 at 10:50 PM, me and my cousin come across what we call "The Texas Expand
UFO Photo Taken Over Stonehenge Being Investigated
5 DAYS AGO - UFO'  Hovering Over Stonehenge Being Investigated ALIEN hunters are probing a photograph of a Expand
UFO Caught on Film At Blur Concert In Hyde Park - Video
5 DAYS AGO - These UFOs appear suddenly in the sky before they disappear into the night. Two strange UFOs Expand
First We Had White Spots On Ceres Now BlackSpots On Pluto
6 HRS AGO - New Horizons Sends Back Images of Mystery Dark Spots on Pluto Several mysterious dark spots on Expand
MUFON Reports A Dramatic Increase In UFO Sightings For June 2015
1 DAY AGO - UFO sighting reports doubled in June Each month, the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) sends out Expand
Clear Video and Photos of Massive Cube Shaped UFO Emerging From A Portal, Texas
2 DAYS AGO - Massive Cube Shaped UFO  On June 29th, 2015, a UFO “cube” was seen emerging out of the clouds by Expand
More UFO and Alien Disclosure About To Be Released By The British Government
3 DAYS AGO - MOD to release UK's top secret UFO 'X-Files' that 'could prove aliens exist' CONFIDENTIAL Expand
UFO And Paranormal Activity Off The Charts At The Skinwalker Ranch in Utah
3 DAYS AGO - A small ranch in northern Utah may be the strangest place on Earth... On World UFO Day, the Expand
Dr Chris - Up All Night Science Phone In
4 DAYS AGO - Dr Chris joins Faye Ruscoe to answer listeners' questions about the tardigrade, the causes of Expand

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