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Blood and Guts with Meria and Jack Blood
3 HRS AGO - 1/28/15 Blood and Guts with Meria and Jack Blood. Blizzard of news; Shades of Hurricane Expand
Tragedy and Hope with Meria and Richard Grove
1 DAY AGO - 1/27/15 Tragedy and Hope with Meria and Richard Grove. Technocracy. Richards interview/video with Expand
The Blasted News With Meria
2 DAYS AGO - 1/26/15 the Blasted News With Meria. Huge snowstorm for East Coast;wind storm in So.Calif; Movies: Expand
Programme 122- Tommy Woodgate
3 DAYS AGO - This Tuesday evening on the HPANWO Show: Tommy Woodgate, a traveller of the world who has Expand
How Andean people evolved thru physical adaptation to the high altitude.
4 DAYS AGO - Life for mountain people, as a rule, has always been a challenge. For this reason, it might Expand
Quakes, Booms and Pole Shift
6 DAYS AGO - January 23, 2015 Earth's magnetic pole is shifting much faster than predicted. Expand
Alien radio signal detected
7 DAYS AGO -  A mysterious radio signal was detected by astronomers using the Parkes Radio Telescope in Expand
New Planet: Another Earth Discovered by Scientists
7 DAYS AGO - Using NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope, astronomers have discovered the first Earth-size planet Expand
The Poker- Programme 8
7 DAYS AGO - The Poker, hosted by Ben Emlyn-Jones. Join the battle against our bewitchment! On this, Programme Expand
Parallel worlds exist and interact with our world, say physicists
5 HRS AGO - New theory explains many of the bizarre observations made in quantum mechanics.  Quantum Expand
1/26/15 Zen Gardner, Ex Patriot View of America & Tipping Point
1 DAY AGO - SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & COMMENT on YouTube.    Zen Gardner is back with us for another Expand
2 DAYS AGO - Guest: JONATHAN and ANDI GOLDMAN Jonathan Goldman, M.A., is an internationally renowned writer, Expand
Sacred Sunday~Romans 3/Everyone Sins-Everyone Needs Jesus
3 DAYS AGO - Good morning church! Thank you for joining us today! Today we are reading: Romans Chapter Expand
L.A. Marzulli | On the Trail of The Nephilim: New Archaeological Research
5 DAYS AGO - Click on the following link to listen: Expand
The Blasted News with Meria
6 DAYS AGO - 1/22/15 The Blasted News with Meria. Drone carrying Meth falls from sky;No civil rights charges in Expand
Never Before Seen WWII Footage
7 DAYS AGO - Watch the process as the Rescued Film Project develops 31 rolls of film from a WWII soldier that Expand
Mysterious 1997 death of Hollywood screenwriter solved: Gary Devore was about to make movie exposing real reason US invaded Panama in 1989
7 DAYS AGO - When the skeletal remains of Hollywood screenwriter Gary Devore were found strapped into his Ford Expand
01/19/15 Mark McCandlish-Trouble in Private Sector Space Flight
7 DAYS AGO - Mark McCandlish updated us on the private sector space flight disasters from last October 2014 Expand
Programme 122 Podcast- Tommy Woodgate
23 HRS AGO - The podcast of Programme 122 is now available here to listen or download: Expand
134. Christina Knowles
1 DAY AGO - Alejandro Rojas with the latest on UFOS, and experiencer Christina Knowles joins us for hour one Expand
Marty Rosenblatt, M.S.~Associative Remote Viewer & Analyst/Judge
3 DAYS AGO - Marty Rosenblatt Marty Rosenblatt’s focus at APP is to attract more people and groups to work Expand
1/23/15 Tim Swartz: America’s Strange And Supernatural History, GIANTS, Cannibalism, Ghosts
3 DAYS AGO - SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & COMMENT on YouTube!!!:    Tim Swartz is an author and paranormal Expand
Dead Wise Men Sponsor Far Out Radio
6 DAYS AGO - Hi, this is Scott Teeters, creator of Dead Wise Men Society Quote Art and host of the talk Expand
Show Notes, Christina Knowles & Angel Espinio
6 DAYS AGO - Support us for $1 per month to listen to the whole show >> Show 134. Notes, Expand
Mars Curiosity Rover’s Ancient Cat Statue ‘Discovery’ Sets Alien Hunters Abuzz
7 DAYS AGO - Mars Curiosity rover can’t seem to get a break from the weirder side of humanity’s search for Expand
Send In the Clowns with Meria and Dave McGowan
7 DAYS AGO - 1/21/15 Send In the Clowns with Meria and Dave McGowan. Hebdo  Police Commissioner’s Expand

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