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Tall White Pyramid found On Earths Moon In NASA Photo, May 1, 2017, UFO Sighting News.
4 HRS AGO - Date of discovery: May 1, 2017 (Taiwan time)Location of sighting: Earths moonNASA Expand
UFO Sighting in Huntsville, Alabama on 2010-07-20 23:00:00 - Was stargazing when a star i had been watching suddenly flew away
9 HRS AGO - This took place during the summer, about seven years ago. myself, my godmother, and my mom had Expand
UFO Sighting in Oklahoma on 2016-11-15 03:00:00 - Light in sky making abrupt turns and moving at high speeds. moved in zigzag pattern.
14 HRS AGO - My friend and i were out camping one night and we were looking at the stars while talking about Expand
Black Triangle Sighting in Aarle rixtel, on 2016-11-21 22:50:00 - I saw a big triangulair vehicle hovering in the night sky completely silent right above my car
20 HRS AGO - I came back from a visit to my parents and drove across the n279 near the village aarle rixtel Expand
UFO Sighting in Bridgwater, England on 2015-11-07 21:19:00 - Bridgwater carnival ufos
23 HRS AGO - I was at the bridgwater carnival taking photographs of the procession when i spotted two strange Expand
Giant UFO Over Colima Volcano Makes Sudden 90 Degree Turn, Video, UFO Sighting News.
1 DAY AGO - Date of sighting: Jan 29, 2017Location of sighting: Colima, MexicoSource: www.webcamsdemexico.comI Expand
Alien Encounter in Fargo, North Dakota on 1969-09-24 19:01:00 - Near fatal scratch on my third eye causing blood to stream straight out with every heartbeat. the wound needing stitches at the hospital across the street right away.
1 DAY AGO - I was deeply scratched on my third eye by a mothman type creature. i calmly walked out of my room Expand
UFO Sighting in Albano Laziale, Lazio on 2017-04-29 23:10:00 - Storm of lights moving from ne to sw, making circle with no noise and getting altitude. more of 30 lights starlike.
1 DAY AGO - I was having a cigarette on the terrace of my wife's parents in albano laziale, a little country Expand
UFO Sighting in Austin, Texas on 2017-04-07 00:00:00 - Rolling fuzzy strobing lights in sphere
1 DAY AGO - My window faces west and i saw this thing and watched for awhile, not being able to figure out Expand
UFO Comes Within 100 Meters Of Space Station, NASA Is Silent On It, April 28, 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.
5 HRS AGO - Date of sighting: April 28, 2017Location of sighting: ISS, Space StationA glowing multi Expand
UFO Sighting in Gravesend, England on 1999-09-06 00:00:00 - Huge craft illuminated bright white light uniform massive too big to be from earth
10 HRS AGO - This was almost 20 years ago now - remember it like yesterday, i was in trosley (trottiscliffe) Expand
UFO Sighting in Newport, Ohio on 2017-03-23 00:00:00 - Sitting in uber car looking up at contrails behind commercial airplane
17 HRS AGO - Was riding in uber vehicle between ohio and michigan for job in michigan saul small objects going Expand
Alien Encounter in Newton Abbot, England on 2016-12-18 04:00:00 - Man in black with menacing metallic needle
23 HRS AGO - I was fast asleep in my warm cosy bed happily dreaming away. in the dream i was at work talking to Expand
Number 9 Found On Mars A Second Time! April 30, 2017, UFO Sighting News.
1 DAY AGO - Date of discovery: April 30, 2017Location of discovery: MarsNASA Expand
Black Triangle Sighting in Brewster, New York on 2013-12-15 02:30:00 - Surprise ufo takes off
1 DAY AGO - I use to work overnight at a nursing home at the top of mount ebo road off route 22 in brewster. Expand
UFO Sighting in Inverness, Scotland on 2017-04-27 20:00:00 - Extremely loud roaring sound.
1 DAY AGO - Eating dinner with my father at approx 2000hrs. a loud sound similar to that of a very low hot air Expand
UFO Sighting in Austin, Texas on 2017-04-07 00:00:00 - Strobing rolling lights in various patterns, no sound. pics show divided in sections.
1 DAY AGO - My window faces west and looks out over protected canyon area. i can see from my bedroom window Expand
UFO Sighting in Buckhannon, West Virginia on 2017-04-21 00:00:00 - 2flaming lights traveling east to west. 1 i believe shot up
8 HRS AGO - Sitting in hot tub with granddaughter. the fiery color made us notice. we didn't know what to Expand
UFO Sighting in Woodbridge, California on 1972-02-15 21:00:00 - Observed a search light in distance,initially thought it was a helicopter,never figured out what it was
11 HRS AGO - At approximately 9pm on or about february 15 1972, myself and two buddies were parked in a Expand
UFO Sighting in Dang district, Gujarat, Gujarat on 2017-04-01 21:10:00 - While shooting stars, ufo observed in photo over a tree
19 HRS AGO - While shooting stars,later, an ufo is observed in photo over a tree place: dang district, Expand
UFO Sighting in Kenn, England on 2017-04-04 16:16:00 - Caught on camera, not seen by eye.
21 HRS AGO - I was taking photos of the church in the village of kenn, near exeter. it was a very sunny Expand
UFO Sighting in Centennial, Colorado on 2017-04-18 23:11:00 - Flare, then two objects
1 DAY AGO - Object noticed in sky about 5 degrees east of capella as a bright white flare, similar to an Expand
UFO Sighting in Anderson, California on 2017-04-29 09:45:00 - Three orbs, one bright, two white, moved from west to east, then went south.
1 DAY AGO - At about 9:45 am i went to get some coffee at the gas station. as i walked, i ran into my Expand
UFO Sighting in Franklin Park, Illinois on 2017-04-28 21:18:00 - Red like orbs coming from the north moving very fast and then slowing down and disappearing into the clouds first there were 6 or 7 and they they were coming a few seconds later again moving
1 DAY AGO - Me and my husband stepped out on the deck to smoke a cigarette and i noticed this red light coming Expand
UFO Sighting in Quilcene, Washington on 2017-04-22 14:15:00 - Round, white orb
1 DAY AGO - It was a cloudless, blue sky. i have a view of the hood canal and olympic mountain range, and i Expand

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