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U.S. Army M1 Abrams Tanks Will Get Networked with a High-Speed Force Tracker
1 HR AGO - Kris Osborn Security, A key upgrade is coming to one of the world's best tanks.  U.S. Special Expand
Thunderbolts: Why America's Enemies Feared the P-47 (and Still Fear the A-10)
2 HRS AGO - Michael Peck Security, Americas Both planes are essentially flying tanks. Everyone loves a Expand
Evan McMullin: Why I'm Running For President
4 HRS AGO - Evan McMullin Politics, The great challenge we face today is how to reconcile the imperative of Expand
The 5 Biggest Challenges the Global Economy Faces in 2017
17 HRS AGO - Anthony Fensom Economics, Europe World leaders will face a tough time keeping the global Expand
Why North Korea's September Nuclear Test Is Different
17 HRS AGO - Alexander Kim Security, Asia Pyongyang may have completed its long and tumultuous path to Expand
Boxes of Blue Book Material on Craig's List
1 DAY AGO - Ben Moss and Tony Angiola are probably annoyed with me for sticking my nose into this Socorro Expand
Russia Has Been Reading the Art of War
1 DAY AGO - Blake Franko Security, Vladimir Putin’s generals have taken Sun Tzu’s lessons to heart.  Last Expand
The Royal Navy Just Tailed Russia's Only Aircraft Carrier On Its Way to Syria
1 DAY AGO - Robert Beckhusen Security, Europe The British vessels tracked the carrier group “every inch of Expand
Northrop's F-23 Stealth Fighter: The Plane That Could Have Replaced the F-22
2 DAYS AGO - Robert Farley Security, What could have been.  The Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) Expand
Obamacare’s Millennial Nightmare
2 HRS AGO - Jamie Gregora Politics, Some experts say the cost of enrollment is prohibitive and puts a Expand
Exposed: How Close Nazi Germany Came to Invading Britain (And the One Thing That Stopped Them)
4 HRS AGO - David Axe History, Europe So why didn't Hitler land troops in the UK?  Reeling under combined Expand
Japan's Master Plan to Defend Itself from China
17 HRS AGO - Kyle Mizokami Security, Asia The future is amphibious. For decades, Tokyo’s plans to defend the Expand
Don't Blame NATO for Libya
17 HRS AGO - Christopher J. Fettweis Security, Middle East The United States vastly overestimates the amount Expand
What the U.S. Government Wants from Tech Firms
17 HRS AGO - Adam Klein Society, Americas The companies that provide digital communications and social media Expand
Why South Korea Needs THAAD (And Shouldn't Fear China)
1 DAY AGO - Bruce Klingner Security, Asia During Kim Jong Un’s four-year reign, Pyongyang has conducted more Expand
Is Japan Trying to Contain China?
1 DAY AGO - Ted Galen Carpenter Security, Asia And how will Beijing respond?  Despite its extensive, Expand
Why Russia and China Fear America's Seawolf-Class Submarines
2 DAYS AGO - Kyle Mizokami Security, Americas Too bad they were so expensive. The Seawolf-class submarines Expand
The work of Richard Charles Niemtzow, 1975-1991
2 DAYS AGO - Introduction:Recently, while reading Jacque Vallee’s latest book, ‘Forbidden Science – Volume Expand
America and Britain's War over Cold War Missiles
2 HRS AGO - Steve Weintz Security, Europe How the “special relationship” almost sank. Mark Twain probably Expand
The Case for Stronger Relations Between Vietnam and America
4 HRS AGO - Ky Nam Security, Asia An important visit today in Washington shows why relations between Hanoi Expand
The Kilo-Class Submarine: Why Russia's Enemies Fear "The Black Hole"
17 HRS AGO - Kyle Mizokami Security, And it’s coming to the South China Sea... Unlike the United States Expand
Turkey's Ambitious Goals Surrounding the Mosul Operation
17 HRS AGO - Bülent Aras Security, Middle East In trying to preserve stability, Ankara may wind up creating Expand
Syria: 4 Uncomfortable Truths That Washington Is Ignoring
17 HRS AGO - Daniel R. DePetris Security, Middle East Bashar al-Assad knows that starvation and siege are Expand
Spain: UFO with Humanoid Occupants (1980)
1 DAY AGO - 1980: UFO with Humanoid Occupants in Lugo, SpainBy López Castro (Lugo)Contactos Extraterrestres Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Inexplicata
What Is the Driving Force in American Political History?
1 DAY AGO - Tod Lindberg Politics, Americas If partisan politics and egalitarian enthusiasm constituted a Expand
Project Cadillac: How the U.S. Navy Invented the Flying Radar Station
2 DAYS AGO - Michael Peck Security, Today's radar planes are the direct descendants of Project Expand

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