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Interview with Walter Hill, 2004
4 HRS AGO - From Film International #12 Film International: Can you clarify your contribution to the Alien Expand
Scientist Says Aliens Nuked Martians and We May be Next
21 HRS AGO - Why do many of the photographs of the surface of Mars appear to be of structures that look like Expand
News Briefs 21-11-2014
1 DAY AGO - ” I think I am, therefore I am… I think.” The imagination / reality contradiction. A study Expand
Amy Hebert's take on Socorro (and Lonnie Zamora's vision), from our archive
1 DAY AGO - I don't know if this has already been mentioned but Zamora never actually saw the two beings go Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
Pollution and Climate Change Turning Canadian Lakes Into Jelly
2 DAYS AGO - A combination of industrial pollution and climate-change-driven oxygen loss is turning the great Expand
The William Rhodes UFO Photo
2 DAYS AGO - Why don't we see UFO photos like this one nowadays, even a hoaxed photo?Kevin Randle had a 2010 Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
Giant Skull-Like Object on Mars Could be From 10-Foot Alien
2 DAYS AGO - The surface of Mars looks a lot like the desert areas in the western United States where the deer Expand
News Briefs 19-11-2014
3 DAYS AGO - It has to be heroic. Massive flash over the Urals stuns locals. Roswell researcher claims to have Expand
Mysterious Dayton Area Booms Still Unexplained
3 DAYS AGO - When you live near an air force base, loud booms are not surprising events. When they’re not Expand
Is the Phaistos Disc an Homage to Motherhood?
3 DAYS AGO - The Phaistos Disc, much like other linguistic puzzles – such as the Voynich Manuscript – has been Expand
Surviving Global Disasters May Mean Eating Slime
18 HRS AGO - Forget the survivalist food and meals-ready-to-eat. Clean out the crates of canned tuna from the Expand
A Very Special Guest – The Paranormal Report 119
21 HRS AGO - Jim & Micah welcome a very special guest. The guys talk about tigers in Paris, exorcisms, UFOs Expand
From our archives
1 DAY AGO - Interpreting Anomalous Experiences:Maupassant's Le Horla and the Cultural-Historical Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
Socorro's Prototype Premise?
1 DAY AGO - Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca sees the debate about moon-landings as precurser to Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
12.20 – MU Podcast
2 DAYS AGO - This episode looks at the possibility that a new space race may be on with suggestions that Russia Expand
The REAL Internet
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
Priest Confirms Exorcism Recorded Through Keyhole is Real
2 DAYS AGO - Have you ever wanted to see what a real exorcism looks like? Can you squint for two minutes? Now Expand
review: The Peripheral by William Gibson
3 DAYS AGO - There's a moment midway through The Peripheral where Flynne Fisher, the book's young female near Expand
The Socorro Insignia
3 DAYS AGO - Our colleague Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca asks, Was this the symbol Lonnie Zamora Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
Is Depression An Infectious Disease?
3 DAYS AGO - Major depressive disorder (MDD) should be re-conceptualized as an infectious disease, according to Expand
The Roswell Slides: The Alien Autopsy, all over again!
21 HRS AGO - Insightful readers of what’s going on with the so-called Roswell slides can see that the whole Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
Weekender: Mindfulness Over Matter
22 HRS AGO - "Mindfulness" is becoming the latest buzz word being applied as a solution in almost Expand
Flying Doughnuts Move Us One Step Closer to Flying Saucers
1 DAY AGO - Every story about reverse-engineering flying saucers to steal learn new technology causes me to Expand
Boy Born With 8 Limbs Causes Religious Panic in India
1 DAY AGO - Hundreds are crying in the streets, hundreds of others are praying and setting up camp here. Some Expand
The Art of Affecting Consciousness
2 DAYS AGO - When I was working on Darklore Volume 8, I happened to stumble across a piece of artwork that I Expand
News Briefs 20-11-2014
2 DAYS AGO - Where's our Mexican Mockingjay? We've had it with the seagulls! Claud W. Lovelace: Eccentric Expand
Another Viral Threat From Out Of Africa?
3 DAYS AGO - Ebola may not be the only viral threat to come out of Africa. Another family of viruses, deadly in Expand
Strange Spacecraft May Be Russian Satellite Killer
3 DAYS AGO - It sounds like the plot of a James Bond movie. If it’s true, can we convince Sean Connery to Expand
The Socorro Event in a (bad?) documentary: UFOs; The Secret Evidence
3 DAYS AGO - The inestimable UFO researcher and archivist, Isaac Koi got into a discussion at UFO UpDates in Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
News Briefs 18-11-2014
4 DAYS AGO - Interested in psychedelics? Make sure you have a copy of The Long Trip: A Prehistory of Expand

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