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Glowing Entity Over Antarctica Science Station, On Live Cam, June 28, 2015, UFO Sighting News.
4 HRS AGO - Date of sighting: June 28, 2015 at 4:25 PMLocation of sighting: Antarctica Davis Station Cam: Expand
Slow UFO Lights Up the Sky Over Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Alabama early this morning around 1:30 a.m, UFO Sighting News.
8 HRS AGO - Date of sighting: June 29, 2015Location of sighting: Georgia, USANews Source: Expand
UFO Sighting in Rancho Mirage, California on June 29th 2015 - Watching halo around moon
9 HRS AGO - Just sat down in my driveway and observed halo around the moon. Then saw white/ blue dot bouncing Expand
UFO Sighting in Cedar Lake, Indiana on April 4th 2015 - saw 9 craft glowing as if to be on fire
11 HRS AGO - I saw 9 craft fly across the sky in formation flying in 2s they were glowing red-orange as if Expand
UFO Sighting in Hayward, California on June 29th 2015 - seen about 5 ufo, and it circle us 15 times
11 HRS AGO - Never seen anything like it in my life saw mothership and five different ufo
UFO Sighting in Arraijan, on April 30th 1985 - Sphere around 11 foot tall, floating inches off ground on a gradient, on the other side of an 8 foot tall syclone fense built hanging/swing gate, almost unperseptive hum, steamy fog , surrounded by denser fog
11 HRS AGO - As many other mornings before being taken off to school, in the city, my brother and i where Expand
UFO Sighting in San Diego, California on June 24th 2015 - Anomaly over Mira Mar Marine Corp Air Station - Fighter Jets Scrambled
11 HRS AGO - June 24 2015 9:10 AM Driving west on Mira Mar Road, I'm constantly looking up into the sky to Expand
UFO Sighting in Mountain Iron, Minnesota on June 29th 2015 - Very strange glowing orb flew over at moderate speed 50-70 mph. I watched it until I could not make it out anymore
12 HRS AGO - I was sitting on my front steps watching the Venus-Jupiter conjunction when I noticed something Expand
UFO Sighting in Christiana, Delaware on June 29th 2015 - Two lights in the sky to the west
13 HRS AGO - Left Christiana around 930PM. Headed roughly west and watched the lights the whole time. Two Expand
UFO Sighting in Redding, California on June 28th 2015 - There was green lights in the sky and then a big wierd thing pop out of the sky then itwwas gone
8 HRS AGO - It was black and had 7 green lights and i was watching it and all of the sudden a wierd gigantic Expand
UFO Sighting in Milan, Indiana on August 7th 1999 - Seen small silver ufo in my hometown
9 HRS AGO - I was in the back of my girlfriends pickup truck her and my mom went to the home depot to get some Expand
UFO Sighting in Gadsden, Alabama on June 29th 1986 - My wife and I observed two saucer looking UFOs one bigger and one smaller hovering and changing colors for 15 minutes.
11 HRS AGO - I was in the house and my wife was leaving. Itbwas 9:45 p.m. she was heading to Walmart to get Expand
UFO Sighting in Lee's Summit, Missouri on June 22nd 2015 - Shooting the Sun
11 HRS AGO - Shooting the Sun Monday June 22, 2015 at 7:08 p.m. I was in a parking lot wondering about what Expand
UFO Sighting in Lexington, Kentucky on June 29th 2015 - orange orb, glowing silent, glow fizzled out into metallic orb. Lost in clouds. It flew straight.
11 HRS AGO - I saw orange light in the Southwest. I thought it was a helicopter because it was moving slow Expand
UFO Sighting in Little Falls, Minnesota on April 10th 2009 - Bright Light moving fast over Camp Ripley, MN
12 HRS AGO - I was speaking with one of my LTs at night after being on a range all day preparing for a Expand
UFO Sighting in Council Bluffs, Iowa on June 20th 2015 - hello my name is [Name removed/cms/tg]. me and my wife "A" have seen a lot of ufo activitie over the last 3 year's and for some reason we never have to try to look for them but it almost never fails
12 HRS AGO - For me I see them almost nightly some nights I don't but me and my wife will always walk to Expand
UFO Sighting in Pottsboro, Texas on July 5th 1990 - Observed orb shoot comet like beam to ground and then ground to orb
13 HRS AGO - I was camping at the Texas Instruments campground on Lake Texoma with my family. I got up around Expand
Facebook UFO Report: UFO Over Morganville, New Jersey On June 17, 2015, UFO Sighting News.
5 HRS AGO - Date of sighting: June 17, 2015Location of sighting: Morganville, New Jersey, USASource: Expand
UFO Sighting in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin on June 20th 2015 - Saw Ufo wavering around and moving oddly, saw it expel something that was lit up similar to the way the craft was looking, but which then (The expelled material) seemed to stopglowing afterjust a
8 HRS AGO - In Sturgeon Bay Door county on a lake near town on our family lakehouse my stepbrother and I were Expand
UFO Sighting in Rancho Santa Margarita, California on June 29th 2015 - 2 lights, brighter and larger light on bottom, smaller dimmer light slightly above brighter light at its eleven oclock
10 HRS AGO - I first noticed the 2 light objects while walking at approx 9:00 pm in Trabuco Canyon Ca. I called Expand
UFO Sighting in San Jacinto, California on June 29th 2015 - Taking pictures and in the middle of them one pic has some glowing lights. none before none after.
11 HRS AGO - Dear Sirs/Madams, I am writing to you tonight regarding a recent photo taken during a dusk Expand
UFO Sighting in Long Beach, California on October 12th 1946 - Bright lights sitting stationary in the sky not moving plane flew beneath objects
11 HRS AGO - I was driving north on Alamitos Ave I had just passed Ocean when I saw a woman pointing toward the Expand
UFO Sighting in Laguna Beach, California on June 28th 2015 - Unknown Object
11 HRS AGO - It was 2:30-2:45pm PST June 28th, 2015. Fortcast was sunny with about 40% clouds.I was cresting a Expand
UFO Sighting in Griffin, Georgia on June 22nd 2015 - Initially cloud with glowing edges
12 HRS AGO - Due to previous sighting (which I will report next) I always look up at the sky when I go outside. Expand
UFO Sighting in Virginia on June 29th 2015 - Two lights in sky fading in and out. Hovering.
12 HRS AGO - I was out in my backyard smoking a cigarette when the lights caught my eye. They were similar in Expand

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