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3 HRS AGO - (Click here to donate to UFO Sighting Daily)Hey everyone, I am getting closer and closer to Expand
A Waring To Humanity? Crop Circle Formation At Castle Hill, UK On June 6, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.
5 HRS AGO - Date of discovery: June 6, 2016Location of discovery: Castle Hill, Wiltshire, UKMany of us believe Expand
UFO Sighting in Glendale, Arizona on June 25th 2016 - Bright Red Light. In Binoculars, it also had a green light. Bright Flashes occurred 3X.
5 HRS AGO - Watched plane (we thought) flying over, E-SE, high up. It stopped while we looked at it. It Expand
Alien Encounter in Ephrata, Washington on October 6th 2015 - Alien being appeared out of thin air
5 HRS AGO - I was walking around snapping pictures. I have a weird feeling the someone was watching me. It Expand
UFO Sighting in Chandler, Arizona on June 13th 2016 - I was going home and decided to take a photo it wasn't until now I noticed the 2 objects.
5 HRS AGO - I was going home from the park looking toward east I believe and noticed the Sun as it was coming Expand
UFO Sighting in Antwerp, Ohio on June 25th 2016 - Bright silver object that looked cylinder shaped. Looked at it with telescope also.
6 HRS AGO - My middle son and I were in the backyard working on mowing. My son was finishing push mowing the Expand
UFO Sighting in Gardnerville,NV, Nevada on February 14th 2016 - Took this digital video of chemtrailing over agardnerville Nevada and at about two minutes into it there was a ??? Flying to my northeast,so I pointed my iPad in that direction,what it is is a
7 HRS AGO - Took this digital video,which is attached,Of chemtrails being sprayed over me in the middle of a Expand
UFO Sighting in Katy, Texas on June 23rd 2016 - Saw highly reflective object in the sky and it disappeared suddenly
13 HRS AGO - On June 23, 2016, I was driving home from work in Houston heading west toward Katy on I-10. It was Expand
Black Triangle Sighting in Waconia, Minnesota on October 16th 1973 - Triangle shaped UFO, casting a very bright light, moving west to east was observed for a distance of 12 miles
16 HRS AGO - NOTE: The witness is incapable of entering data into a computer. So, I, the Field Investigator, am Expand
UFO Sighting in Lewisville, Texas on July 12th 1976 - we thought it was the moon it was so big it came down and hovered over my car an then went back where we frist daw it an then it went up in the stars and past them till we could no longer see it.. aweso
4 HRS AGO - we was leaving a motorcycle race track that we was building in Roanoke tx my brother saw it frist Expand
UFO Sighting in Texas on June 8th 2016 - Too fast fraction of a second
5 HRS AGO - Found at last frame of my grandson iPhone taping a rainbow
Floating orb caught on IR Cam in basement In Colorado, June 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.
5 HRS AGO - Date of sighting: June 25, 2016Location of sighting: ColoradoThis is an infrared camera which Expand
UFO Sighting in Washington, Washington on March 3rd 2016 - Object appeared after taking photo
5 HRS AGO - I was just walking around snapping random pictures when I noticed this object appear on the photo. Expand
Alien Encounter in Ephrata, Washington on May 24th 2016 - Appeared in photo
5 HRS AGO - I just started taking pictures and the object appeared.
UFO Sighting in Richmond, Kentucky on June 25th 2016 - 4 witnesses including 1 police officer obseved multiple passes of glowing orb from 1 end of sky to other
6 HRS AGO - I was coming home from work and noticed a glowing light in the sky ended once before I can get out Expand
UFO Sighting in Anderson, California on June 25th 2016 - White pulsating orb moving south, then stops and hovers for several minutes.
8 HRS AGO - I was walking in the rural area behind Walmart, and noticed a buzzard making circles in the sky. Expand
UFO Sighting in Phoenix, Arizona on June 2nd 2016 - Smoke or contrail left in Easter morning sky after earlier meteor flash, object to the right.
13 HRS AGO - First of all, I did not see or hear the so called meteor that flashed through the Eastern Arizona Expand
Face Found On Mars In Curiosity Rover Photo This week, June 2016, UFO Sighting News.
19 HRS AGO - Date of discovery: June 25, 2016Location of discovery: Mars, Sol 1376NASA Expand
Argentina: Army Sergeant Sees a Train-Shaped UFO (1977), Photo, UFO Sighting News.
4 HRS AGO - Date of sighting:  October 1977Location of sighting: ArgentinaNews Expand
Alien Encounter in Ephrata, Washington on March 4th 2016 - Object appeared on photo
5 HRS AGO - I was just snapping pictures and this object appeared. I didn't feel anything.
UFO Sighting in Fenton, Missouri on June 25th 2016 - Ruby red object flew south to north with no visible anti collision or directional lights. No sound. Airspeed approx. 150 MPH. Altitude of 1500-2000 feet.
5 HRS AGO - Me, my wife and adult daughter had just left the movie theater in Fenton Missouri. As I was Expand
Alien Encounter in Ephrata, Washington on May 11th 2015 - Large bee appeared on photo
5 HRS AGO - There was a weird flash and the object appeared. I noticed this car parked on the side of the road Expand
UFO Sighting in São Carlos, São Paulo on February 15th 2014 - A V shaped object with one orange light at the front and 2 more on each side. Appeared and disappeared in seconds above my apartment. Looked very thin.
6 HRS AGO - I live on the last floor of an apartment building where there is an opening where I can see the Expand
UFO Sighting in New York, New York on June 21st 2016 - A friend of mine who lives in Central Square sent me a video of a dark objects with three red lights on top and one underneath. There were violent storms in the area, and the objeect doesn't appear to
7 HRS AGO - Craft appeared to hover, then veered off to the left of the video. There were high winds in the Expand
UFO Sighting in Toronto, Ontario on June 25th 2016 - Hovering pulsating orb that headed off slowly in northeast direction. Very high, clear day but at least at cloud height
12 HRS AGO - Kids were playing basketball in the front of the house. They noticed a shinny object around 5:15 Expand
San Anselmo, California, USA; June 25, 2016
15 HRS AGO - Name: Riley Date of Sighting: 6/25/2016 4am Location of Sighting: San Anselmo Number of UFO(s), Expand

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