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Unknown Country
An Entire Irish Village Vanished And No One Knows Why
1 HR AGO - One of the most remote islands in Ireland is home to one of the country’s most enduring mysteries. Expand
5 HRS AGO -  Fonte:     La notizia, divulgata dall’agenzia Expand
Ghosts in the Machine: The Strange World of Haunted TVs
14 HRS AGO - Even as we have progressed as a species and our technology has become ever more advanced, stories Expand
Alien Life Forms May Be Found Near Failed Stars
21 HRS AGO - Astronomers often refer to the “Goldilocks Zone” when looking for signs of life near a star – Expand
Mexican Wind God Temple Could Be Site Of Human Sacrifices
1 DAY AGO - Mexican archaeologists have discovered a temple believed to have been dedicated to Expand
Vacation on the Moon Soon For Just $10,000
1 DAY AGO - Are you ready to take a vacation excursion to the Moon? Can you afford ten grand (US) – with easy Expand
The Sagan Conspiracy – The Paranormal Podcast 460
1 DAY AGO - Donald Zygutis joins us to share a stunning theory about famed scientist Carl Sagan. In part two Expand
Mummified Legs Connected to Ancient Egyptian Queen
1 DAY AGO - A pair of unidentified mummified knees – as well as the rest of the legs – found in 1904 in a tomb Expand
News Briefs 06-12-2016
2 DAYS AGO - In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits... Area 51 revealed: Aerial timelapse of mysterious Expand
What Happened to the Holy Grail?
2 HRS AGO - The myth of the Holy Grail is embedded in our culture - the sacred Christian treasure, and the Expand
From Nuclear War To Nuclear Winter
10 HRS AGO - Today, we’re hearing more and more about the growing threat of nuclear war. And about World Expand
Ancient Mixtec Skull Turns Out To Be A Masterful Forgery
15 HRS AGO - A beautiful yet macabre 800-year-old Mexican skull decorated with turquoise mosaic and believed to Expand
“The Vulture,” Mothman & Owlman
23 HRS AGO - Directed, produced and written by Lawrence Huntington, The Vulture is a very curious and downright Expand
Project Twinkle – A UFO Investigation
1 DAY AGO - During the latter part of the 1940s, a curious phenomenon was repeatedly seen in the skies over Expand
New Analysis says 2,000-Year-Old Lead Codices on Jesus may be Authentic
1 DAY AGO - Recent analysis of the controversial Jordan Lead Codices, a collection of 70 lead and copper books Expand
Goodbye to One of the Best Bigfoot Impersonators
1 DAY AGO - For those who believe that Bigfoot sightings have some sort of logical explanation (a person in a Expand
Ryan Sprauge reads from his book Somewhere in the Skies
1 DAY AGO - The opening chapter from Somewhere in the Skies, read by the author. And, a tidy interview Expand
14.21 – MU Plus+ Podcast
2 DAYS AGO - An extraordinary case of telepathy and past life memories from an autistic child brings about both Expand
ARCHIVES Project: Guido Moosbrugger's talks in Las Vegas - December 13 & 15, 1991
2 HRS AGO - Transcripts of Guido Moosbrugger's talks given in Las Vegas on December 13 and 15, 1991. Topics of Expand
It's Official: NASA Submits EM Drive Research Paper for Peer Review
14 HRS AGO - As a follow-up to a story we reported on last month, the leaked research paper on the Expand
New Tech Takes Us One Step Closer To The Matrix
19 HRS AGO - In yet another story proving that science fiction often becomes science reality, neuroscientists Expand
News Briefs 07-12-2016
1 DAY AGO - Read the introduction to our new release, Spirits of Place (featuring Alan Moore, Warren Ellis and Expand
Read the Editor's Introduction to SPIRITS OF PLACE
1 DAY AGO - As we announced on the weekend, we've just released a new book featuring essays from Alan Moore, Expand
Scientists Solve Century-Old Marine Biology Mystery
1 DAY AGO - In 1899, ecologist and professor Carl Chun of Leipzig University discovered a strange blob-like Expand
1 DAY AGO -        Ricevo e pubblico volentieri il report e le immagini di un avvistamento Expand
Scientists Discover the ‘Bees’ Of the Sea
2 DAYS AGO - In a recent study, marine biologists have published a paradigm shifting experiment that proves the Expand

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