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Aurora, Texas: Supernatural Hotspot
2 HRS AGO - Micah Hanks’ new article, on his recent visit to Aurora, Texas, and his quest for the truth Expand
The Unexpected Weirdness of Exploding Rocks and So Much More
8 HRS AGO - You know what rocks are, right?  Of course you do, what a silly question. Rocks are natural solid Expand
Mass Exorcism in Poland, Mass Demon Attack in Swaziland
14 HRS AGO - Kids who sign up for a religious camp instead of one teaching basketball skills or how to make a Expand
Real Vampires Participate in Research Project
20 HRS AGO - If you live in New Orleans, this story probably won’t surprise you, but if you live in Buffalo, Expand
News Briefs 30-03-2015
23 HRS AGO - Picture this if you will... SETI has begun looking for hot aliens. Captain Kirk was waaay ahead Expand
Was A UFO Seen Recently Near Area 51? Not Quite
1 DAY AGO - Area 51 has long been, and is still a location of high-interest when it comes to UFO reports. This Expand
Another Flying Saucer Spotted on the Surface of Mars
1 DAY AGO - The surface of Mars is starting to look like a flying saucer junkyard as yet another dish-shaped Expand
Hollywood Reincarnated – The Paranormal Report 131
1 DAY AGO - This week on The Paranormal Report, Jim is excited because the acclaimed television series, The X Expand
A Non-Alien Autopsy
2 DAYS AGO - Frederick Ruysch, and his son, on the right, holding a fetal skeleton. Ruysch was more concerned Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
The Mysterious Kappa of Japan
4 HRS AGO - The rivers and lakes of Japan are have long been the haunts of a wide variety of strange creatures Expand
11.12 – MU Plus+ Podcast
10 HRS AGO - Biohacking eyeballs and the future of robot surgery gets us warmed up before we move into tales of Expand
California Man Sees Humanoid and Suspects Project Blue Beam
17 HRS AGO - A man in southern California claims he’s being observed by a partially transparent humanoid and an Expand
Crashed UFOs on Mars?
20 HRS AGO -
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
Angels, aliens, or hallucination? (I'll take the latter)
1 DAY AGO - Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
A Strange Visit to the Grave of an 1890s Airship Occupant
1 DAY AGO - In the late 1890s, newspapers around the world were abuzz with a most bizarre and sensational Expand
Jose Caravaca's take on the Kodachrome slides (minus all the comments made over the past several days) See my post about libel.
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
Not a vacuum cleaner but a habitable sphere
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
You Can’t Hide From These Night Vision Eyes
2 DAYS AGO - The dream of every Bigfoot hunter, UFO spotter and peeping tom (so I’m told) is to be able to see Expand
A Look at Michael Talbot’s The Delicate Dependency: A Novel of the Vampire Life
6 HRS AGO - I recently had the pleasure of reading what is widely regarded as one of the greatest vampire Expand
Gray Goo That Killed Hundreds of Sea Birds Still A Mystery
10 HRS AGO - In January of 2015, hundreds of sea birds were found dead along the California coast. At present, Expand
Huge UFO Rumbles Slowly over UK High Strangeness Area
17 HRS AGO - The town of Cannock Chase in the UK Midlands is a high strangeness hotspot, and now a huge Expand
When the Unlikely and the Unbelievable Collide
21 HRS AGO - Excellent article on UFOs and sychronicity from Rob and Trish MacGregor, linked HERE.Synchronicity Expand
Is the Legend of Spring Heeled Jack Worth a Second Look?
1 DAY AGO - Beginning in the Spring of 1888, a series of grizzly murders would shake the city of London so Expand
Controversial Anti-Aging Science Is Here… But Only in South America
1 DAY AGO - The science of anti-aging has become all the rage in recent months, garnering cover stories on Expand
Libel (and me?)
1 DAY AGO - Paul Kimball, contacted me about what he sees as libelous statements in the commentary following Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
Nick Redfern deals with the Scoriton UFO "event" -- which I've also found interesting
2 DAYS AGO - take in Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The

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