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Third Phase Of Moon
Topic: UFO
Ufology PRSS
Shock Claim! SSP Time Travel and Age Regression!
6 HRS AGO - William Tompkins, a whistle blower from inside the Secret Space Program, has recently made an Expand
Location at Sacsayhuaman Ancient Advanced Technology In The Remote Past
10 HRS AGO - Sangstar1 on Location at Sacsayhuaman This walls are extremely ancient. To this day archaeologists Expand
Finally found the mythical Atlantis?
15 HRS AGO - An international team of scientists say that the Atlantic may have discovered traces of the Expand
Black Moon NEW VIDEO
20 HRS AGO - What is a black month? Signs of the end of time When humanity is already sufficiently tormented Expand
Even more bizarre Martian anomalies - life on Mars?
1 DAY AGO - This video is volume two by QUFOSR. The video is a compilation of strange Mars anomalies that Expand
UFOs - Visitors from outer space or an optical illusion?
2 DAYS AGO - UFO experts define as an unknown flying object or light in the sky or on the ground, whose Expand
Anonymous released video about the looming World War III
2 DAYS AGO - This shocking video was just released by the hacktivists group Anonymous. It covers the truth Expand
Secret door temples in India
3 DAYS AGO - In India it is known that the doors of such secret chambers can be opened only Sadhu (Indian Expand
UFOS: Unbelievable claims by credible people
3 DAYS AGO - This brand new video by QUFOSR contains several collections of clips from credible people speaking Expand
The prophecy of the Bible is filled - chipping of people is underway
9 HRS AGO - Chip associated with the identification and payment card embedded into the body. Is already a Expand
Travis Walton Explains UFO Abduction Incident at the Site (1975)
11 HRS AGO - Travis Walton was abducted on November 5, 1975. In this video from 2015, Travis Walton explains Expand
David DuByne aka ADAPT 2030 on chat with Shaggietrip
17 HRS AGO - David ,aka David DuByne visited chat again to update his thoughts on Mini-Ice age. This was his Expand
You must wake up before it is too late
22 HRS AGO - Truly Awaken before it is too late | Are you ready to be triggered by this video? well? This video Expand
Inner earth nazi german documents from 1938 to 1945
2 DAYS AGO - According to secret files leaked after the Second World War the German side as the Allied side, it Expand
Elon Musk Explains How To Make Humanity a Multiplanetary Species
2 DAYS AGO - SpaceX Founder, CEO, and Lead Designer Elon Musk will discuss the long-term technical challenges Expand
UFO Chased by Bristol Police Helicopter and filmed on FLIR Cam
2 DAYS AGO - This video was filmed from a British National Police Air Service helicopter's FLIR camera by the Expand
Amazing video of two UFOs captured on live TV
3 DAYS AGO - This amazing video clearly shows two white UFOs darting around the sky in an intelligent manner Expand
100% Real UFO filmed over Arab Airport
3 DAYS AGO - 100% Real UFO filmed an Arab Airport film with a sony handy cam dvd 610 , An extraordinary sight Expand
New footage of Roswell: Photo and video alien
9 HRS AGO - Area 51 in the US state of New Mexico is still enveloped in mystery and secrecy. In 1947 there was Expand
Shock Claim! Time Travel and Age Regression!
13 HRS AGO - William Tompkins, a whistle blower from inside the Secret Space Program, has recently made an Expand
The Reason for Spacex Falcon 9 Explosion May Now Be Solved
20 HRS AGO - An answer may have been found, as to why the Falcon 9 rocket exploded at Cape Canaveral on Expand
Disc-shaped UFO filmed on NASA live stream entering the Earth's atmosphere
1 DAY AGO - Alien hunters on Youtube are claiming that the space agency NASA live stream shows UFO activity Expand
Proof Nazi Germany discovered and used alien technology!
2 DAYS AGO - This video is a compilation of evidence indicating that throughout the 20's, 30's and 40's the Expand
Clones and alien parasitism
2 DAYS AGO - We are not able to exploit the full potential of our brain - the science tells us. We are Expand
Mass Sightings of Triangle Crafts All Over USA Right Now
2 DAYS AGO - Large triangle or boomerang-shaped crafts flying low and silently overhead are being reported all Expand
New proof of Martian life in NASA photo?
3 DAYS AGO - A raw NASA image that had a much smaller resolution than all the others first captured attention. Expand

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