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Intriguing UFO Cases From Project Blue Book - New York State
3 DAYS AGO - Investigations on Western New York UFO sightings released BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – A host of Expand
The Enigma of the Black Helicopters
4 DAYS AGO - What’s behind the black helicopter phenomenon? What exactly is the strange enigma commonly known Expand
UFO Sighting In Oregon Very Similar to Epic Phoenix Lights Sighting of 1997
4 DAYS AGO - An Oregon witness at Canby was reminded of the 1997 Phoenix Lights case when he saw five lights Expand
British Rail and The Great UFO Caper
5 DAYS AGO - British Rail Once Patented a Flying Saucer If British Rail can't manage to get its trains Expand
Humans on Mars: Obama makes pledge in State of the Union
5 DAYS AGO - President Obama pledged to land humans on Mars in last night’s State of the Union speech. In Expand
Asteroid The Size of A Mountain Visible From Earth On Monday
1 DAY AGO - An asteroid the size five football fields is approaching Earth and is expected to pass by on Expand
Bob Lazar 25 Years Later On Area 51, UFOs and Antigravity
2 DAYS AGO - Bob Lazar: 25 Years Later - Part 1 & 2 Lazar talks about freezing a candle in time using Expand
Latest UFO News Reports From Around The World, Special Segment on Blue Book
2 DAYS AGO - Files from one of the U.S. Air Force’s official investigations of UFOs are in the spotlight. Expand
UFO Hunter In Australia Attempts To Set The Record Straight - Video
3 DAYS AGO - Poster Comments (UFO Lou) Description More evidence to suggest object is very distant. [not an Expand
5 live Science: The science of sleep 24 Jan 15
3 DAYS AGO - Naked Scientists Chris Smith and Kat Arney take an under-the-covers look at the land of nod as we Expand
NASA deletes UFO from Apollo photo and removes original from archive
4 DAYS AGO - UFO investigators are up in arms after it was discovered that NASA had removed an Apollo 7 photo Expand
Did These Radio Burst Originate From Intelligent Beings Light Years From Earth?
6 DAYS AGO - Study Says Blast Of Radio Waves Came From Outside Our Galaxy: Origin Unknown On a graph, Expand
The 25 Strangest Things Man Has Discovered In Space - Video
1 DAY AGO - The universe is a big place that we don't very much about it. At least relatively speaking. What Expand
Large, Strange & Bright UFO Filmed During The Day In Mexico
2 DAYS AGO - Posters Commentsawesome Strange UFO Ebani in tijuana mexico Edit 23/01/2015DALE LIKE A LA PAGINA
7 Tips For Hunting UFOs Based On Project Blue Book Files
4 DAYS AGO - 7 Tips For Hunting UFOs Based On Project Blue Book Files You’ve known for some time now that Expand
Strange UFO Filmed Over New York - Clear Daytime Footage
4 DAYS AGO - Posters CommentsHuge striped cluster of orbs, cylinder shape with white sphere. Watch bowing Expand
More Incredible Footage of UFOs Over Western Massachusetts
5 DAYS AGO - If this footage is real than it really is spectacular. I had my concerns when the first video was Expand
DrKarl: 5 Live Science 22 Jan 2015
5 DAYS AGO - Dr Karl answers listeners' questions about the weird and wonderful world of science -- including Expand

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