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Third Phase Of Moon
Topic: UFO
Ufology PRSS
His New Warning to Americans: You're being distracted! Hillary better not win or else...
12 HRS AGO - This is great!! Vladimir Putin is giving the U.S administration the finger on live TV.
The Aliens Have Landed
18 HRS AGO - Aliens Have Landed In Final Trailer For Denis Villeneuve's 'Arrival' Starring Amy Adams.
Incredibly Strange Creature Seen in Indonesia
1 DAY AGO - A bizarrely strange creature has been seen and videotaped by a person in a rural part of Expand
Top 20 paranormal and mystirious and ufos and more on this videos
1 DAY AGO - You are here to watch the weirdest videos on the Internet, if you are interested in supernatural Expand
Little Green Men Driving Metallic Reflective Type Craft On Mars?
1 DAY AGO - Little green men inside a vehicle on Mars? in this image from NASA we can clearly see the vehicle Expand
Is it possible that NASA has found some strange anomalies and a wheel on the surface of the red planet ?
1 DAY AGO - Did NASA find some mechanical parts and a wheel on the red planet ? The curiosity rover took an Expand
A Mummified Alien-Like Creature Found And Examined In Peru
1 DAY AGO - An alien humanoid or Extra-Terrestrial Biological Entitie sfind (EBE) found in the South of Peru. Expand
The Bottomless Pit Opened: Hell On Earth
2 DAYS AGO - Presented in this supernatural documentary is the unveiled mysteries of the world you live in. The Expand
Triangule UFO over a military base in antarctica ANTARCTICA 2016
2 DAYS AGO - What that piqued the curiosity of many UFO researchers, revealing interesting details about the Expand
Blueish skin, Real Martian on Mars? Statue? Rocks?
17 HRS AGO - In this image from NASA i have discovered what seems to look like a Male Martian Being with Expand
Planet 9's Enormous Mass Is Tilting Our Sun
20 HRS AGO - The search for Planet Nine yields an important realization: the planet is responsible for the tilt Expand
Researchers found strange structures in the Bermuda Triangle
1 DAY AGO - According to an German oceanographer, strange structures lies deep in the ocean at the Bermuda Expand
Aliens visiting us from time immemorial?
1 DAY AGO - According to various theories planet Earth extraterrestrial beings visiting for a very long time. Expand
UFO in Slovakia: The most interesting cases
1 DAY AGO - We are in Roswell, nor for Tisovec We do not base the mountains where a high walls kept the dead Expand
This is Why The Republicans Can't Investigate Voter Fraud The Greenway Descision
1 DAY AGO - If The Republicans Try to Investigate or monitor Voter Polls .The Republicans will be Charged with Expand
Genuine Footage: TR-3B In Action, Enfield UK 2016
2 DAYS AGO - I can't think of any terrestrial explanation for this. Very interesting. I wish we had some way of Expand
How to Break the Matrix
2 DAYS AGO - What if there was one principle that changed your life FOREVER. I'm sure you have glanced at Expand
The reptilians can change "dreamscape" man and may insert all kinds
2 DAYS AGO - Reptilians are parafyzické (nadtělesné, existing outside of the body) being able to vary the Expand
WATCH: This plan lets us go around Congress to fix corruption ourselves
17 HRS AGO - America's corrupt political system is a complex problem. The American Anti-Corruption Act is a Expand
BIGGEST New Zealand UFO File Release EVER
22 HRS AGO - QUFOSR are proud to announce they will be releasing the biggest New Zealand UFO file collection Expand
Hoax Alien Invasion: Level Above Human
1 DAY AGO - A world leader hoaxes an alien invasion to justify his need for a space weapons program. This Expand
A BUG on Mars?
1 DAY AGO - Mars Alive Searching for Life on Mars! In this video, i took a sequence of images with different Expand
Anonymous: The DNC Plans To Stage A Fake 'Alien Invasion' On Nov 8
1 DAY AGO - The Anonymous Group released a video that exposes the plan of the DNC to stage a fake 'Alien Expand
Creepiest Reports of Ouija Boards
1 DAY AGO - Although ouija boards, or talking boards, began their existence as a mass produced toy in 1890, Expand
Anonymous Message To The Corrupted Media
2 DAYS AGO - Anonymous Just Declared War On The Corrupted Mainstream Media
The War on Reality: The Elites control our minds to hold the world inprisoned
2 DAYS AGO - Great video! Not only are flu shots quackery, but they make many people very, very sick. Also, as Expand

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