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How to Spark a War in Asia
20 HRS AGO - Ted Galen Carpenter Security, Asia Both Washington and Beijing need to prevent their allies from Expand
75 Million and Counting: The Deadly History of the AK-47
1 DAY AGO - Blake Franko Security, It might be the only weapon of war produced by almost 100 countries.  A Expand
UFO Article: “ ‘UFOs and Nukes’ Documentary Critiqued By Skeptic Tim Hebert: Now the Filmmaker Responds”
1 DAY AGO - By Robert L. Hastings, 16 September 2016(The UFO Chronicles, 19 September 2016)Quote from the Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
Ukraine's Tough T-84 Oplot-M Tank Won't Fight Russia (And Is Being Sold to Thailand?)
1 DAY AGO - Sebastien Roblin Security, Eurasia Why? Tank warfare is periodically declared obsolete in the Expand
Japan's Perpetual Financial Easing
1 DAY AGO - Samuel Rines Economics, Asia What exactly is “yield-curve targeting”? The Bank of Japan must Expand
The 5 Best Submarines, 5 Best Bombers and 5 Worst Fighter Aircraft of All Time
2 DAYS AGO - Robert Farley Security, The best of the best--and the worst of the worst.  History is filled Expand
VIDEO: Has U.S. Deep Engagement in the Middle East Helped Secure American Interests?
2 DAYS AGO - Hugo Kirk Security, Middle East An important question The Center for the National Interest, Expand
Is India About to Lease Russia's Best Nuclear Submarine Ever?
2 DAYS AGO - Dave Majumdar Security, It depends on who you ask.  Is Russia considering leasing one of its Expand
America Must Stand by India—and Pressure Pakistan
2 DAYS AGO - C. Christine Fair Security, Asia Washington’s mistake is indulging Pakistan’s bad behavior, Expand
...Ultimate Sedition...
1 DAY AGO - .See, you said it! It happened! You only spoke truth! The opposite's unthinkable! I'd held you Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Alien Views
Why Raytheon's New Small Diameter Bomb II Could be a Game Changer
1 DAY AGO - Kris Osborn Security, SDB II's Tri-Mode seeker can change course in flight using two-way data Expand
UFO News Article: “National Archives’ SA director Nick Gleghorn to deliver talk on ‘real-life’ documentation of UFOs”
1 DAY AGO - 17 September 2016(The Advertiser, Adelaide, Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
America's Legendary F-16 Fighter vs. China's J-20, Russia's Su-35 and PAK-FA: Who Wins?
1 DAY AGO - Kyle Mizokami Security, Americas The fighting falcon can still fight, but for how long? The Expand
The Misplaced Rage in Charlotte
2 DAYS AGO - Hans A. von Spakovsky Politics, Time to look at the facts.  Violence and looting have erupted Expand
Russia’s 2016 Parliamentary Elections: Missed Opportunities
2 DAYS AGO - Maria Snegovaya Elections, Europe While Americans debate whether to support Trump or Clinton in Expand
U.S. Air Force: F-16s and Other Critical Weapons May be Vulnerable to Cyber Attack
2 DAYS AGO - Kris Osborn Security, So what do we do about it?  Air Force fighter jet mission data, sensors, Expand
The Case for Isolating Pakistan
2 DAYS AGO - Vivek Mishra Politics, Asia South Asian unity is only possible without Pakistan. The Expand
The F-103 Could Have Been America's Mach 3 Ramjet Fighter
2 DAYS AGO - Michael Peck Security, The XF-103 was an amazing design best left on the drawing board. Before Expand
Here are the Names the U.S. Air Force Didn’t Pick for the B-21 Raider
1 DAY AGO - Joseph Trevithick Security, Bomber McBombface didn’t make it On Sept. 19, 101-year old retired Expand
UFO News Article: “UFO flew beside bus, says driver”
1 DAY AGO - 20 October 1988(The Canberra Times, ACT, Australia)Source: Trove, National Library of Australia, Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
China's Biggest History "What-If": If Mao Zedong Died in 1949
1 DAY AGO - Robert Farley Politics, Asia How might China’s domestic and foreign policy have fared in the Expand
Don't Shoot Iran's Naval Provocateurs
1 DAY AGO - Ilan Goldenberg Security, Middle East America has learned how to defuse these situations. In Expand
Time to Bury Plans for Counter-Terrorism Cooperation With Russia in Syria
2 DAYS AGO - Christopher S. Chivvis Syrian Civil War, Middle East What information of value would the U.S. Expand
Fighting Terror in the Pressure-Cooker Era
2 DAYS AGO - Steven P. Bucci Security, Americas America is a free and open country, which makes it inherently Expand
Valerie Ransone - some further insights
2 DAYS AGO - BackgroundSome interesting individuals come and go in the field of UAP research. One of these, is Expand
America's Future with Burma Requires Encouragement, Not Sanctions
2 DAYS AGO - Harry Krejsa Politics, Asia Punishment won't get Burmese reforms across the finish Expand

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