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Third Phase Of Moon
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Did Giants Really Live on Earth?
8 HRS AGO - Did Giants Really Live on Earth? Some archaeological findings suggest that our ancestors were no Expand
Ancient Giant Human Skeleton Found
18 HRS AGO - According to ancient legends once he walked the Earth giant race of people who built the giant Expand
Fresh Water Drinking Supply Under Fluoride Apartheid
1 DAY AGO - With all the research and studies that have been completed on the subject of Fluoride you would Expand
Crop circles and alien alphabet
1 DAY AGO - It all began in the 17th century in England. At that time, he spreads the story about the devil Expand
Giant Ancient Triangle on Moon's Surface. Is it a UFO?
1 DAY AGO - This massive strange triangle was recently discovered on the surface on the Moon. Could it be a Expand
12,000 year old Anunnaki tomb discovered in Iran
2 DAYS AGO - Anunaki grave found? This discovery was made in Iran and had become one of three sarcophagi. The Expand
Presidents and governments have contact with extraterrestrials?
2 DAYS AGO - Former US President Jimmy Carter during his election campaign in 1975 promised that if the Expand
Turn Back To The Truth
3 DAYS AGO - This is a very good video explaining endtimes and current events, and also this is a good video to Expand
Vatican Researcher Confirms: Da Vinci Placed Secret Dire WARNINGS In His Paintings
3 DAYS AGO - A startling new announcement from the research of Sabrina Sforza Galitzia, a Vatican scholar and Expand
CE5 - extraterrestrial contact - UFO
9 HRS AGO - What is a UFO probably no need to explain to anyone, because all of us have of him-what he heard, Expand
Are Fairies Real? Watchers 10 Seems To Have DNA Proof?
21 HRS AGO - The Watchers series a collection of movies dedicated to fringe thinking is about to release Expand
Governments gathered information on UFOs in the utmost secrecy
1 DAY AGO - Government of the Western world gathered information on UFOs in the utmost secrecy for more than Expand
Jailed gray alien footage
1 DAY AGO - Humanity does not come originally from Earth, but from the area of Sirius, which have been created Expand
Slender Man Legend | Who really he is
2 DAYS AGO - The Slender Man is a fictional supernatural character that originated as an Internet meme created Expand
Did our ancestors knew new technologies?
2 DAYS AGO - Current time convincing me more and more that all what can be seen in professional books, hear on Expand
Creepy Headless Man Walking Down Street
2 DAYS AGO - This video shows what appears to be headless man caught on tape walking down a street. It claims Expand
New theory on how the stones were cut from Puma Punku
3 DAYS AGO - There have been a number of different theories on how the stones at puma punku might have been Expand
USO - Submarine UFOs
3 DAYS AGO - UFOs - that UFOs are familiar to most people, either hearsay or direct observation as Expand
Did Gov. Schwarzenegger appoint an organized crime family member to a California Judicial Seat?
15 HRS AGO - In this supplemental video to the 3 part series on The Luxury Companion by Alexandra Mayers - Expand
Australian Derogatory Term For Imbecile = Canadian
1 DAY AGO - Canadians everywhere will be very shocked and more then likely quite offended to find out that in Expand
Jailed gray alien footage part2
1 DAY AGO - Humanity does not come originally from Earth, but from the area of Sirius, which have been created Expand
Mysterious X-shaped Structure Found in Center of Milky Way
1 DAY AGO - Researchers just discovered this massive X-shaped structure in the center of our Milky Way Expand
Are ghosts and demons real?
2 DAYS AGO - Ghosts usually considered visible manifestations of the soul of the deceased. The term spirit Expand
15 Mental States Buddhists Say Corrupt The Quality Of Ones Life
2 DAYS AGO - Remember that your mind represents your physical self. It is your vessel. It is, it has been and Expand
The strange customs of the people of Africa
2 DAYS AGO - the strange customs of the people of Africa, the strange customs of the people of Africa, the Expand
Portals and NASA and Future Aliens
3 DAYS AGO - Are aliens just us from the future? The post Portals and NASA and Future Aliens appeared first on Expand

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